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Prophetic Scrolls 13

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Future insight – 1968 ushers in a new area of violence, in all history. An Unusual wave of crime will be seen in 1968-69. The murder of unborn infants will increase 50 percent as they want all their time for pleasure and social affairs. Police will be completely baffled. Lawlessness will become so extreme; finally it will force people under a police state and dictatorship in order to be protected. Later this will be used against good people.

Capitol and labor – prophetic scene in 1968-69. Man will now demand shorter hours for more pleasure and double pay. I am shown great unrest and much uprising in the field of Labor as the poor rise up against the rich, antagonized by the Communist. Great struggle, intense, chaotic turbulent events coming. The likes the world has never seen! “Weep and howl oh ye rich men for your miseries have come upon you, for you have gathered nothing for me! The land will be full of bloody crimes and your cities full of violence. Behold saith the Lord I have foretold you in James 5!” Watch the economy in 1971- also between 1974-77 another great a change comes.

Russia plotting – to keep pressure on the U.S.A. – I am shown she is planning new wars for later. And now uprising with world opinion to try and pull or direct the U.S.A. into a 1968 Vietnam halt! Also, to force the U.S.A. to agree on her objectives – Russia will startle the U.S.A. -1968-69 will bring into view new inventions, and scientific achievements. But the U.S.A. in return will invent and discover some super inventions of remarkable skill to surprise the Russians. This will be seen in 1968-69. Also, some dramatic events in outer space. Man will now delve into the electromagnetic and anti-gravity field! Deeper dimensions. This does not mean the war would totally end in 1968.

The year 1968 in prophecy – will be the worst year of calamity and worldwide reign of terror and bloodshed among the nations. With unparalleled perplexity I am told to write these words (Awesome sights and fearful events shall there be in the earth and in heavens -1968. It will be remembered by national and world tragedies! Coupled with universal rebellion and destruction appearing. Some great men will leave the world scene. 1968 will be filled with conflict, strange happenings and fatalistic events. As worldwide desolation begins to come into view.

The supreme god of the universe to intervene – from 1968 on in such a way through mighty signs in the universe and weather conditions, that anyone will be able to see that the lord is trying to get the people’s attention. But because of man’s desire for pleasure he will not turn! “For behold the fool hath said in his heart and uttered out loud that there is no God such as I, Behold I will plague him like Pharaoh of old! Man will not hearken. And in 1968 I will begin to harden his heart. The heavens shall be in rebellion (storms, tornadoes and hurricanes). The earth shall rebel (great earthquakes). The sea and wind in rebellion (tidal waves, typhoons). Man shall rebel one against another, in the nations, saith the Lord. He would not listen. Now man shall turn on one another as doeth the mad dog. I have spoken, and I alone shall bring it to pass! There shall be nothing undone upon the scroll! Watch! World calamity. I am shown that 1968-69 the Lord allows the nation to turn. He says I will give him over to witchcraft, psychic phenomena, the cult religion of the mystics, the false organizations and the forecasters.

Prophecy and president Johnson – what’s ahead in the near future president Johnson will have his worst troubles. Possibly worse than any president has faced in a decade. Some close friends will disagree on his policies and give advice that could cost him the presidency. I am shown that there is only one hope for him to keep the presidency in 1968, it will have to be by divine intervention, or he will not be in the White House much longer. In 1968-69 a change of times for everyone – god draws his elect closer to him with the scrolls, and spirit, as false religions and mystics through Satan pulls the foolish and lukewarm closer to the antichrist system. World and national pressure cause the people to run for protection.” Few to the real Spirit” and many to the false system!

Satan’s last three steps – I am shown all hidden apostate religion, communism, and socialism will start their final three steps for dictator “peace” take over. The next few years ahead will be America’s last freedom as we know it today. Read this carefully”, I see everything will ‘begin to change more than in all American History, as religion and politics begin to join. There is a change coming and by 1973 it will not be the same, nation you have once known. They do all this by promising freedom, (but later) it will be freedom only through church and state. Beautiful America God so marvelously blessed, “For her sight shall grow dim!” I see we gain and lean toward foreign elements instead of God. These same elements will some day destroy the people and freedom. (I am not writing this, but the same hand of God that wrote the handwriting on the wall in Daniel’s day) Mene, mene, tekel, uprising Dan. 5:25. I hear a voice cry! “Thou art weighed in the balances, and the nation found wanting. Thy kingdom is divided, and I shall give it over to another spirit”. (Babylon Spirit- Rev .17). First by peace and deceiving! Then by force and pressure! Then the third step is to kill all who will not take the world mark! (Between 1975-77 I see great changes. The people here then will begin to see what this prophecy means).

Spectacular events-drastic changes for nation and Calif. – 1968-69 will bring costly disaster to the nation and California. Upheavals, also weather-wise and some of the most tragic occurrences, and some terrible calamities! The weather will leave terrifying shock waves and catastrophic storms. (now i see near and far into the future) “before this generation ends” the earth axis change in such away the great lakes will pour out into the Mississippi and outer regions and run clear into the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists will find great land changes taking, place in the U.S.A. Also before this “Generation” ends much of Japan will slide and disappear beneath the sea, as the land changes, also through volcanic eruptions and earthquakes! Behold saith the Lord for my judgment shall come down upon the nations and the earth shall move within its foundation. -1968-69, great flood and severe earthquakes. During this same period, I am shown great tidal waves will come. Later they will discover portions of several southern states are sinking, also entering the Tribulation and farther in the future there will be upheavals in the Arctic, Antarctic and volcanic eruptions in the hot dry zones, as polar shift with a surprising reversal of global climate. Read Psalms 82: 5 – Be not terrified for these things must come -1968-69. The Lord reveals to me the Pope and Ministers of national and world council of churches will now begin to intervene, into world affairs and play an important part in changing the world system. They will intervene in social as well as war problems. Finally, religion (says) they can bring “Peace”. (The sinking part concerning states and great Lakes take place near or in the Tribulation)

Great supernatural lights to appear in the nation – 1968-69 as well as the east and the west coast great lights will appear, but it will not be (satan’s saucers this time) but angels from god warning of the impending terrible judgments of world holocaust that shall visit the nations. Watch! 1968 will be remembered by the most strange and unusual happenings in many years. Luke 21: 11.

The lord speaks boldly – people will become like animals now (for I will give him up and men and women will lead by evil spirits into divers lust!) (Homosexualism and lesbians) The people will so pervert their nature by indulging in weird practices that there will be no remedy but destruction. Soon perversion will be called normal! And normal people will be called abnormal! Now according to the news some ministers are marrying man to man! And woman to woman! Hollywood has just filmed the “FOX” depicting two women loving each other in full passion. I see 1968-69 several nude films are introduced to the public – “Yea for man shall now even do what I have spoken in Lev. 18:23 (Lying with animals) “Read it!” For I shall bring my wrath upon him. I have declared it and I alone hath spoken it. I am the Lord and I lie not. I speak of things to come! Look at the children. Have you not seen madness for man shall now see madness as he has never seen it before! For mans heart is desperately wicked, and shall pass that of the flood. Now I will allow Satan to lead him into utter rebellion and consummate evil. I will not restrain him any longer. (And when ye shall begin to see all this coming to pass, look up for I shall appear suddenly)! ”

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