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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 103

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In this script ‘we will study prophecy and prophecy fulfilling. First let us review first paragraph of Scroll #85!” — The electrifying and explosive 80’s“There will be a world revolution in the 80’s preceding the coming of the anti-christ! Civil uprisings will appear, plus new wars as we progress further up in the 80’s. — “Already we witness that part of this is occurring. We definitely saw civil uprisings in Poland, in the Middle East and in South America where it even led to a war with England! — We could name various other places, but we see already, with parts fulfilling, with yet many more events to transpire!’’ — ‘‘Plus even before the mid 80’s the United States government will go through revolutionary change and the government will be restructured, this I see by the prophetic gift.” Note: “This, we can easily see, is occurring with prophetic accuracy. Pres. Reagan has restructured the whole government! And, just exactly as was stated, it went through a revolutionary change in our system!”— “Also the economy sank into an inflationary depression as was predicted! — Evidently many more changes are coming with more fulfillment concerning the above prophecies!”

Continuing from first paragraph — Next — “Also a different type president will arise (later 80’s)!” — “My opinion is that before this we will have another tragedy concerning a president!” — “Of course this was written before the attempted assassination and wounding of Pres. Reagan! And, as we said in my Crossing Signs book, something different in the assassination cycles in the early 80’s would take place! — It certainly did; he was the first president to survive in such manner concerning these 20-year cycles since they started in 1840! — “Now concerning a different type president to come, this is speaking in the later 80’s. Should the president now be defeated or not run, we could have another president in office, even before the later one that I mentioned! Of course much can occur in the next few years. So watch!”

Continuing prophecy fulfilling “Also approaching 1985 another new era of change, the United States and the people will be taking a new direction. It will be developments concerning the economy, the way people are thinking and also the way the United States does business and a multitude of other things!” — “Already we can begin to see that change developing! — Congress has been working on a new Social Security plan . . . Our leaders now are trying to lay a foundation down for a turn—around in our economy and to bring back prosperity — After this inflationary depression the United States will take on many new ways concerning banking, credit and overseas trade. Also there will be dramatic changes in the work force in the U.S.A. in the way that work shifts are made up!” — “In a few years people’s minds and attitudes will totally change in a new direction in their thinking! — The seeds for expecting a world leader are being sown! — And also different immorals, and new things concerning television, etc. — This subject is so varied that we will touch on it later; for we are definitely in store for some dramatic events!”

Prophecy fulfilling continuing — “This is my opinion but somewhere in the later 80’s they will begin on a new highway system, and the emergence of electric or computer type cars will come into being plus everything will be controlled by a new age of computers and electronics!” — “Since this writing science is developing a new type of car that can be guided by such means! — They are now waiting for a new highway system and funds for such a program in the future!” — “Concerning a new age of electronics and robots more is fulfilling. — Today they have some robots that are not made like humans, and they are already selling them for household chores!” But according to a news magazine, Japan has developed robots that ‘look just like humans,’ that male or female can live with, talk to and have intercourse with. — They are all-equipped for whatever use the person desires! — Even their covering is like human skin! — It seems that science is approaching the age of no return, and other science leading to total destruction of the nations! — Perhaps in another article we will print the whole magazine subject on it as it does reveal many new developments in electronics, computers, etc.”

Events fulfilling and coming“Also during the 80’s there will be banking problems!” — “The economic woes I predicted have already taken some of their toll, but out of all this will come forth a new system of credit and business, and then later it will eventually lead to a new computerized money system that will work its way into the mark of the beast! (Rev. 13:15—18) All transactions will evidently be by electronics! ‘(verse 13) ‘‘A super dictator will rise out of the revised Roman Empire! The United States will merge into this system!’ – Even since this was written the economic condition has severely worsened – And we are going through an inflationary depression that we predicted many years ago that would occur! And there have definitely been banking problems! — Concerning the rest of this, the anti-christ, etc., it will all appear in its proper time! — Concerning this whole paragraph of Scroll #85, there is yet much more, yea, a tremendous amount to take place in the future as prophecy will certainly march on!”

