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Prophetic Scrolls 12

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby | Events given 1960-1966 (Released 1967

Two new russian inventions – (orbital) foreseen and revealed by 1970 – it can release atomic bombs from outer space. Also, they have a new satellite weapon that can paralyze our defense, and knock out electrical power. The U.S.A. Attitude will change later toward Russia. The U.S.A. and Russia will eventually come together in a union, but it will be false on Russia’s part. Then when America is completely drunk on sin, Russia will scorch the U.S.A. with atomic, warfare. I see missiles aimed at us right now from Cuba. Russia signed an agreement with the U.S.A. not to put atomic weapons in outer space, but Russia had already put satellites over the U.S.A. with warheads. At the right time she will show her hand. I feel this is one reason world holocaust leads all into one world government, with no alternative.

The prophetic vision – I see powerful Rome and apostate churches bear pressure on the government to do her bidding and request as they control much wealth of the nation. You will see this begin in 1968 and grow stronger into the 70s, uniting with state backing to exert even more pressure on the children of God. Many Bible preaching Organizations will be deceived and forced to go along with them. (The Elect will not go) The foolish virgins and Organizations that are dead will follow the (golden angel of light system) to receive honor, glory and money organized into Rome. The false church will sell out for gain, into the political world church. (Even as Judas left Christ for money) the Pentecostal Organizations will be invited in, as well as Billy Graham and Oral Roberts. They will be going straight toward the antichrist system (I love these two men’s Ministries greatly) God has appointed how far these two angelic Ministries will go. Remember the two angels messages to Sodom. Gen 19:1 Before complete pressure is brought against the Bride she is raptured. God will hold back the elect through the Scrolls. They will be blessed, not by mans system, but the uttermost spirit of God, as they ready for His appearing. God tells me the Scrolls will be as important to our age as Apostle Paul’s were to the early church. The world beast powers are uniting together even as Jesus brings His Elect together. The paper money will be called and changed to world currency (or credit) as the mark is given. The Jews will agree along with this clever devised plan. The Jews control property and Wall Street. Rome will drain the world of its gold (reserves). The World Council of churches will be connected to Rome and the harlot of Rev. 17 controls the world. People left after the rapture will not be able to work or eat without a mark. I see my message will be greatly received by the Saints of God, but the foolish and world will reject it. But Jesus tells me (Be of good cheer as I stood with Paul, I will stand with you!) So as I write the spirit of the Almighty overshadows me, my soul is set on fire for Gods people!

The supreme court – the spirit shows me the court will pass laws that look good, but will change our society as we know it. As apostate Religion and Communism will make known their will through the Supreme Court. The Court will work right with dictatorship until Satan has every man in place, so he can take the U.S.A. to one world church and government, united under one diabolical head. (Watch! Saith the Lord, lest you fall in line with the antichrist to make a better world without my spirit, my hand is on the nation, but I will lift it and the American people will move towards the trap.) Their plans look good, and to many it will look beautiful and like peace has come. But the people fall in complete horror and war. They gain control by using “Peace” as bait. The Supreme Court will blend into church and state. (There is money and liberty but under church and state terms)

The promotion of civil war – (black power riots, teenage sin and lawlessness) is what apostate religion and communism has waited for. They will promise the people peace from violence by telling all to come together for strength. Those that disagree will be an enemy of the state. The riots will divide the nation into a civil war. This satanic influence will bring in a forced policed state. People will go along with this dictatorship in order to have “peace” from the uproar. It will destroy the constitutional government in order to control local violences. Negros are not doing this, but the agitators.

Sodomite hippies, LSD and the birth of monsters – the hippie orgies are covering our cities like locust. This precedes and is a forerunner to the antichrist and “worse things to come”. A broadcasting company went in to film scenes, taking place among the youth, but was so shocking they could not be shown to the public. The man said they rent a large room or if it’s on the outside several hundred attend in the evening, on the beaches or in the woods. They burn incense and play seductive music under LSD sex drugs and marijuana. As the tempo of the music builds the drugs intensifies a perverted lust that only Satan can give. Then they undress in front of one another, drunk on pleasure and dope with the beat of the rhythm, they get in one mental accord. This finally sends them into a wild frenzy, in which they fall nude to the floor together satanically enter a nude ecstasy of sex on a mass scale. The LSD creates a Satanic lust each has changed partners several times completing a mass orgy. (Now worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.) This vile abomination helps lead to California’s catastrophic earthquake. (Watch the news) Now God shows me a curse shall come. Young teenagers under the influence of modern drugs will produce babies which will be deformed monsters. With grotesque and appearance of hideous nature. “Thus saith the Lord, their sins have reached the highest heaven. They shall now reap what they have sown, for my voice alone hath declared it!! Turn back America! The earth shall tremble, it shall rock, for I will cause San Francisco and Los Angeles to disappear beneath the sea. If Sodom had seen the Miracles I sent unto thee, they would have repented! I foresee also some children will be born premature at only 3 or 4 months, and many shall live probably because of the way modern food and animals are raised, quick for market. The Lord shows me some children will learn to talk before a year old, for a sign of the Lords coming. This happens soon and shall increase before the end.

The animal kingdom – the wild beast of the earth will begin to migrate and change their natural habitation, they know by instinct that great earthquakes and atomic destruction plus climatic changes are corning. God will lead many to a place of refuge. Before the flood God saved many animals! The animals obeyed Noah, but the people laughed. The animals will hear the Almighty, but the people will do nothing but mock their way into atomic destruction. Their peace will be but a lie.

The date 1970 – will it be war? – The Lord shows me that on this date a world shaking event will take place. An event in war or a crisis to do with an upcoming war. Also, about this time the world through a ghastly fear of atomic annihilation will be forced to merge together. World state and church organization ending in Armageddon. Atomic horror forces them together. Watch it could also be the announcement of the Communists to blow the U.S.A. to pieces unless we join them on their terms, threatening space war with atomic satellites over U.S.A. (I feel the Anti-christ will appear by 1973 or 76-will begin to show at least his body appearance which later Satan enters. The church could almost leave at any time now! The prophet and 7 thunders Rev. 10 and etc. The Lord is showing us something in Rev. using 7 at every important point. 7 means perfection and fulfillment. 7 Angels, 7 churches, 7 thunders, 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets. 7 stars, 7 plagues, etc. We can safely say it looks like He is pointing to the ending of things. Early or late 70s. Number 8 means the beginning of new things. However, if it goes past the 80’s it will all totally end by 1986, AMEN! But I really feel the 70’s will tell the complete story of the end. The dates on Scrolls 5 and 8 will either be the starting of two vital points that lead to the end, or the dates are just after rapture time. However the rapture could take place between now and 1973 and still leave the rest of the dates for the Tribulation. The first 7 yrs. of the 70’s should find the Elect ready for Christ. The last half should lead to Armageddon. Noah went into the Ark in the 7’s, Gen. 7:1 and 7, WATCH!

012 – Prophetic Scrolls

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