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Prophetic Scrolls 68

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Numbers, patterns and symbols are very important – I did some research on them but most all including the revelation part came strictly from the spirit — No. “ONE” is the whole source like God is the whole source, it is the symbol of unity. — Infinite like God no number comes before it except 0, and a circle speaks of infinite no beginning nor end! Denote (Gen. 1:1) in the beginning. Rev. 1:11, 17 first and last, source of all! The Lord’s “spiritual rays” work in three patterns revealing 7 spiritual expressions. (Rev. 4:5) Although there are three offices the spirit works in, nevertheless it all returns back to the One God! (Isa. 43:3, 10, 11) — ‘Thus saith the living God!” One is the symbol of the creator. “Jesus said, hear O Israel the Lord our God is one Lord!” (Mark 12:29)

Next “TWO” — No. two implies differences and separation. (Gen. 1:6 reveals interruption or division! God said, let there be a firmament and let it divide the waters above and the waters from under. (Read verse 7) — There are two classes of people, sinners below and saints above! (Deut. 17:6) — Two places, heaven and hell — “While two can show the good it can also show the evil — “division!” At the white throne there will be a dividing Two is the first number that can be divided -— One person can’t multiply, it takes two persons or seeds. “Eve was divided from Adam’s side making two!” But God being one cannot multiply Himself into different Gods! But He works in three spiritual attributes, and He can impart His spirit and man was able to multiply in His image! He imparts His spirit as in the Son and also the Holy Spirit! — Gen. 1:21 reveals each thing or seed brings forth its own kind! God’s seed brings forth its own kind (good!) — NO. “THREE” — three divine perfection — three signifies entire, complete” word revealed” — There were at one time three lights which appeared over the Capstone here! Three the number of deity, divine perfection! There are three parts to time, past, present and future! And “all three” revolve back into God’s time “of One” eternal time, no end! Like time (triune) Father, Son, Holy Spirit, gathers all back into one source! The supreme revelation — “beside Me there is no Savior”! (Isa. 43:11 —- Rev. 1:11) — and His name “One” Zech. 14:9 — The 3rd night of the first meeting God opened or revealed His spiritual veil before the people and spoke directly! There are three parts to the mountain face here coming together united, but makes only “One” deity head — “Stone”! — There were three on crosses (at the crucifixion) “the Word was revealed in Jesus!”) — “FOUR” — Number of world, a materialistic number, but it is also a number used by God. Four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) the last three of them have four letters to their name! They are like unto the four gospel beast of Rev. 4:7 — There are four cherubims who sang of creation (Rev. 4:6-11) — Four creative creatures came out of fire! (Ezek. 10:14) — Verse 8, and the four beast sang holy, holy, holy which has “four” letters to it! There are four seasons and four directions (north, south, east and west) In the Bible there are four corners of the earth and there are four winds. Rev. 7:1 — Paul had four letters to his name (the messenger) — John the writer who wrote Revelations and sealed up the 7 thunders messages had four letters to his name. My name Neal has four letters (revelator writer.) Four is associated to creative things! Four is also a number of world completeness! Daniel saw four kingdoms rise. The river out of Eden parted into 4 heads into earth. (Gen. 2:10) and (Dan. 2:40). There were four together at the transfiguration. (Luke 9:28-29)

