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Prophetic Scrolls 23 Part 1 

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

(These scrolls #23 will have to be read many times with the Bible in order to have complete understanding. Read especially the 10th Chapter of Rev.)

God starts the prediction – Gen. 37:7- 9 Joseph Exalted suddenly to a royal position! Gen. 41:41-44 (Read this closely; this is a many splendored prophecy revolving into dimensions of spectacular wonders!). Connecting to a (new prophecy) given exactly as God writes it! “Behold i am showing my servant what I am about  to do again:” Joseph and pharaoh typed a picture of what will be the last seven years on the earth. Only the last two men at the end will work together falsely! Watch! Joseph the true prophet possessed a divine gift of wisdom and knowledge, and by divine utterance he settled the problems of Pharaoh and the nation in great statesmen like fashion! He interpreted Pharaoh’s dream as seven good years and seven bad years. Gen. 41:16 – 30. With this wisdom he became the most powerful figure of all the world! And during the famine and the Great Tribulation his Jewish brethren turned and joined themselves to Joseph and Pharaoh in a covenant. (Gen. 45:7-16) No one could buy, work or sell without, first coming to Joseph. Gen. 41:44 Now an exact picture of this will take place in the end! Only there will be a false type Joseph (false prophet) in the land during the Tribulation. And no man will be able to work, buy or sell during this time without a mark or number issued! There will arise a false type of Joseph in this nation connected to a type Pharaoh (A Pope or religious leader) -Read Scroll #18 – And great famine will come during this time. This man like Joseph will rise suddenly and by supernatural utterance by Satan will be able to solve many problems! He will be exalted into a high position! And like Joseph during this famine and Great Tribulation the Jews will turn and a covenant with this false type (Joseph and Pharaoh! – Dan. 9:27) A great revival will come just before this time. This is for certain, a Star Leader will rise in America’s future History. He will be a champion among the people! Seemingly able to solve the nation’s problems. When he appears there will only be 7 years left upon the earth! In the beginning of this period the Bride will rapture. He is the one who allows the image to be made unto the Beast (United Babylon-Rome) Rev. 13:12-15. People will bow to this man like they did Joseph but only for evil! (Gen. 41:44). Joseph also had a rainbow coat. (Gen. 37:3) He was clothed with revelation secrets-gifts!” And in the next part of Scroll below another Rainbow messenger appears in our time. “A Prophet”.

Read Rev. Chapter 10 -the mighty revelation angel – the little book -“scrolls” – opens a thunderous message –as we enter the seven thunders the king speaks! (1) THE MIGHTY ANGEL this is the majestic Christ representing the entire God Head all wrapped up in one! Look at Him in (Rev. 10! also Rev. 1:16!) (2) Clothed with a cloud means “supreme deity!” (3) The Rainbow! God’s promise! And the seven revelative spirits of God in the Son (Rev. 5: 6). The Rainbow on his head shows the beginning and the fire on his feet shows the ending! The whole picture of the Mighty figure shows how God counseled and manifest Himself to man for 6,000 years! Rev. 10:1-11 (4) His face was as it were the sun! All power is given Him. (Matt. 28:18) It is the sign of the King releasing a royal message! And judgment from His heart! A creative message of final authority! The Lion of Judah (Jesus) (5) In Rev. 5:9 He was given a sealed book of scrolls. The “Little Book” in the original Greek means rolls in His hand! Christ was given the seven sealed book of scrolls and opened them! Now in (Rev. 10) He stands with the revelations of God open. The little book of Scrolls. (6) Then His right foot upon the sea and His left foot upon the earth the Mighty Conqueror is ready to possess it, and showing that His message has now went world wide! (7) Next the Lion Thunders -The Royal anointing begins, He means business (time is short!) The Sealed messages were mixed with mercy and wrath, the Lion roars and it thunders a prophetic message of swift judgment. He cried and seven thunders uttered their voices. The 7 spirits of God go into action Rev. 5:6 (Here comes a secret.) In the 7th Seal (Rev. 8:

