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Prophetic Scrolls 22

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Written August 1, 1968 – a harvest of judgment is coming – thunder over USA (last part of September through November). Catastrophic events of a volcanic nature! The world and USA is in for some tragic events gigantic in scope! Never before in History will the world see such changes, violence and upheavals in Leadership! Also this fall watch Labor Unions and Earthquakes. This nation is on the verge of national bedlam – leading into major cataclysmic crisis as national peril and world shaking events are coming! Watch saith the Almighty the next few months, and see if I have not sent a Prophet! (Behold a new Star is rising to call the nation to order! (New President) Yea thou shall see the unexpected and the drama of this century will begin! Keep thine eyes open for my servant hath spoken the truth! (read this with scroll 13) the police system of this nation will be mobilized as well as the armed forces. Events of a volcanic erupting order take place, followed by death and calamity! I see the picture is grim and fearful! The Lord does not want America to forget the year 1968 easily. He is now calling for national repentance! (Behold the hand of the great judge beareth down upon the nation!) From now on events move swiftly, suddenly and unexpectedly. The Lord told me for certain the rest of this year will be changed and totally unpredictable (except by His Spirit) and just the opposite of what it is now!

The hand written message by the finger of god to Babylon – just before Babylon fell in denial’s day the last message was a written one (warning). Now today there is another message to the modern Babylon. Rev. 17:5. Written by the finger of God, the anointed Scrolls. And it is being written just before judgment strikes again in modern Babylon. Rev. 18:4 Behold this is a message of judgment unto the world and a message of life unto the Bride! Behold let not man nor devil touch it. For my judgment is swift and my eye is sure! Behold the last message to the Church in Paul’s day was a written one. (Yea and when He cried with aloud voice, as when a lion roareth seven thunders uttered their voices!! Rev. 10:3)

The nation is going into catastrophic convulsions as we enter a new era of time. -The USA is destined for a rendezvous with fate. This age the Lord tells me is giving away to a new age. This will begin to start this fall 1968! Explosive and strange events, will take place in lightning like fashion, echoing terror! God is thundering Rev. 10:3 that time shall soon be no more, as rampaging rebellion is coming. America has never seen the drama and suspense that is building up and is heading for a spectacular autumn for vast and massive changes will continue into 1969. A great change is predestined with earth shattering events! Leaving death, astonishment, horror and wonder, the most far reaching of our time! A most significant fall and winter of 1968-1969. California and Florida are in for some shocks filled with holocaust. “Yea there is trouble in the land and the Lord crieth loud! (Also Ronald Reagan will be involved in some important events.)

Ronald Reagan and George Wallace – I never intended to write concerning politics, but something is important about this election! We wrote in my magazine months ago that George Wallace would make great gains and have a bearing on this election. This has happened! There is a reason for this and the Lord knows why he has done so well. This has been an unpredictable year and only God could bring forth these events through a Prophet. (Remember this very well). God will not let a Prophet teach a false doctrine! A mistake? Yes. Even Prophets did in the Bible. But God did not let a one of them teach a false doctrine. And I don’t believe I’ve made a mistake yet, by misunderstanding the Star I saw. (The chance is the next President will rise suddenly). No doubt the Star has several meanings and all the mystery will be revealed.

Mystery and drama rising – we are moving into heights unknown at incredible speeds. Strange, spontaneous occurrences tantamount to mystery and intrigue -The next few years will be catastrophe on the order of the spectacular with unexpected changes. Shocking surprises are in store for the world as a tidal wave of confusion covers the earth. (A most unusual and mysterious time cycle unfolding 1968-72). Key men in position now and some that are running for office will completely vanish and leave the scene or their office. Lyndon Johnson, Castro, DeGaulle, China’s Mao and U-Thant. (Richard Nixon should be very careful. I see trouble here). Some leave office later, others perish. (I foresee during this time cycle God’s greatest spiritual events and Miracles will take place. The incredible appears. There will never be anything like this new time cycle, as it goes toward 1976. There is great evidence that the rapture could take place during this time period.

The world bank – watch for startling developments in the world bank 1969-1972. Also I see trouble for the American dollar! It could be devalued! But they will work a way out one or another to bring prosperity just before the Tribulation!

The next seven years – within the next few years great approaches will be made to bring international law and order!.” This is what ushers in the false Christ”. Because the world will be in such riots and rebellion the world will call for it! And declaring global peace. (Lie)

The pope – the pope will be criticized but i see great attention around him, more than in all his life. Many sudden surprises are in store concerning him. Charm will begin to work for him, but in some strange way he is to be catapulted into the center of publicity and great attention! (Now with a very keen eye I have seen this). Spirits that have been hidden shall surface and ease to the top, and take over with serpent like wisdom. I have also seen that God’s hidden Prophet and people and Christ revelations will begin to emerge to take His people out and bring them together. Even as hidden spirits of Satan come to take their own, Jesus will come to take His own!

The Vietnam war – watch for some type of overtures in the Vietnam war, before election time. If they are ever going to do anything this will be the time they will do it, or at least by the end of 1968 – If Johnson resigns then Humphrey would finish it. (I might add here there are definitely missiles in Cuba, but hidden no doubt for a later purpose.

(Also this does not mean L.B.J. would resign.)

Edward Kennedy – watch Edward Kennedy in the future. I see important events around him. Later the unexpected will continue to push him forward into major moves. Something will happen later in History that concerns him. I would tell you but the Lord wants me to hold this. And another reason so many are copying – the prophecies (as their own) and scattering them all over the country, that I feel it’s best to hold this particular one at this time.

A prophetic type of the marriage supper (Genesis 18:8) – God sits down and eats with Abraham. The Lord ate with Abraham a prophetic type of the marriage supper with the elect seed after the rapture.” Rev. 19:7. Then God left and went over and ignited fire on Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham watched from on high and saw brimstone, fire and smoke! (Genesis 19:28). A type of future atomic fire. And after we are at the marriage supper we will probably look down from on high at a distance in heaven and see what happens in Armageddon, as fire and brimstone (atomic fire) will consume them. We will probably be near Him when He destroys the Armies of the world in Palestine! And it will be near the same place as it was when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. What God did in the past is a prophetic picture of what He will do in the Future! This typed the awesome age that is prophesied to come!

22 – Prophetic Scrolls

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