FIVE” is the number of redemption, Salvation. Jesus has five letters to His name! David picked up five stones, the one stone that killed the giant was a type of Christ the Headstone! 1 Sam. 17:40. And David was whirling it in his sling going around “like a wheel” (the stone of fire!) David also had his staff, stones, shepherds bag, a script and his sling. The holy oil was in five parts. (Ex. 30:24) There were four kingdoms to rise upon the earth the fifth redeeming kingdom is of God! (Dan. 2:40-44) — “SIX” represents the number of man. He was created on the sixth day! He was ordered to work six days and rest one! God created the beast serpent on the sixth day! (Gen. 1:30, 31) The anti-christ will express himself subtly in intense form in the number 666. Although an insignia or mark may be seen also! Sixes are associated to evil, let me warn not everything associated to six is evil, to do this would be an injustice to God’s word! “God can and does use the No. six as we will presently see!” — “SEVEN” is the number of perfection and fulfillment. Seven fold appears 7 times in the Bible. (Rev. 4:5) mentions 7 fold work of the spirit! There are 7 church ages, there are 7 stars, 7 golden candlesticks, 7 seals, 7 trumpets (7 thunders and 7 lamps of fire before the throne which will sweep down and take the bride away!) There are 7 angels completing the church ages, but the head one “the mighty rainbow cap angel” stands alone out shinning them all in the sun messenger Chapter 10) 7 church age show completeness of man’s systems, the tares culminating into Babylon! We see Christ standing outside the seven church age completion! Then it starts back to the number one, the Bride outside with Him, the eternal “One.” Finally the 7 spirits gather back into the one spirit of the Almighty! For it was these 7 spirits that reveal His plan of the ages! You can’t always go by 7 denoting a true prophet, for they don’t always have 7 letters to their name. Lucifer had 7 letters to his name, “he imitates” Christ! And “Christ” has six letters in it — Jesus has 5 letters — and Satan has 5 letters— (Although 666 is the devil’s number to counterfeit God, in this case it is the number revealing Lucifer incarnate in a man!) Now God has 4 beasts with 6 wings about them before the throne! (Rev. 4:8) — In God’s Bible there are “66 books” and in Isaiah there are “66 chapters!” So we see sometimes 6 works in different ways! The number seven closes out the 7 church ages then the Bride is number “one” with Jesus, hidden perfection (here is wisdom) — Lord (4) — Jesus (5) Christ (6) letters, add them all up (15 letters) then add the one to 5 and you get 6 again! And we know God will receive a new name (Rev. 3:12) and so will we! — Neal (4) — Vince (5) — Frisby (6) and you have the same as above! This is for prophetic number comparison and not to be taken in any other manner — Also Frisby can be spelled with 7 letters by adding (bie or bee) but in His wisdom He shortened it to 6 letters. I always felt it was a sign that man would try to deny or take away from my original calling or position. — “Many Bible prophets and writers have 4 and 6 letters to their names (Paul, John, etc.), Elijah and Elisha, Samuel, Haggai, Isaiah, Daniel and many others have six letters to their name!” So remember God does not always use 7 letters in association to prophet ministries!

EIGHT” represents and is definitely associated to new things. “Eight is the number of resurrection” — the transfiguration of Jesus took place 8 days after! (Luke 9:28) (Rev. 8:1 “silence” denotes raising and rapturing of the saints in association to Rev. 10:4) — Eight major miracles were noted in Elijah’s ministry before his translation! Christ arose on the first day of the week also known as the 8th day! — “8 souls were saved in the Ark — In association to 8, the Bride becomes a new creation (changed!) — “NINE” Number 9 bears witness to judgment. Nine is the last number before 10, therefore it is finality and judgment! — “Abraham was 99 when God told him Sodom would be judged in wrath!” three times three is 9, and 9 also reveals the predestined work of the Holy Spirit! There are 9 gifts and 9 fruits of the spirit! (I Cor. 12:8-10-Gal. 5:22) — Believe and receive them and you are blessed, reject them and judgment follows! Rev. 9 speaks of judgment! — “TEN” completes a series! After chapter 10 Revelation gives a dual witness again of things that will be hereafter! — “You can add one to zero and you are back to one again (starts all over) — Rev. 10 reveals a break in prophecy then the Lord begins all over and reveals things again! There are 10 moveable ends of the body, 10 toes, 10 fingers — 10 fingers lifted up are the highest, and 10 toes the lowest. In chapter 10 His feet was on the ground and His hands toward heaven! Rev. 13 reveals the beast in complete form, 10 horns and 10 crowns. After Christ until the world ends the book of Revelation shows there will have been 10 special messengers. (Rev. 1:20 and Chapters 10 & 11)

ELEVEN” is associated to incompletion and disobedience — it can be associated to sorrow — “Joseph was sold into Egypt and left Jacob sad with 11 sons! Gen. 37:28-35” — Judas betrayed Christ, 11 disciples remained! World war one ended the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year! “We’ve had more rebellion ever since!” Two times 11 is 22 the number of chapters in Revelations, then man is judged for disobedience! — “TWELVE” divine order,’ — there were 12 tribes — 12 constellations (Mazzaroth — Job. 38:32) The sun rules 12 hours (the day) the moon 12 hours (the night.) There were 12 judges of Israel! — Twelve shows divine government. — 12 or its multiplication has to do with position or rule! — 12 apostles will rule over the 12 tribes! — Rev. 12, the man child will rule with a rod of iron! — There are 12 foundations, 12 gates, 12 pearls, 12 apostles Rev. 21:21) — New Jerusalem, is 12,000 furlongs — Christ will rule over all! — “THIRTEEN”, rebellion and chaos — “The U. S. A. had 13 colonies and rebelled against England!” The rebellious beast appears in chapter 13 — “Thirteen is associated to apostasy!” Judas rebelled and one more disciple took his place which made a total of 13 involved!”

FOURTEEN” — the number 14 reveals it is set aside, (Rev. Chap. 14) is associated to the redeemed. “Also 2X7—14 “double witness”. Add 1 to 4 and you have 5 the number of the redeemed first fruits’ — (Perhaps we can continue this later) — “All things do not have to be connected to certain numbers, God can overrule! But we know many events in the Bible are definitely associated to exact numbers”.

68 – Prophetic Scrolls

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