1) “there was a silence!” No wonder, because He left the throne and here He is crying with a loud voice on earth! (Rev. 10:3) The last time He cried with a loud voice Lazarus came forth! (St. John 11:43). Then at the Cross again! And many saints came out of the grave! Read (Matt. 27: 50 – 53) Watch carefully” the resurrected Saints in (Matt. 27:53) walked among the believers 3 days after Jesus was resurrected and before He came back to the disciples. (For another secret read scroll #11 -part 2 under the title of “Will God open some graves.”) (Rev. 10- no doubt shows the rapture, the saints’ message and when Christ possesses the earth after the Tribulation! Also it thundered when a message was released on Mt. Sinai (Ex. 20:1-18)”But later the same message that was spoken was written. (Ex. 34:28-29) Spoken first then written. (8) And when the Seven Thunders uttered John was about to write. But a voice said seal up the things the Thunders uttered and write them not. (Rev. 10:4). What doeth this mean? It means they were sealed and not written and would be spoken by God in a Prophet and written in our day! The Lord waited until our day to speak and write the mysteries, so Satan would not take pre-advantage of Gods plans of the secrets in the seven Seals and Thunders. The main theme of the Rainbow Angel was “secret events” (time limit) no doubt here in the Thunders was where God hid some important dates! That were not to be written until the end. (Scrolls!) John was told not to write the message (Rev. 10:4). So Satan would not know until now. If Satan would have known what was spoken then, he could have tried to spoil the rapture and other dated events of God’s plans! (But it’s to late now). Because in (Rev. 10:6) it says after the seven Thunders that time shall be no more. (9) But in the days of the voice of the 7th angel when he begins to sound, the mysteries of God should be finished Rev. 10:7 (almost over). The seventh angel (here) is Christ incarnate in a Prophet with the pillar of fire speaking and revealing the mysteries of God! The Lord tells me a major prophet has spoken and gone (scroll #14). But who is the written witness of the message of the Little Book of Thunders? Maybe we will know by the end of this article. (10) And the voice from heaven said to John take the Little Book -“Scrolls” and John took the little book (scrolls) and ate it. And it was sweet in his mouth (pleasant) but as soon as he ate it, it was bitter to his stomach! When God’s message was first given it had salvation joy, but when finishing up, upon the earth it has bitterness! (Judgment). Also the Word and anointing are so strong the carnal nature becomes upset. It is a cleansing, purging message! “Anyone who has read my scrolls knows also there is a certain feeling about them.” In Ezekiel (1: 28) it was the same way after God in the Rainbow appeared to Ezekiel. On the scroll God gave him was written woes, lamentations and mourning. (Ezek. 2:10) When Ezekiel ate the scroll it was in his mouth as sweetness, but when he prophesied he declare that he went in the bitterness of his spirit! (Ezek. 3:1-14) and the angel said to John thou must prophesy again! (Rev. 10:11) This had a future reference it means there is a double prophetic witness to the same original message of the Little Book. The Thunders echoes this! Also after Ezekiel finished speaking Daniel came to the Lion Kingdom of Babylon! The message was a written one on the wall saying time is up O king. Dan. 5:24-28 and i Neal the writer of the scrolls say, amen! Time is up.

The 7 seals were opened (rev. 5: 1) and already spoken (revealed by a prophet) (all except the 7th seal. It is a message ushering in the beginning of the 7 Thunders Rev. 10:4- The capstone anointing and end time ministry!) What I am doing in (Rev. chapter 10) is explaining secrets of a written message now going forth. Now we saw in Rev. 10 a Little Book appeared opened with the Seven Thunders! There was a spoken and written message in the 7 Seals and the 7 Thunders! A prophetic message, swift deliverance and woe prophesying that time is short. (Rev. 10:4) Somewhere between the time the little book of scrolls are seen and the Thunders the rapture takes place. And that judgment is soon to begin under the two witneeses! (Rev. 11:3) After Jesus opens the little book of scrolls the Trumpet angels prepare to sound Rev. 8:6 Blending into the 3 severe woes. Rev. 11: 14. Ready for the 7th Trumpet to sound! When the seven “last vial plagues are poured out,” and the angel said it is done! (Rev. 16:11) below on the next part of this scroll the 7 trumpets sound and we see the last scenes on the earth, when god says behold i make all things new!

23 Part 1 – Prophetic Scrolls 

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