Let us also discuss events written in my letter Nov. 1981— Here is a prophetic forecast of locations to watch as the world takes another look concerning events to come! — In the night visions to me was revealed a map that took in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia! — The water became blood red from the Arabian Sea towards Asia then down to the horn of Africa into the Indian Ocean and flowing upward into the Persian Gulf, also into the Red Sea!” — “After this was written, Egypt’s Sadat was assassinated. Also there were bloody uprisings and new wars in the Middle East! — More on this in a moment. The rest concerning the map is yet to take place in various parts of the world! — Before we leave this subject the Arabian Empire is building a strong military complex in the Middle East using the United States technology and weapons!— This can only build up tensions and wars in the Middle East leading to the final cataclysmic battle of Armageddon!” — “Israel is also building up an arsenal of destructive inventions!” — “Later the anti-christ will have all of this under his control, for he will be a super prince to the Arabs, and a false messiah to the Jews! — And by the push of an electronic button he can set the world aflame in the final moments of the Tribulation, as the Lord Jesus intervenes for his people! — (Zech. 14)

Let us continue with another part of the letter where it says trouble and violence are coming to the Middle East and Mediterranean area!” — ‘Preceding the coming of the anti-christ, explosive occurrences will take place in Turkey, Persia (Iran) and in Egypt!” — Also Syria, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia will be involved in coming events! — With these severe jolts, wars, rebellion and uprisings will appear the ‘false prince’ of peace!— Some of these above events that we spoke about will take place by the middle 80’s and the major part of the events will take place after the middle 80’s! “In other words some will occur just before Halley’s Comet (March 1986) and other events will follow after the Comet‘s appearance!” Because the final half of what I saw was a meteoric-like fireball shooting across Africa and the Mediterranean nations! — Also in another section of the world probably the Southeast Asian conflicts will start before this or by the mid 80’s“ — “Concerning the top part of the paragraph we saw the war directly in the Mediterranean area concerning Lebanon and Israel where the cities were destroyed and many people died! And even after it was over, 1,000 were killed in a bloody massacre, all of this fulfilling prophecy written in advance! — Also Syria was involved and lost 100 war planes! — In the later 80’s there will be more revolts and wars in the whole Middle East areas! — We are only seeing a partial fulfillment. – Concerning the rest of the events listed, they will be occurring in their time and place in the years ahead!”

Update on prophecy fulfilling — “There has been a swarm of earthquakes in California and the northwest. — Also new volcanoes have been erupting in various parts of the world again! — Plus our air streams and weather patterns are changing erratically!” — “We see devastating floods on the one hand, and severe drought and famine on the other hand! — And before the ending of the 80’s we will have some of the greatest quakes ever recorded. plus floods famine and droughts that so far have not been seen in a life time!— Many of these things are forerunning the coming of Halley’s Comet in 1986-87, with the other major events growing worse afterwards! — After the appearance of this well known comet the world will enter into its final season of some of the last events that will be leading up to the anti-christ and finally the battle of Armageddon! — And I can well say awesome events will be coming to the forefront during this time!” — “And then following in the wake of all of this it won’t be long until the black horse of terror, chaos and famine begins to leave his mark across the earth! Yes, the four horses of woe are coming nearer!” (Rev. 6)

An update — Prophecy concerning delusive music! — “In the earliest Scripts we wrote about where music was headed, and the dangers of it concerning the youth! — It is at a vital time now that we should review it. But first we must say that good gospel music with the proper words is very uplifting!” — “The Lord instructs His people to sing spiritual songs for peace of mind and soul! (Read Eph. 5:18-19) — But on the other hand the hard rock music of the world today influences the people to open themselves to demonic spirits that destroy the body and even the soul! — Much of it uses luring vulgar words.” — “Concerning the origin of this seductive music a magazine article quotes from a research book and says: “All one needs to do is to make a trip to the places where it has its roots (Africa, South America and India) and observe the ceremonies which often go along with this kind of music — voodoo rituals, sex orgies, human sacrifice and devil worship “this reveals the direction in which we as a nation are headed!” — (end quote) — Finally a sodomite sound — “In Dan. chap. 3, depicts where music was actually used as an agent of an anti-christ type when Nebuchadnezzar built an image of either himself or his idol god. And he decreed everyone in the kingdom to fall down and worship it as God. — And six different instruments were played. (Notice the 6’s.) The music cast an hypnotic spell upon them to worship a false god! — Right now the music is preparing and forming for the coming of the beast anti-christ!” — (Continued on later script.)

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