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Prophetic Scrolls 19

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The 1968 political mystery – Why? -Because God is showing us incredible and startling changes will appear! He is allowing the dramatic and sudden surprises for a reason! Something unusual and different in American politics will take place. A dynamic change is surfacing and will affect everyone! The nation is on the threshold of a new and last era of time. Out of the darkness and frustration will arise new star (person) on the horizon! One of unity and intending for good, but later in “other hands” will be used wrong. (God will send this as a sign that the end is near). There is to be a great upset in the political world! “The Lord is showing us something new (Republicans Scroll #11). If I told you anymore some might not write me until after the election. (Watch for new leader soon). Look at the crucial nominating convention this August. Finally “capstoning” in the November election! Great events are just ahead coupled with violence, labor and civil disobedience (riots). (Thus saith the Lord – for I shall send forth a loud warning! For this is the hour that I have chosen to be heard. And as the mountains are round Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people from henceforth even forever!

World assassinations – I am shown they will increase more and more. Men like Fidel Castro should walk quietly! I feel the Lord is giving several men their last chance to repent! Vietnam war should take on a great change by july. As I wrote on scroll #16 troops would not come home until after April. Right after the scroll was printed President Johnson said he would de-escalate (which means eventual withdrawal of troops). Oral Roberts and the fate of oru university – Newsweek Magazine reported that Oral has joined the Methodist church. Now what direction is this going? Why of course I am shown right in line with the (foolish virgin class!) Some Pentecostal organizations will follow a similar path. It’s the foolish virgins who go through great tribulation. “But the Elect are raptured first”. Rev. 16: 15, Matt. 24:37-44. Rev. 7:14, Rev. 13:7. Finally the chances are that ORU University will be completely tied up in the World Church System. Oral’s job may be to hold back the foolish virgins from taking the mark of the beast when it suddenly rises! In comparison my job is to hold back the “Bride Elect” from going in with the foolish! Thus saith the Lord. Come out of her people for the last time. Be not partakers of her sins! (Babylon – Rev.18:1-4). I definitely foresee a large body of false churches that will speak through the state courts and say they are the real body of Christ and all churches outside their system are heretics and fanatics. And are an enemy to state and their religion. I see this council will force the government to bring the ones that disagree to trial and demand their death. (Just before this the Bride raptures) and the foolish virgins are left to the mercy of the beast number 666- (But God protects many). There is to be a place and time when Oral can go no further (less he loses his Salvation and Power). A crossroads is coming! This is not written in mere criticism but the hand of God surely will have to guide him. He is headed where angels fear to tread! And working Miracles insight of the Image (U.S. World Protestant United System) “Unto the Beast” (Roman Catholic)-Rev. 17:3 (But not all Healing (gifted) ministries like mine will go in). I know why Oral felt lead to join the Methodists, for a witness to them, so let’s leave him be. Behold saith the almighty, Abraham a type of my elect did not go into Sodom. But Lot, a type of the tribulation saint did. Gen.13:11-12, Gen.18:22. Behold! Abraham knew Lot was moving in the wrong direction, he fervently prayed for him, and behold I brought him out! Yea the people who believe the scrolls will not go in. “I will work greater Miracles among them!” Now you see my job by writing the scrolls. I am like Elijah was when he fed the woman (the elect church) the oil and the meal! (a type of the word and Holy Spirit) I Kings 17:14-16. Like Elijah was when he typed the rapture in a Chariot of fire! II Kings 1:11. (for the lion has roared and it soundeth like a great thunder), and i the lord hath spoken it, even from the beginning. And now ye shall see the true elect vine pull away from the false vine. Amen! For I have ordained a lamp for mine anointed. The wise will see the major calling in my Life and Ministry. It is to the chosen Saints the True Vine of God! The Lord draws the Elect into His Spirit and gives them life and heaven! Satan eases the world into his system and gives them death and hell!

Cain and Abel – Representing two-type spirits -Gen. 4:3-5. They were a type of two future churches, the true and the false. A prophetic type of where Gods “Elect” would come from and where the “anti-christ beast spirit” would come from. These spirits were to continue battling against one another down through the ages, until the end. Cain represented (a rebellious nature but yet a clever religious spirit of the false church!) Abel gave his heart to God and obeyed the Lord by bringing a blood sacrifice typing salvation. Cain put a sacrifice on his church altar, but God rejected it because it was fruit from the ground God had cursed! The Lord discerned the difference in their spirit of obedience, and rejected Cain! The religious seed (Cain) today tries to do everything the Christian seed does. But the Cain seed will not accept the blood sacrifice of (Jesus). Cain seed is (anti-christ) and will wind up in control of the World United Church Government. This false christ spirit, will turn out to be a religious murderer like Cain. And will have the mark of Cain-666, Gen. 4:15, Rev. 13:18. The Abel type spirit is the Elective seed of Word and Power and will be controlled by Jesus and wind up in the rapture! Also, the World church will rise up against the Christian seed as Cain did Abel. Cain was conceived in the image of the serpent beast (deceit, hate and subtle). Gen. 3:1, Rev. 13:11-14. The fight is between two spirits, one is anti-christ, the other is of the Lord Jesus Christ. While I am commanding this to be written saith the Lord the Cain spirit of the world is calling all together under one great body to end the foundation of church and state! And all those whose names are not written in my book of life will believe they are headed for the kingdom of God’s earthly reign. But it will be the kingdom of Satan and his reign!

The angels – the daughters of men and the sons of God. – “The Secret” – Gen. 6:2 and 4. A significant event happened just before the flood. In the very midst of a Godless civilization, a remarkable startling scene took place! (A prophetic type of which is connected to end time events). The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and went in unto them. Producing renowned men, and afterwards giants were in the land! Now some very good authorities claim that fallen angels went in unto the beautiful daughters of men and mixed with them! (affairs) and gave birth to wicked children! (I disagree) they used this Scripture Jude 1:6-7. They mention something similar to this when just before the destruction of Sodom, the people demanded Lot to give them the two angels he had received in his home. “That they might know them” Gen. 19:4-5, Jude 1:7. Commentators say the people had sex perversion in mind. I feel they had gotten so wicked they were unable to distinguish between angels and men. “But what really happened in Gen. 6:2” yea saith the Lord this is what happened. – My spiritual sons which were from the seed of Adam went in unto the daughter of the seed of Cain, which I had cursed, also their religious idolatry! And Adam’s (seed) sons “lusted after strange flesh”. The earth then began to be filled with violence! I destroyed all except righteous Noah and his family who warned them! Behold saith the lord at the end, many of My spiritual ones will go in unto the daughters of men (false religion) and world mixture. Rev. 2:20 and Rev. 17. At this moment the Protestant sons are going into the world ecumenical daughter (church) harlot Rev. 17: 5 and violence is filling the earth and my servant has been called to warn them from this evil! But as in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the son of man. (The fact is the chief cause of the flood was, the godly line of Adam had compromised and mingled with the line of Cain (all false religion) and no longer had a testimony. The foolish joined the ranks of the wicked and the whole earth was corrupt before God! Yea saith the Lord and going into the tribulation the day shall come that the ungodly shall lie down with one another in lustful orgies in many churches, and say I the Lord hath allowed it, and say did not the Lord say love one another! I say unto you they are blind and Satan hath deceived them! These scriptures shall repeat saith the Lord. II Peter 2:12 (Brutes) Ex. 32:6 and 25.

19 – Prophetic Scrolls

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