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Prophetic Scrolls 18

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Yea, the Spirit of the Almighty has spoken and the Hand of God hath written this scroll to his people, who are called by his name (Amen!) Lord Jesus!

Gen. 2:1 thus the heavens and the earth were finished – Which came first the seed or the complete tree? “Behold saith the Lord I made every tree whole. And every plant whole, and every herb whole, before I put it in the ground, and before it grew.” As the Scriptures have said in Genesis 2:5 – and then it brought forth seed. The same as I made the whole man and later he brought forth (seed) children! Yea, I formed man out of the dust of the ground. And I breathed into him the breath of “life.” And he became a walking spirit in the body I created for him, he was earthly and he was heavenly. The earthly will return to dust, but the heavenly will return to me, until I unite it again in the last days. “I did not make man in the garden, but I made him elsewhere, then I placed him in the garden!” As you can read in Gen. 2:8 and 15. And the Lord shows me to write this here – And Adam saw that every animal had a mate but he himself had none. “And I the Lord said it is not good that man should be alone, I will make him a mate. Yea, before the man was made I determined him a mate, and formed him so that I could take from him a rib. Which became the woman and I brought her to him all together lovely!” And from the body of my (church) I will take my Bride out while the foolish sleep at the end time! Gen. 2:21. Out of the wound (Adams side) came forth “Life”, the Bride mate. And at the Cross when Christ side was wounded, came forth “life” for the Elect Bride at the end!

The serpent beast a symbolic type of the seducing beast 666 of Rev. 13:18 – Gen. 3:1 – Now I the Lord made the serpent more subtle than any beast of the field. (Sharp, beautiful, cunning and fine) “Behold saith the Lord I was there and will tell thee what happened!” Satan spoke through the “serpent beast” using part of my word to seduce Eve. Yea, even as if a man would talk to her. Yea, and she is like a type of the foolish at the end. She took the word of the “Beast” in the place of the Word I gave her, and she’ “broke my Word.” Yea she joined the (beast serpent) in his pleasure! Behold saith the Lord it will end in Rev. 13:16-18 with beast 666 -the (Subtle anti-christ). Whom Satan will talk through to seduce the “fallen church” and the world! Behold the fallen church will break my word, and take the word of the beast! And as Eve suffered physical death for breaking my Word, Behold all those that take the word of the Beast shall suffer spiritual death and separation from me! Rev. 2:22-23 and Rev. 18:8. Not withstanding my hand shall guard many like Eve. After she came to herself, but they shall suffer great Tribulation (foolish virgin) but unto my “Elect” I shall take out before this! Listen close now and I will give thee wisdom saith the Lord. Eve was Adams sweetheart, but Satan caught her out of Adams “presence!” The same as the beast (anti-christ) will catch the sleeping church out of my “Presence” and seduce her with his word! Now Satan spoke a lying word to Eve and beguiled her, and through a “lie” she carried Cain an unholy child (anti-christ type) but my beloved Mary carried (the Holy Christ Child) conceived of the Holy Ghost the Spirit of “Truth!” The anti-christ (type child Cain) was conceived in a lie as Satan spoke, and the (God type child) was conceived in the “Truth” as I the Lord God spoke! AMEN!

Genesis 4:15- the mark of Cain and out from the presence of God, the beast, false prophet and the anti-christ. Rev. 13: 1-13. The anti-christ (fallen star) – And the Lord God set a “mark” on Cain for slaying his brother Abel. That no one should harm Cain at that time, because (the Lord had reserved judgment for him). But later we find a reverse type of this when all who don’t have the mark of the beast Rev. 13: 17 – should be killed. Cain was marked and a symbolic type of 666 who would appear at the end. And during the Tribulation all who receive the “mark” will receive death and judgment, and they will go out from the presence of the Lord like Cain did! Gen. 4: 16 – Cain was a prophetic type of the beast 666 nature. I am shown out of this same type of Cain seed will arise a false prophet in the USA (A wondering star -Jude 1: 13. Who will be connected to the anti-christ church of Rome, where the Beast sits. For he shall come as an “angel of light,” and look good. His plans look like a solution to the nation and world problems. Which will eventually connect this nation to Catholicism, and this system will begin to use the word “Unity” but in the end will destroy truth! Watch! For it is close saith the Lord!

The revival among the elect – While this system in the nation is preparing for dictatorship under cover, God is preparing a great Revival among His Elect, which some are in almost every church. Then I feel the Lord will rapture His Children, and suddenly the USA and world will come under dictatorship! Because what looked so much like an angel of light suddenly turned into a ferocious beast without warning! But first this revival will probably begin during the next presidency. There will be a great moving for the Elect! But will not be received whole heartily by the denominations, because they cannot partake of this anointing that is becoming so strong! Also, there will be a moving among the lukewarm churches, but this will begin to be more of man and less of God. Until they are trapped in the world protestant system, united with catholicism, and later communism – Thus saith the Lord! For surely a blindness shall overtake many in that day! Come out of her My people for the last time!

The two party system – shall soon fold together as one power. First they will be divided but will come together again according to what I was shown. Probably “just one reason” because of so many splinter parties in the Democratic body, that later they will have to unite or change into one system. (Later with the anti-christ ruling that one system connected to Church Organizations) (‘The Image Unto The Beast.”) Rev. 13-14- united into World Government. Watch! Money problems, inner turmoil, civil war, all this will play a major role and for the Republicans and Democrats will come a “drastic change’. as all unite for strength! (If this doesn’t come to pass I will never preach another sermon.) I know for I have thus saith the Lord! For this shall surely come to pass!

Richard Nixon – May find the going harder towards summer- and RONALD REAGAN – will begin to appear into view. And as you know months ago the Lord had shown me Ronald Reagan will become one of the most important men in the nation. Somehow he is to become one of the most unusual and different type Statesman that we have had in politics. A significant figure. Watch him! For he is connected to outstanding events! He is the Governor of my state and the Lord has shown me things about him. He is a man preordained and predestinated. (Will he use his power for good or evil? Watch the days ahead!) R. Reagan appeared into view and announced himself for the Presidency!)

18 – Prophetic Scrolls

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