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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 102

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This is absolutely not written to be a doctrine of any kind, but to review different viewpoints concerning a puzzling mystery. — Whatever the complete occurrence, God holds the total secret. But something ominous and mysterious took place evidently, besides just crossing of the blood lines’ One of the main facts and the chief cause of the flood was that the godly line of Seth compromised, mingled and crossed with the line of Cain and no longer had a testimony, joining the ranks of the wicked Cain seed allowing the whole earth to become corrupt! — My opinion is, out of this crossing (offspring) something else could have begun. For instance some type of fallen ‘earth angels’ or watchers could have mingled and brought forth the giants (12 to 15 feet tall). A real genetic chaos may have occurred this way bringing great apostasy!” In other words, two different things may well have happened’ Now in the following paragraphs we will give various opinions and translations of other late and renown ministers. . . . So we will let the reader draw his or her own conclusion of the revelation!”

Gen. 6:2,4 — “in order to understand the significance of the events leading up to the flood it is imperative to consider the meaning of a passage of scripture which is probably the most controversial in the entire Bible. We will therefore quote from Clarence Larkin’s book which some believe presents the strongest case for this position. — And he says, and we quote: ‘in the midst of this godless civilization a startling event occurred. The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose. And there were giants in the earth in those days and also after that when the sons of God came auto the daughter’s and they bare children to them.

“The polygamous relation was not just between the ‘sons of Seth’ and the ‘daughters of Cain,’ an amalgamation of the godly and wicked people of that day, as some suppose, but it has a far deeper meaning. The expression ‘daughters of men’ includes the daughters of Seth as well as the daughters of Cain, hence the expression ‘sons of God’ must mean beings different from the human race.

“The title ‘sons of God’ has not the same meaning in the Old Testament that it has in the New. In the New Testament it applies to those who have become the ‘Sons of God’ by the New Birth. In the Old Testament it applies to the angels, and is so used five times. Twice in Genesis (Gen. 6:2-4), and three times in Job (Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7). A ‘son of God’ denotes a being brought into existence by a creative act of God. Such were the angels, and such was Adam, and he is so called in Luke 3:38. But Adam’s natural descendants are not the special creation of God. Adam was created in the ‘likeness of God’ (Gen. 5:1), but his descendants were born in his likeness, for we read in Gen. 5:3, that Adam ‘begat a son in his own likeness, after his image.’ Therefore, all men born of Adam and his descendants by natural generation are the ‘sons of men,’ and it is only by being ‘born again’ (John 3:3-7), which is a ‘new creation,’ that they can become the ‘sons of God’ in the New Testament sense.

“Now the ‘sons of God’ of Gen. 6:2, 4, could not be the ‘sons of Seth,’ as some claim, because the ‘sons of Seth’ were only men, and could only be called ‘sons of men,’ not ‘sons of God.’ This proves beyond question that the ‘sons of God’ of Gen. 6:2, 4, were angels, and not godly descendants of Seth.

‘‘However much we may question the possibility of intercourse between angels and human beings, this account in Genesis seems to teach it. We have only to turn to the Epistles of Peter and Jude for confirmation.

God spared not the angels that sinned – but cast them down to hell (Tartarus) and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment. (II Peter 2:4)

The angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains in darkness unto the judgment of the great clay.’ (Jude 6-7)

“The angels here mentioned cannot be Satan’s angels, for his angels are ‘free.’ They are not ‘reserved in everlasting chains in darkness,’ but are to be cast into the ‘Lake of Fire’ (Gehenna), prepared for the devil and his angels, when he is cast in. (Matt. 25:41) These angels then must be a special class of angels, condemned for some particular sin, and when we read the context to these passages the character of that sin is evident.

“It was the sin of ‘fornication and going after strange flesh.’ (Jude 7) The ‘time’ of the sin is given as just before the flood. (2 Pet. 2:5)

“The Scriptures clearly teach that angels can assume fleshly bodies and eat and drink with men. (Gen. 18:1-8) So the difficulty vanishes when we see that the ‘sons of God’ assumed human bodies and, as men, married the ‘daughters of men.’ — [ C. Larkin mentioned Cherubims in the next paragraph, but it may have not been those type Cherubims at all. — Also the fallen watchers may have thought to get back into heaven via the flesh seed because of the Messiah promise or thou ht to pervert the seed of the woman from bringing forth the true seed to the Messiah! (Gen 3:15) What the ‘first estate’ was that they lost, we do not know. They may have been some of the angels who had already left their ‘first estate’ of holiness and subjection to God, to follow the lead of Satan. But we must not forget that, as far as we know, the Garden of Eden was not destroyed until the Flood, and as the descendants of Adam doubtless lived in the vicinity, the ‘heavenly Watchers,’ or keepers of the Garden, the ‘sons of God’ (Cherubims) (Gen. 3:24), would, from time to time, see the ‘daughters of men,’ and that they left their own ‘habitation’ (the Garden) and mingled with the ‘daughters of men,’ thus going after ‘strange flesh,’ and thus losing their ‘first estate’ as angelic beings and guardians of the Garden . . . [changed to physical].

