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Prophetic Scrolls 17

Behold how the mighty are fallen!- Fidel Castro, Aleskei Kosygin; and as we leave 1968 entering the 70’s great changes in World Leadership will come along with amazing changes in World Government. More will happen in the next 7 years than happened in two thousand. Satan will release evil wisdom unto the wicked and the Lord will release true wisdom Unto His children through the dynamic scrolls. A sweeping change is forecast by the spirit of god! (The Elect will move towards spiritual unity) This is not to be taken that the two names mentioned leave the scene in 1968. But I feel in the spirit it will be soon after entering the 70’s).

A prophetic look at the orient – the great epidemic – mass diseases will spread through the orient and many nations between 1968-69. The possibility of death will no doubt be on mass scale. Behold saith the Lord -“i am he that holdeth the nations in my hand. For I will purge them so as to turn them from sin and idolatry unto me.” Jesus shows me soon the anti-christ system is to rule and these people then will have very little hope. Also a great change is coming over the Orient in the next 3 years. Also China will have economic problems for the next few years. Then after 1970 a change is coming, whether they have a war or not. One day China will be admitted to the United Nations Assembly, or under one world rule. You will see the presence of new leadership in many positions there soon.

The political scene 1969-73 forecast – a great change, gigantic in scope, will begin to cover the earth. A tremendous sweeping one is coming as the world prepares itself for the introduction of anti-christ system! Society in this nation will have to pass laws to guarantee freedom, but later could be used against the American people. It could be the next Administration that will pass strict laws to control riots, lawlessness or Communist take over, so as to insure the people of life and property protection. As long as we had a God fearing President to enforce this it would be fine. But later an evil president would use this against the minority and true Christians, as church and state move together. I foresee the Elect only has a short time to work before God allows false religion and Communism to rule. The pressure within this nation will cause it to split and later force the people to blend together for strength, afterwards joining the One World Government. Will Jesus give us one more good Presidents or will the Lord allow the evil one prophesied to come? (On Scroll #11)! It would seem almost more than a miracle, but let us pray that God would give us one more praying President! (Our form of government will change completely by 1975)

Predictions for june thru december 1968 – I am shown in the spirit of the lord, that there is something lurking in the air fatalistic and of a sinister nature that should reach a complete impact and climax around the fall – let us watch! Without one doubt, we are in store for some tremendous strange and disastrous events. Predictions will transpire of such nature as to amaze the whole nation. It will have been quite some time since so much has happened in a brief period of time.

Watch! A striking prophecy of things to come – approaching 1971-72, the lord reveals to me Satan will begin some of the most aggressive and hideous crimes concerning murder and sex perversions the nation has ever known. It will be called the crimes of the century. This will begin the ruthless era of power, also! And I foresee the most abnormal amount of sex with maniacal tendency leading to madness. Filled with burning erotic desires of perversion with obscene and ravenous acts of lust. This will be brought in by satan as the world goes toward wicked chaos compared to that of the flood. What is happening now is only a prelude to what’s ahead! As man becomes tormented in his own vileness. Watch! (for surely the Lord has forecast it and it shall surely come. As later darkness begins to cover the face of all the earth. The sun, and the moon shall withdraw its light, but not a word shall fail that the Lord God hath spoken!). The Lord is giving His visions and prophecies to His people now, for surely the false prophecy shall arise later!

Genesis 1: 14 -and the Lord god saith – let there be lights -for signs! Seasons! Days and Years! And he made the Stars -Now stars are also symbolic of (Major Prophets) Rev. 1:16 and (fallen stars) false prophets Jude 1:13. And the Lord made two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, (symbolic of Christians) and the lesser light to rule the night (symbolic type of sinners). The moon is a significant type of the Church in other ways, too.

A striking look at the stars! Planets! Moon! Sun! Galaxy! And Constellations! What is their duty in Gods magnetic Universe? Do they control aspects of life on earth, and how much? Be sure and read Eccles. 3: 1-15 or you will not understand this. “It says for everything there is a season, a time of birth, and a time to die, etc.” No one is born upon the earth by chance. Jesus told me we are chosen and planned. He said He foreknew the good as well as the evil to come. He knows the exact time for each birth recorded in advance, He knows the exact death of each person recorded in advance. According to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will. Eph.1: 11. He foreknows each sickness and each accident in advance or He could not intervene for Christian prayers of protection and etc. Nothing escapes His eye. He personally told me there are cycles of trials of joy, so that we may learn to trust and build a solid faith! And also we know to call upon Him! There are cycles of prosperity and cycles of tests. But the Lord standeth there all the time! -Job. 42:10. Every move is known to Him in advance, or the future could not have been predicted by Him in Bible times. He gives us two choices to either live a Christian or sinner life, with His life He breathed in us! The planets and the moon control certain aspects of the earth. The moon influences almost every form of life on earth. Its gravitational pull causes the ocean tides to move in and out. It affects planting, fishing and hunting, etc. This is recorded both scientifically and Biblically. Police know that crime increases at the full moon, also there is more fires at the full moon -There is a record of us in heaven, “Jesus tells me this secret for the Elect.” I cannot go very far with this for even Paul said there was some things he was forbidden to write! Many things on earth are controlled by His Divine Ordinances in heaven. War, peace, weather, revival, prosperity, depression and etc. This is also completely combined and controlled by His Holy Spirit. We are never to worship the stars and planets, but the Lord Jesus only. Gods record of us is there in heaven, and also a record before of what was written in the Bible. (St. John 1) For everything there is a season and a time! Eccles. 3:2 and Eccles. 3: 15. Paul said there are principalities, powers and ordinances ordained of God as His handy work! (Amen)

And the Lord God said, let us make man in our image, and after our likeness! Gen. 1:26. The Lord said let us (Angels and powers) There is one spirit and there are 7 revelations of that one spirit, blending together as one spirit of Him. (exalting Christ). Behold saith the almighty – read rev. 5:6 –”Ye cannot number me as a man knoweth numbers in the material world, but in the spiritual world, I am infinite without number. And the 7 revelations of me are my word. In the beginning I was that word and dwelt among men (in Jesus). Behold at first my own disciples did not understand this, but Paul my Beloved servant declared it, when he said – For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions or principalities or powers: All things were created by Him and for Him. Read. Col. 1: 13-17 “I am God in the heavens! I am God in the Son! I am God in the Holy Ghost! I am one in three fold manifestations. And if any man saith unto thee this prophecy is false, then he understandeth not the things of God, among the living. And I will appoint his portion among the hypocrites, and his days shall quickly be forgotten. I am Alpha! And Omega! The first! and the last! I am the Lord there is no other God besides me. I am hidden in Jesus, revealed to my Elect, whom I foreknew from the beginning! Who I will give power to foresee me (as I am) in my Glory -(body) Even the mystery which had been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to my saints. Amen!

017 – Prophetic Scrolls

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