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Prophetic Scrolls 11 part 2

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby | Events given 1960-1966 (Released 1967

“I will Restore saith the Lord”! Joel 2:25 Events Given 1960-1966 (Released 1967)

Trouble for the FBI – in Florida-Castro refugee spies – the FBI will soon discover Castro sent the Cubans over to Florida not (all) were refugees. But among the defectors were saboteurs and spies to watch the progress of the rocket bases and the secrets concerning space progress and flight. And to give the secrets to Russia. A spying espionage will come to light in Florida.

The devils greatest hoax – the lord shows me to trap many Pentecostals, satan devised a clever snare during this revival. During the outpouring many Catholics and nominals came over among the wheat (true believer) and some received the Holy Ghost, but others received nothing and are a counterfeit. Satan has to become just like the real thing in order to deceive the foolish. They are part of and have fellowship among our Pentecostal Organizations today. The counterfeit ones are what helps to persuade and convince many of the Pentecostal Leaders into joining the World Protestant movement. More will pretend to be filled with the Spirit as Satan leads them, but Satan will not fool the Wise. Although tongues are for a sign, and wonderful the Wise won’t go for tongues alone, but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God – Amen! Satan does this to convince them to go into the confederation, but the bride will not be deceived “Thus saith the Lord!” Gods Bride Revival will be outside the Confederation. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I speak this,

The appearance of the fallen angel with Catholicism – from 1968 on-Catholicism will utterly catch on fire with it’s growth. (The first Scroll released, showed a world union into Catholicism). At this writing Pope Paul is meeting with the Leader of 200,000,000- Eastern Orthodox Catholics to unite. It will happen soon! It will spread as the most popular religion of the world. Its growth will now take on unbelievable proportions. It will rule politics directly and indirectly no matter who is voted in. I foresee America foster it and build it up in various ways like, T.V., radio and paper advertising. The headlines will be on the Pope and U.SA. Churches often. The greatest religious spirit will come on the people the world has ever seen. Unbridled sin and pleasure orgies will appear right along with it. But it will not be a Christian Spirit. Catholicism is taking America indirectly and now directly. (Behold i the lord hath spoken. And it will come to pass! I have spoken and the people would not hearken. Now they will hear another, for he cometh as an angel of light, and when the people receiveth the lie, behold he will change into the satanic beast. Rev. 13: 3). The Lord told me the body Satan will enter in, to become the beast is on earth now and will be revealed soon. Many Bible preaching organizations will join the world Protestant System with the idea that they are ripe for Revival, and are hungry for the , Holy Spirit, but they will be trapped like Lot. Jesus says – Come out from among them! Rev. 18:4- They are saying lets go in. The Christian Organizations are trying to do what God could not. Rev. 3: 15. A trap has been devised for the foolish. Read Rev. 12:9-13 and l7. (He that hath an ear to hear let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches!)

Will God allow some earthquakes to open some graves, so some saints can walk among the bride at “rapture time?” – The foolish won’t see this, neither will the world. Now I want you to read this real closely – I can only write what I thought. Let the reader discern for himself. One night I was sitting in my chair praying, thinking on the last things God would do for His Bride just (about rapture) time and a heavy anointing moved upon and within me. Jesus said I will do the exact things I done for the early church. Here is one of the things I had been thinking about. After Jesus was resurrected, the graves opened in the Holy City, and the Saints appeared unto many believers. Matt. 27:51-53. This happened probably 40 days before he ascended. The world and the foolish saw nothing, but it convinced about 500, 1 Cor.15: 6 who watched Him go back into Heaven. This could happen in our church age. Some could walk among the Bride from every part of the world (To only His Chosen Bride). The foolish would not believe the report but the Elect would. Something happens besides Miracles to make the Bride ready. I know the Scripture says (It is appointed unto man once to die, then the judgment.) But the Bride doesn’t come under judgment. The saints seen are part of the Bride! The Scripture also says (Though one came back from the dead the world would not believe). But He said His Bride would believe all things that happened in the Early Church! I also know many of the Bride in this last Revival coming will get a future glimpse of heaven, and see visions of loved ones who have passed on, and report it to the audience. This has happened several times with people and children in my audience already after Prayer. Jesus told me some incredible and exciting things are in store for the Bride at the end. Remember He will reveal Himself to His own, But the foolish and the world will laugh their way into destruction.

Great revival in the west – i was shown from the lord somewhere in the west a great moving of his spirit will take place. People will travel from allover the country into this place. Miracles of Creations will take place, the dead will be raised in certain cases. At this time everyone that approaches will be healed, that He has drawn by His Spirit Fantastic. NO! The Bible says He at one time healed them all! He healed every one of them! The Elect has waited 6,000 years for this one. The strongest anointing of all time appears on the Elect. This will occur or is connected to about the time California slips into the sea. He saves the best for the last.

The pillar of fire and the bride – (we know every eye of the world shall see him after the tribulation) Jesus said the church would not know the day nor the hour of the secret rapture. But He did not say that we would not know the year or the season. The Lord will not tell us the exact day, the Scripture says but to the Bride at harvest time He will tell the season.- Why? So the Bride (Church) can make herself ready! For the Marriage Supper! How? Watch First the Bridegroom (Jesus) elects her because she takes only His Name and Word. Then she rejoices when the general time (season) is given! And as she the (Bride) nears the time (season) given she begins to make herself ready. Somewhere on the Scroll now or later the secret season is revealed!! Now the Pillar of Fire that Moses saw will settle completely on the Elect at harvest time for a separation to reveal His fullness and the closeness of His coming. When the Word (Jesus) and the Bride becomes one (unite together). Then the Bride is headed for a spiritual climax! Also the rapture takes place for the marriage supper. The soft blue light. Pictures have been taken of a soft blue light resting near Brother Frisby as He prays for Miracles. Paul saw this same light. The audience of reputable people have witnessed this also – and the spirit and the bride say come and let him that heareth come! And he which testifyeth of these things (saith surely i come quickly!) Even so come Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all. Rev. 22: 17 .

011 – Prophetic Scrolls Part 2

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