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Prophetic Scrolls 16

(Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter)

Genesis – the creation six days or six thousand years – in the beginning god created the heaven and the earth. (One day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. II Peter 3.8) The Lord shows us a secret here in using one thousand years per day in this case. Watch the revelation! Jesus tells me it is found in Genesis (chapter 2:4) in the word “Generations” (Read it). And these are the “Generations” of the heavens and the earth. In the day that the Lord God made them, the heavens and the earth. We know the word “Generations” means more than 6 days, hence God reveals the secret to His Elect! However let’s not limit God. He could do it in 1 minute. As for time or space there is no such thing with God, He created both. The fact is His dominion is not limited. At that time He was creating other things in the Universe also. The Stars, the Planets, Sun the Moon, etc; that play such a vital role to our earth and lives. If man could travel l0,000 miles an hour, it would take him over 100 years to reach the closest stars in Gods great magnitude – yet God is already there and here. He is at both places at once. He doesn’t come and He doesn’t go! He just disappears and reappears! There is no size to measure him, only in Christ Jesus. There is no ending to Him, or there would have to be a beginning!” Behold saith the Lord I command the sun and it riseth not, and I sealeth the stars! I alone spreadeth out the heavens and walketh upon the sea! I am He which maketh Arcturus! Orion! And the Pleiades! And the Chambers of the South! Yea. I set the sun on fire! And saith unto the moon stay thou in the heavens! I doeth great things past finding out! Yea, wonders without number. Watch, my servant for in him I shall show hidden secrets. (Also read Job 9:9)

Genesis and to the moon – The bible said man would exalt himself in the heavens. Receiving an air of “sophistication!” Thereby bringing man to an exalted position on the moon. I feel strongly that this will happen late in 1969 or 70, And afterwards. He will head for a downfall leading to Armageddon. But later the elements will catch on fire and bring him down. Obad. 1:4) Before man reaches the outer stars Jesus will intervene. Ronald Reagan— (and speaking of sophistication and the way the nation is headed in glamour). What a beautiful picture to predict (star) Ronald Reagan could cause an upset for the presidency. Or at least play a major role (involved) deciding the right man to win, at the Republican Convention! The reason I write this is I foresee Ronald Reagan in major events and crisis connected to D.C. and California.

Foreseen the fall of great Britain – into the rising of a dictatorship. England will have major trouble and will go through a fatal period of economic (money) crisis. Watch late 1968 (69-70), Which I believe leads later to the anti-christ system in order to bring back prosperity! This happens because of sin and rebellion against the Word of the Lord! “For behold she is like a city who hath no light”.

In the year of 1970, the shaping of things to come – a new trend will be forming and a new policy begins in the u.s.a. for religion and politics. The republicans and democrats will have to take drastic measures because of riots and lawlessness! And money problems that will divide the nation. The inside turmoil could no doubt cause division in the two party system then later changing or uniting into one system. By 1970 a new pattern will be forming as church and state comes into view.

The U.S.A. headed for dictatorship and somewhat economic crisis – in 1971-72 the U.S.A. will have economical money problems. Probably a renewal of the gold crisis. (We will begin to feel this a little in late 1969) No doubt this set back leads toward the anti-christ system. Money problems help to bring into view plans of the anti-christ before the people. Watch as we approach the 70’s. Especially 1971-72 But America will pull out of this as world trade will boom, (This should be studied with scroll #7). But I’m looking forward to the coming of the Lord!” Also our greatest problems before and about this time will be internal in the nation among ourselves. These major crises and the gold issue will also bring in the formation of the anti-christ system. Money trouble will completely dominate the scene by 1970 and worsen into 1971- 72. Before or soon after, the Pope – or a religious dictator will bring East and West Europe together, to set up a major trade boom! Even during the crisis craft will prosper and growing stronger as Daniel says. Dan. 8:25 and Rev. 17

A world major trade boom – 1973-74 after England and u.s.a. economy set back a major world trade boom should start nearing 1973-74 in agreement with Russia. As the world goes into its most immoral stages of sin, wickedness, corruption and debauchery and towards the end nakedness will appear more than in all history. As “leading famous and noted women” will completely give over to a forceful lusting spirit that will actually torment men! Man will be perverted too! Even if the dress styles become longer they will be slit or transparent. But as the age closes they will shorten tight back up again to near nudeness. I am shown during this prosperity of a few years the world ushered in this anti-christ system that has gained control where by money has become the root of all evil and man sells his own soul for it! Rev. 13:l7- The dress pattern and the sophistic era approaching – before the world steps into wealth and chaos god will warn before in several crisis to do with money and the nations rebellion. Now due to more talk of the backing of the dollar being worthless, I feel leading into 1969 people will begin to wear jewels, gold, precious rubies and stones, coupled with sparkling diamonds and fur coats! We shall see this soon! The Lord will begin to warn them in the next few years with different crisis, then He will let them step off into world wickedness, and prosperity, as the Elect raptures.

Late 1968-69 could be a shake up in Russian leaders. The Lord showed me this was to come on Scroll #7. Also, in 1968 the Pope will make some startling announcements. A clever plan is also underway to lean toward the Protestants, but will later destroy their faith. The Lord showed me LBJ promised the Pope to try and promote peace for 1968 — and should start to bring home some troops after April, thereby leaving an impression on the voters (until it ends).

Billy Graham and Oral Roberts – will be at the crossroads to join the world system entering the 70’s – directly or indirectly. Pray for them they have a job to do. Israel troubles — 1969-70 this could bring the Jewish temple into view later. I definitely feel Israel will have (Arab) trouble about this time. As International Powers will try to settle her problems within the next 3 to 5 years. Just about this time if the Bride is not raptured, is when she will receive the pressure. 1971 – 72. However, watch close after 1969. (Also financial crisis and trouble for Nasser and Egypt soon, for the Lord is against them. Never-the-less however, afterwards the Middle East and especially Israel will prosper.

The strange cycle and weather pattern – forming for Florida and the USA, watch 1968-69 will be record breaking winters as i see the lord sending harsh and terrible weather, and catastrophic storms. With the distortion of the weather pattern it will bring “sickness and virus’ ‘—Florida weather will change strangely in 1968 (fruit loss) Also unusual property loss in California between 1968-71 —The Lord is warning in such a way, and changing things to such an extent, in order to get the peoples attention to pray! (Approaching May through September or 1968 will lead into earthquakes and riots which will be in the headlines. And severe floods as we enter summer! Strange happenings also between September and December of l968, we will never forget.

Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein, for the time is at hand.

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