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Prophetic Scrolls 20

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


USA and overseas commitments – I foresee this next administration will cut overseas expenditures and army mobile strength in some places, in order to balance a bad existing budget here. And because financial strain comes in 1971 – 72. Afterwards World Trade booms.

Years 1970-73 the years of destiny-they are connected to events that will lead to the end, and afterwards finally Armageddon. What revolves during this time will be a significant key of events which opens to the marvels of the false Christ. Mans future will be in the balance: A decision to accept the world system will appear in its final stages! Elect could be already caught away or in a position to leave! (amen!) One thing for certain we will know what’s ahead by 1970 -As creative sweeping changes appear over the entire world. (Russia, Japan, China, U.S.A., England, France and South America.) (This is not to be taken as when the mark is issued, but I believe it will be sometime soon).

Foreseen modern sophistic inventions I am shown paralyzing rays of light far ahead of the atomic bomb are being invented. Cosmicide radiation which rends people helpless will be discovered and used from outer space and land! I see that if God did not intervene man would discover how to control the weather and create tornadoes, bring tidal waves and great earthquakes! And destroy crops and cities of foreign lands. They would create mass destruction by controlling the weather elements over every nation. (I see later the U.S.A. will pool its knowledge with Russia so both can probe the stars!). The Joint space program.

Cain and the mark – when Cain murdered Abel through violence gen. 4:15 – God gave him a mark that all could see. Now today one of the main reasons the number or mark will be issued is because of murder and violence in our cities! False churches (State united) will issue a mark. Rev.13:17 says the number of his name or “his mark”. Besides his number I am definitely inspired to write there will be a Star like mark connected to the number 666 -The Bible symbolizes the false prophet and the false Christ as fallen stars (Spirit possessed men). I see two men work together, one in the USA and one in Rome. They will say the ones who will not take this mark are the people causing all the murders and city violence! And are enemies of the State Church! (Read -Jude 1: 13) Saith the Lord and ye shall see the wicked Stars I have spoken of!)

A moving light a brilliant star – was absolutely connected to christ first appearance. Matt. 2:9. It led the Wise Men to Christ! “Now the number 666 with star marked insignia” (false light!) will lead men to the anti-christ, who gives the mark in the forehead or hand.

The false prophet will come out of the united world protestant system-“image” rev. 13:13-Likeness unto the false Christ beast (Catholics Rev. 17:3). Now the false Christ comes from Rome (Babylon) and paganism and works with his false prophet from the U.S.A. Both will later join with Russia for world rule! This makes up the beast, anti-christ and false prophet (unholy trinity!). But Russia’s part is a lying truce, for later 222 Russia turns on the whore church, and burns her with atomic fire. Rev.17:16 -17.

The electing of future presidents – if god allows time to continue very much longer a president will be appointed or proclaimed by a church oriented congress (church and state). The people would have no choice.

The political and false religion – it’s not the political that will finally dictate. I see that the false religion will work behind the political to subjugate a take over! Blending together as a religious system, ruling with politics: behold i show you a mystery- saith he that holdeth the seven stars! (Rev. 2: 1). Watch for you shall see the mystery of iniquity working through false religion and politics. (Yea I have declared it before hand) and ye shall see it rising to conquer the world!

A remarkable discovery— (the 30 prophetic years) read Joel 2:23 – the former rain was 1946-1966, healing revival. And the latter is the rapturing faith mixed with judgment! Watch closely Gods prophetic time. The first month (30 days) prophetically 30 years! The first month is the 30 day cycle in counting “each day” a prophetic year! The dynamic revival started about 1947 (The former rain). So the latter rain is starting now and should be ending before or around 1977 – This also could include the Jewish revival of the Great Tribulation of the last 31/2 yrs. The years 1970-77 should be outstanding years in God’s time clock! It’s this way, each prophetic mystery was like God building a house and at the end of the age He would give a prophet the key to the door. So that the Elect could look in and see what was hidden until now! This definitely looks like the last 30 years for the Church Ages. 1947 to around 1977 (God told Noah 7 days before the flood came. He told Lot in Sodom 1 day before. Gen. 7:4- watch less you be caught asleep!

Will Billy Graham and Oral Roberts convert the pope and world church leaders?-First let me say this- God will have greater Revelations and Miracles outside of the world organizational system (than they will have on the inside of it among the foolish). Oh they want Miracles but many don’t want to live “according to the Scriptures” (As we all love these two ministries, lets pray for them). But the Elect will not follow them in, for God will have great men (and a mighty prophet with a greater display of Gods Power!) But because this prophet is not in the Federation of Churches only the Elect will see or know him at the end! (For even the ground will vibrate at times where he is standing in the light of God!). Now some very well known preachers think they will convert the Pope and all the world churches. And if God would let them they might succeed! (Only you can’t convert the devil.) This is what they will find out too late! But at least a witness will be given to the World Organizational system! The Catholics and World Protestants will use men like Billy and Oral for this reason only to attract or draw the people toward the world united system! They will embrace both and work with them! When Oral or some of the Pentecostals wake up suddenly in Rome’s council arena in the midst of a fierce man they will remember before how great God was in His warning! Thus saith the lord go not towards her my people! Oral joined the Methodist for a witness and to finance and enlarge his ORU University. But he should be careful not to stray. Behold the hand of god hath written this and let no man remove it! My wisdom is far ahead of man and angels! And i have a plan that will save much people! Strain not thy mind at this for even angels do not understand all my wonders! Remember Aaron saw and worked great miracles and yet he helped build the golden calf image! After man formed it (type church merging) it never worked right, instead of worshiping me they worshiped their own achievement (image) ex. 32:4 Rev. 13:14. The World Council will allow Roberts and others like him to work miracles so it will look like Gods Blessings is in the whole world set up (Rome’s federation of Churches). They use Oral and Billy until the people are well involved (suddenly church and state unite) the mark is issued then the trouble starts! If they were to continue they would loose their salvation and their Gifts would turn into false Miracles of witchcraft. (And he doeth great wonders and deceiveth them. Mark 13:22. False prophet Rev. 13:14. Why Rome will have a little bit of everything in this federation, real miracles, also witchcraft, etc. (That’s why God calls it Mystery Babylon! Rev. 17:5). What a mystery even some good ones are in it. Remember Satan is really cunning! I foresee (a minister) that will be appointed by the World Council of Churches to a high place of Leadership in this nation. It would be similar to our Presidents office. Close to that position ”as a false prophet!” (I will name him before the age closes.) Watch! Rev. 13:13 -II Peter 2:16-20. Now if anything later happens to Oral or Billy, their work along with the people would fall into the hands of the World Council of Churches, because of so much finances involved. (One of these men has already borrowed millions from the World Council of Churches but I don’t feel led to print here which one it is.)

20 – Prophetic Scrolls

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