Another argument for the support of this view is the fact that the progeny of this union was a race of giants, ‘mighty men,’ ‘men of renown.’ (Gen. 6:4) Now the ‘godly descendants’ of men have married ‘ungodly women,’ but their offspring have never been such ‘monstrosities’ as the offspring of the ‘sons of God’ and the ‘daughters of men’ of Noah’s day. The word translated ‘giant’ means the ‘fallen ones,’ the ‘Nephilim.’ It is clear that those ‘mighty men’ and ‘men of renown,’ were not the ordinary offspring of the daughters of men, else why did they not appear before? The ‘sons of Seth’ and the ‘daughters of Cain’ had doubtless often intermarried before this, but there were no such children born to them. In this irruption of angelic beings into the world of men, we have the source of origin whence the classic writers of antiquity obtained their notions concerning the loves of the gods and demi-gods, and the legends of beings half human and half Divine.

“These angels who lost their ‘first estate’ are the ‘spirits in prison’ of whom Peter speaks in I Pet. 3:19-20.

“The outcome of this invasion of the earth by the ‘denizens [of the air’ was the Flood, by which the contour and elevation of the Antediluvian Earth was changed, thus wiping out the Garden of Eden. This brought to an end the ‘Antediluvian Age.’ “(End quote) . . . One must admit C. Larkin has given a very good viewpoint.

The Nephilim — Also writers such as Pember and Bullinger claim that the Nephilim were the offspring of fallen angels and women! Dr. Bullinger says.’ “Their progeny, called Nephilim, were monsters of iniquity, and being superhuman in size and character, had to be destroyed!’’ Note: ‘‘Another reason … The rebellious earth angels saw woman and sought to use her for the bringing forth of a satanic race to take over the earth!” [Note: “After the fall of Satan these earth angels (watchers), by desiring to have women, God could have allowed them to change to some form of flesh also. In disobedience if one wants to do something bad enough it seems that God will make a way unto their destruction!”] — Quote: “We know that the sin of the angels was sexual fornication with women. Jude tells it very plainly and without any qualification at all by reading verses 6 and 7. “— Dr. Wuest said concerning this, and we quote: In like manner to these (the angels), have given themselves over to fornication and having gone after strange flesh. — That means that sin of the fallen angels was fornication! — This sin on the part of the angels is described in the words, ‘going after strange flesh. ‘The word ‘strange’ is heteros, ‘another of a different kind. ‘That is, these angels transgressed the limits of their own natures to invade a realm of created beings of a different nature! — This invasion took the form of fornication, a cohabitation with beings of a different nature from theirs. — This takes us back to Gen. 6.1-4, ‘where we have the account of the sons of God (here, fallen angels), cohabiting with women of the human race. ‘— Thus the great apostasy!”

And now from the moffatt’s Bible translation we quote — Gen. 6:1-4, “Now when men began to multiply over all the world and had daughters born to them, the angels noticed that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any one of them that they chose! — (It was in these days that the Nephilim giants arose on earth, as well as afterwards, whenever angels had intercourse with the daughters of men and had children born to them; these were the heroes who were famous in the days of old!)” — “And now from the Tyndale Publishers Translation of Gen. 6, we quote: ‘Now a population explosion took place upon the earth! It was at this time that beings from the spirit world looked upon the beautiful earth women and took any they desired to be their wives! — In those days, and even afterwards, when the evil beings from the spirit world were sexually involved with human women, their children became giants, of whom so many legends are told!” (end quote) — “We must say there are some very good revelations given by others herein, but there is one thing for certain that we do know occurred for sure and that is the Godly line of ‘Seth’ gave up the Word of God and intermingled with the ungodly Cain seed, thereby producing an evil apostasy leading to the catastrophic flood!” — “And what we do not understand the best is that we will leave it in the hands of the Lord Jesus!” — “Also for more information read latter part of Scroll #99 and Scroll #101.”

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