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Prophetic Scrolls 21

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

The (secret) dynamic year, day and month of july 23, 1972 – the beginning of the end – this valuable date was given to me (let me make this plain, that i am not predicting this as the rapture date) Jesus “hardly, would have told me the exact day” – however, if we are still here it could be close to christ return – i am told from this date forward the hour of grace is ending and that judgment is inevitable! The world will come under divine wrath! I am standing in a future time zone 1973 -and I foresee the man who will destroy America! The dictatorship that has been working under cover will come out in the open that year. Those living then will see the beast power uniting and getting into a position to later give the mark! This under cover man will begin to appear on the scene by the 1970’s. But I am not told when he starts his total leadership. See Scroll #26

Russia’s future move – I am looking into the fourth dimension of time. I see extraordinary and startling changes in Russia’s government and people but greatly in 1973. Also alternation and revolutionary changes leaning toward Western Europe and the U.S.A. They will have a type of business democracy (trade) while we will have more restrictions and stronger laws passed here (especially after 1970). We are entering a climax in our present world governments approaching 1973 – People will say for the better, but when finished, the new government will be worse than at any time in history! What the people thought was great freedom will turn out to be total dictatorship, by 1976 – (God suddenly turns Satan loose incarnate in a man with hordes of demons at his disposal ushering in global violence! (Atomic war appears soon afterward). (My firm belief is if there is any time left for the world after 1975 or 77, “It will be a very short time.”)

Written July 1968 (china insight) new leadership, appears there soon! – Watch before China is admitted into the UNO. She could become very troublesome to Russia and the U .S.A., (possibly even war), “unless God intervenes in a revival there.” But one day China will unite into world government.

The cunning year of 1969 – I foresee this year begins with charm as eyes will be turned on love and beauty. The year will revolve in new changes. It ushers in with seductive serpent-like wisdom that bears close watching or you will not catch all of Satan’s deceitfulness! “Also a false happy-like spirit will prevail!” This year, 1969, starts a new beginning for Satan. A year of licentious conduct, debauchery and extreme lewdness. Uncontrolled and loose morals, queer sodomite spirits will begin to demonstrate a degenerate atmosphere! (But Jesus will also give His people new revelative power in order to stand against this and keep it in check!)

From august 23 through September 22- the inaugurating of startling events – august 23, 1968, unusual and strange occurrences will begin to take place after this day, leading into many surprises! Also, after September 22, 1968, following this date, I am told the sudden and unexpected will begin to occur! This will involve the next few months. Also many exploding events will happen in the nation. This pertains to weather, people, national offices and government! If anyone wants to test my writings the Lord told me to tell them to watch this period of time up until December! (Under the next Presidency -“Scroll #19” – America will get a chance to repent), but only the Elect will cherish the revival!

The serpent and the women (obscene exhibition) according to national news media there are women who have night club acts with snakes! One woman makes her appearance nude (topless) with a serpent coiled around her while doing a modern lustful dance! She stated she sleeps with a serpent coiled around her with delight and pleasure! She admitted the sensation is more rewarding than that of a human! Talk about demons, this is going beyond the beyond! People are graduating into an animal class (read last part of Scroll #13) Sordid scenes of a Bohemian society is appearing in a seducing spirit of orgies! -North Beach, San Francisco, reported it went bottomless (no clothes at all). The news reported also a Methodist girl minister is a go-go girl at a night club at night, then does her church work during the day! Also most of you read about the Chicago minister who allowed hoodlum gangs to use his church at night for a meeting place for (riotous) group love orgies. Surely Satan is preparing to put on a side show in 1969-70- Then I see in 1971-72, man enters lust power and the crimes of the century!

Watch for changes in the united nations organization as new leadership appears there – long before the tribulation (because u-than won’t be there). Also watch President Johnson for some surprising and unexpected moves! (1968). Now the first part of this is a direct prophecy, but the last part of this that I am going to write is not a prophecy. But one of these surprises could be that President Johnson might resign and let H. Humphrey take his place. (The date on Scroll #11- what happened July 17th?) There was a change of plans in the war, when Johnson announced he would fly to Hawaii meeting Vietnam leaders, although we don’t know what it was until later. It could have to do with the bombing (Scroll #19) July 17th the Iraq government fell – Also the worst crisis since 1956 came to Czechoslovakia, and the Geneva Conference met July 17th to discuss disarmament!

Abraham the great patriarch -Sarah and Hagar – there were two children, one born by faith in god’s word, the other one born through Hagar in unbelief in god’s word. The Lord promised Abraham a Miracle child (seed) at the end of (his old age) Gen. 15:2-4, But Sarah, due to impatience and lack of faith, got together with the bond woman Hagar, who was the maid servant, and organized a child that would come through Hagar, thinking surely and telling Abraham that this must be the way that God meant. Gen. 16:2. Abraham consented to have a child by Hagar, but he knew this was wrong. He knew by faith God would bring the promised child, which was to be a prophetic type of “the woman’s seed in Rev. 12:5 the man child!” This was also a type of Christ when He was born, (the names Elect, the Man Child, and the Bride mean the selfsame one). Hagar had a child, then only trouble came (Gen.21:10- 12), but sure enough by Abraham’s faith the promised revelation child was born through Sarah called Isaac! The first child was organized through two women coming together through unbelief in God’s Word typing 2 church spirits in Rev. 17:5. Now at the end another man child is promised to be born by Word and Power, the last (Man Child Rev. 12:5) which is the Elect the spiritual seed of Abraham! The chosen people are waiting by faith in God’s Word to be born (raptured) into the Kingdom of God through a Miracle at the end of this “old Age”. God promised it! But again in our present day two women (apostate Protestant and Catholics Rev. 17:5) are getting together through lack of faith in God’s Word and unbelief in God’s promise and are organizing and saying surely this is God’s way of the promised elect man child! But this is the organized (bond child) Rev. 13:14 united organizations and false revelations! (The churches are coming together “But the Elect will wait on God’s promise like Abraham, through revelation, Word and Power and will rapture”! Thus saith the words of Jesus my children are free and not of the bond women of Rev. 17:5 -Rev. 13:14. (On Scroll #10 J .F .K. was a prophecy, but last part on R.F .K. was not prophecy). The Star mentioned on Scroll #20 is only a symbol connecting the U.S.A. to – (666).

Scroll #21

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