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Prophetic Scrolls 15 Part 2

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Several house trailers and homes nearby. There were people under the tent, and the tornado hit the tent with all the revenge of Satan. No one was hurt, only a minor incident. This tornado only hit the very section of the town where the Crusade tent was. You could literally see this was Satan’s work. When we arrived where the tent was, The TV cameramen from the TV stations were there and talked to me. Later they showed the pictures on TV news that the giant tent was destroyed. The large newspapers also showed the picture of it. Now if you can imagine how we felt after ministering in nice auditoriums in California. All this seemed like a horrible dream but it was happening. This was not as bad as some things of which due to space cannot be mentioned here. I cannot describe in words the pressure from the spiritual world of which Satan tried me. Satan even appeared and told me to change my message and approach of working miracles. That he would relieve the pressure that was against me. That I had been given over into his hands and that God would not come in time! I had suffered the loss of a child and financially he was taking everything in many other ways. All this was solemn and shocking. But I knew the God of Elijah would come and bring something astounding out of it all! Later it seemed that all men were ready to forsake me, but the angel of the Lord was with me. Now the Lord made a way for us to bring in an expert and fix the tent that they said was destroyed. It was a Miracle! This surprised the papers and the newscasters. We went to Jacksonville Florida in the Civic Center for a few nights while the tent was being put up in Orlando, Florida. Also, many things happened here and every chair was filled in the tent. Then we went to Tampa, Florida. It seemed that the pressure from Satan was lifted for awhile, but I was looking any moment for Satan to try again, as the worst was yet to come. (We will leave out Akron, Ohio – the tent was damaged there also. Unusual snow and rain came as near mutiny set in). But we will tell of the Tampa people who loved the Ministry and every chair was filled. Like the other places so many healings happened in this meeting that it could fill a whole book. “We will take this space to give Jesus the glory”. In Bradenton, Florida we put up the giant tent and the worst storm and rain came with screaming winds and flooded out everything until finally you could not get in the tent –an awesome feeling came all over Florida! The people that worked for me had to stay up every night through the storm to preserve the tent. My staff after seeing so many Miracles and the hand of God move in such a way in other things just didn’t know what to think about the trials and the discouragement that came. The joy and laughter soon left us all as we saw we were confronted with an unscrupulous devil. “I soon knew how Paul felt in Rome when he said only Luke is with me! It was entering the stages of spiritual treason! (If you forsake the master of the ship (Jesus) it is spiritual treason in high places! (death-lost) Some of the staff and people thought maybe that I had disobeyed the Lord in leaving California. (The Lord showed me one poor deluded devil told his wife maybe a curse came). This was not so, but it was because I had obeyed the Lord that all this happened. Many times when you are in the complete will of God (in faith testings) is when Satan tells you, you’re on the wrong path and out of the will of God. But you are actually in the very will of God. When you pass the trial then you prosper and are blessed.



The mighty archangel intervenes – Jesus tells me to put these words here. “But the prince of the kingdom of Persia (Satan) withstood you 11/2 years but, Lo, Michael one of the chief princes (angel) came to help you. “This was indeed an outstanding example of the power of Satan in hindering prayer. God had a message to impart to me and the devil knew it. One of his emissaries, the “Prince of Persia” (Satanic angel) stood between me and the throne room in heaven and my defense could not get through. But Michael, one of the chief angels was sent to clear the way for the prophetic message to come to the elected people -“Thus saith The Lord – Amen!! And through the pressure the anointing of God had become so strong that I was even unable to stay in the same room with my family for very long at a time, it would leave them so weak. Several men that were working for me said anointing became so strong that they were unable to continue with me, it left them in such a faint condition. “Something was about to happen!” I would be able soon to transcend into the spirit and foresee events of the future of such magnitude that it would shake the world! I felt just like Elijah did with all the Miracles happening, I could hardly see why we were tested so hard. But also Elijah found out, God had a people He never dreamed that would be willing and ready to hear such a strong message like Jesus gave me. He prepared a hungry people and the foolish cannot digest the strong anointed message on the scrolls. But the people He gives can! He has a tried people that come forth like gold in the test and fire! Also they will perform wonderfully and receive the anointed message, of rapturing faith! Many are “reporting wonderful healing and prosperity from the scrolls”. Most receive a tremendous anointing! Some have been tried, but Oh! What a blessing is coming as they stay with the message! I knew after the beginning of the fight, I was being trained to bring a message to the Elect. We knew something new was definitely ahead for my Ministry and the people. If we had words to describe all we went through it would be hard to believe, but the Elect believes. Also Jesus is good and will always appear during the struggle. We could tell much more, but we must cut it short. We lost thousands of dollars, but that has been restored for this message, and the people that God gave me have helped me to send literature to multitudes. I will keep these partners’ names in a special place and God will bless them for helping. (Our new baby is wonderful) as I write on the scrolls God is closing out the end of the age. The Bride will experience wonderful blessings, but there will be some tests to keep her in place. It is a message of wisdom and only the wisest will catch it!



The rainbow and the sheep – as you remember at the writing of Daniels revelation on scroll #5 and 8 a huge rainbow appeared and received nationwide publicity. Later “Look” magazine (Dec. 26, 1967, page 23 on their Christmas Story). In the magazine the photographer took a picture of a group of sheep and a beautiful rainbow appeared on the sheep ‘in color and not a cloud in the sky. “The Lord allowed the camera to catch the light this way, thereby leaving a rainbow on the sheep.” And the magazine published it nationwide. A beautiful type of God’s Elect! The rainbow represents the promise of the rapture and revelation of God that is upon the sheep. The sheep in the bible always represents the Christian Elect of God. They are called by promised revelation and Power. Read Rev. 10 -Also, on scroll #13 we mentioned that God would intervene shortly in unusual ways. We will bring this to a close by saying I was nearly exhausted and at collapse, when on my way home an angel of the Lord said it is enough leave him alone that the Lord God may pass over and talk to him! Now we will repeat the experience of what I have released once before in the magazine.



“The immortal experience”, “the pillar of fire” and “the juniper tree” – people have asked me to explain the juniper tree experience. First I just left Canada after visiting and praying with a world famous Evangelist. Afterwards, my tent was destroyed in Baltimore, Maryland. Before this I had been going under the greatest strain of pressure from the devil in my ministry. We could not quite understand it all. Miracles were in every Revival. Something was about to happen! Later after talking to W. V. Grant, we started home. I met Gordon Lindsay in New Mexico. We discussed the Native Church Crusades with him and left. (The next book Gordon Lindsay wrote was (Elijah, The Whirlwind Prophet!) I am not Elijah. It was a providential act these men were connected to the experience, is why I named them. Then while crossing Arizona to California it happened! A remarkable experience! A Juniper type tree. I got under it in prayer. I was in the presence of (The Pillar of Fire) Jesus definitely spoke to me. I was reminded of the prophet Elijah and his hour of trial! The Lord said. He was going to give me a Special Group of partners to stand with this ministry. “The Elijah Company” (Symbolic) A blessing was coming on the ministry and on them! Now everything He has spoken has come to pass. I will never forget this experience as long as I live on this earth or in heaven. We know this came to pass and since, have written the scrolls as a witness”. I know I could be tried again, but I look for the mark. I shoot for the prize of the high calling. My Eternal Resting Place! The incomparable heaven! (Jesus) -The first part of Brother Frisbys Life Story can be read or ordered in the book “Creative Miracles.” (The people who have and read the scrolls will be a chosen people).

015 Part 2 – Prophetic Scrolls

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