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Prophetic Scrolls 11

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby | Events given 1960-1966 (Released 1967

More on U.S.A. presidency – before this president completely comes to power, the bride will probably get a glimpse of the leader about 1972-76 or sooner! To look at him one would not know how deceivable he will be. The Bride raptures before he completely becomes a dictator. He goes into office from the backing of the Catholic Church and apostate Protestants. He uses the religious element, but also with his rise to power a woman is involved in this office. (This could be Jeane Dixon) by this time she could be popular enough to prophesy him into office as a great leader. He will be connected to the harlot woman. Rev. 17 – Armageddon will happen under his rule. America will prosper for a while, but taxes and war debts will take away much of the profit, and drain the Gold! This leads America to join with and under Catholicism! Church and State!

Great earthquakes, extreme weather and atomic destruction – the lord shows me the earth axis is changing by his command. As earthquakes increase all over the world, California will receive many severe quakes. Then afterwards San Francisco and Los Angeles will be destroyed as a major part of Calif. slips into the sea. Millions die as Calif. becomes a feeding ground for sharks. Watch! Before this happens huge islands will appear off our coast out of the sea as a sign of Christ soon return. After all this the Lord shows me Russia breaks her truce – New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, and Philadelphia will be destroyed by atomic destruction (Thus saith the Lord!) This is to warn the people of the East as well as the West. I feel most of this happens after 1969 and ending later in the 70s. Weather will completely change also as the earth axis turn mammoth hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. The climate will affect crops of the whole earth. In all this God is speaking to man. He knows it but will not turn from pleasure.

The deadly wound healed – the bible teaches the beast who was, is not and yet is. Rev. 17: 8.I feel I can describe this in the spirit, as several woundings have taken place. First Pagan Rome (Caesar) was the 6th head Rev. 17.10 and was wounded by the sword (war) but was healed and resurrected into Papal Rome (Catholic State Church) the 7th head. Here is another type of wounding. Martin Luther with the Word of God, which is a sword in this case wounded Papal Rome, when he came out, and we have our Protestant churches today. But many Protestant Churches have become false (Except the True Elect). And in this generation they will join back into Rome. Then the deadly wound is healed. “Truly I have spoken it saith the Lord!” The ecumenical beast stands up with his image! Now there could be one more amazing meaning and a fascinating one in our time. Read closely Rev. 13: 3 A man (beast 666) could suffer a fatal wound, and the deadly wound would heal as Satan incarnates himself in him, raising him up again quickly, this lying Miracle could be a pseudo resurrection of the beast, as all the world is dumbfounded and wonders after him. Jesus the Lamb died and rose again and the world did not believe him. Now he said they would believe this other impostor. Evidently something startles the whole world into worshiping him. This is not mere imagination, this could literally happen. All the gold will wind up in Rome. The Jews will agree with him as they control the property and stocks of Wall Street. The United States Government will have to go along in agreement. They will own the U.S.A. Church and State unite. Pleasure has hidden this from Protestant America. False Protestants are joined too. Later new world currency is issued, in place of what you own or have. The people will lose all unless they take a mark – 666 -Remember the Bride is gone. The anti-Christ is the head of the whore (Catholic) and the false Protestants (Harlot). Russia agrees with Rome where the beast sits, and rules the world. (Although he could move into the Jews’ future temple during the Tribulation!) God puts it into the Communist hearts to give their power to him. Rev. 17:12. These hate the whore and later burn her with fire. Rev. 17:16-17. And God bring Russia into Palestine, the last war erupts. Christ intervenes in the last stages of the war (Armageddon) with Bride.

The summons to the marriage supper – the third and last call – it’s later than you think. At the beginning of 1967 a final summons to the Marriage Supper is given. It is the sounding of the Gospel trumpet to gather Gods Children. God told me that is exactly what I am doing. Now is harvesting time, and He will begin to summons all the Bride by name, and call them into a spiritual body soon for the last quick short revival. This is so fantastic that only the Elect could believe such a thing. The last call is arriving. He says, “My sheep know My voice,” and I call them by name, “behold the bride groom cometh, go ye out to meet Him!!” (We are on our way out of Babylon, man’s dead system)” Now he will speak to you through the Scrolls, and show you how much time is left, and how He will do it. (Watch!) Remember this is to those who can believe it.

The great pyramid dates – some dates that have been hidden for thousands of years, have been discovered in the great pyramid, concerning the end. The Christian Dr. Davidson and I, are sure the Great Pyramid was built by divine providence. Read Isa. 19: 19-20. Although Egyptians did use them for false religions later. I have never consulted the pyramids and I advise one not to be led astray by many of the mystical interpretations of man. – However the dates have always been authentic. Christian leaders of Science have watched the dates of the past, that concerned the future, although they would not always know what would happen on the dates given. But the dates were always connected to important events concerning the world, and Bible Prophecy. I feel led to put the dates that were discovered in the pyramid of late on this scroll for our partners benefit. It won’t hurt you, it should be interesting to watch. We don’t know what they mean. Some dates will be of great occurrences, others will be smaller. The remarkable dates to watch are – (JulyI7, 1968) (Sept. 3, 1968) (Oct. 23. 1968) (Nov. 14, 1968) (Dec. 8th-9th, 1968) (March 29th and 30, 1969) (May 28, 1969) (Aug. 9, 1969) (Sept. 9th and 20, 1969) (Jan. 9, 10, 1970) (Feb. 3. 1970) (June II, 1970) (July 4. 7th, 1970) (Oct. 23. 1970) (Dec. 3, 1970) (Sept. II, 1971) (July 23. 1972) (April 2. 1973) Will between 1969-72 start Daniels last week (7yrs?) (Rapture 19721/2-75? Or sooner?) (1976-79 Tribulation and Armageddon ends?) -It has to take place by 1980, because Israel’s exact history (70th jubilee) old age ends about 1986-but before this it takes them 7 years to burn the weapons and cleanse the earth. Ezek. 39:9, 12-16. To start their one thousand year. (rest) millennium. Rev. 20:3 and 6 – Zech. 14:9.

Foreseen – rise of movie stars and political women – women and movie stars will now enter politics at a fast rate, and rise to many outstanding and key positions. Some will be able to sway certain bills and decisions, coming from the wrong element, and lead in the wrong direction from a social, foreign and religious standpoint. It won’t always be their fault. We know no matter who is in politics now, it has reached a corrupt position. Deborah in the Bible rose to political power, but she was endowed with Supernatural Gifts of Wisdom and Knowledge. The Prophet Joel shows what the women should be doing in our day. Joel 2:28 (Because of Sin and rejecting God’s spirit). The U.S.A. has a thorn in its body – race riots, this could cause the Republicans to win the Presidency in 1968! “Blessed is he that readeth and believeth the Words of this Prophecy and is not offended. For I shall be his God and he shall be my son! And he shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!!”

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