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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 104

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The life and prophecies of Nostradamus — “He wrote his predictions in five different languages, using anagrams and symbols, etc. He was a French-Jew. — His prophecies were given over 400 years ago; and we will only consider the ones of our age. And I have chosen the ones that match the Bible or are similar to the Scrolls.” — “In Europe where he lived there have been many different books written interpreting his work and various ones misinterpreting what he meant and his life and belief — We cannot confirm that he was in the perfect will of God, but no doubt was in the permissible will of God. — Remember there was very little gospel light in the age that he lived in” (the year 1500). He will be judged according to the light given in that age! — And he tells us why he couched his writings during the dark ages. — And he says (quote) — “Although I have foretold long before what has afterwards come to pass and acknowledge all to have been done by divine virtue and inspiration. I was willing to hold my peace of the reason of the injury; because to put them in writing the kingdoms and regions and those of present reign, sect, religion and faith would find it so disagreeing with their fancies that they would condemn that which future ages shall find and know to be true . . For this reason I have withheld my pen from paper, but afterwards for the common good I was willing to write in dark and abstruse sentences, declaring the future events the most urgent which I foresaw: and would not offend the hearer, all under dark figures. He stated in his declaration letter and epistle to King Henry II that he made many prophecies for every generation. Some of the first not important, but in their fulfillment the people at the end of the age would take heed to the last ones of warning and be prepared for the time of Great Tribulation.” “Some say he was on the order of an ancient magi not using astrology, but prophetic astronomy!” (Luke 21:25) — “He received visions and instructions by voice also.” — To understand all concerning this and his other prophecies you must receive the May, 1983 letter; it will certainly clarify more. — Continuing from that letter in next paragraph.

Nostradamus “saw him in an iron fish (submarine) planning war! — He saw him enter Europe wearing a blue turban and then return to his place. — The rest of this is not clear, but before the end of the century he predicted that China would absorb northern Russian and Scandinavia. — He saw Russia and some Arabs would attack Western Europe including West Germany and Paris would be destroyed! — This may mean Ezek. 38.5 for some Arabs are mentioned with Russia! — He said China would be involved in the apocalypse with all nations in the last war until the whole earth is nearly undone in fiery holocaust and bloodshed! — Then he says the Lord will renew the earth in a time of peace. He predicted all of this would happen ‘before’ the year 2000!” — “We must warn that he didn’t know all the exact directions that the war was coming from, but he had many of the same facts that the Bible states!” — “But it gives a good viewpoint as we watch the scriptures!’’

The iron fish and important dates — “When weapons and documents are enclosed in a fish (submarine) out of it will come a man who then will make war! (He watches in the sea (a greedy dog.) His fleet will appear near the shore of the Mediterranean!” — “Evidently atomic missiles are enclosed!” — “He gives a strange planetary conjunction at that time (1996). — He gives two more earlier dates, 1993 and 1995. — Also scientists and I myself have written strange and remarkable conjunctions will take place at that time!” (Luke 21:25) — “This could be in the midst of the Tribulation or even nearing the end of it, or concerning the mark! As you know the ‘elect church’ leaves earlier than the Armageddon battle!”… More in a moment. “Nostradamus calls the anti-christ the terror of mankind, no more horror, cruel inhuman heart, mercy to none — blood will pour!” — “His actual influence will start long before the dates above!” — He continues, “at the head of Aries (Ram) Jupiter, (evening star) conjuncts with Saturn (death and woe)!” — “He says, O Eternal God, what changes! — Then the bad times return again!” “In 1702 this conjunction occurred concerning the war of Spanish Succession. And then, in 1802, France was embroiled and Napoleon was declared more power!” — “Now these lights ‘meet again’ in 1995! — He says, what changes!

Besides drought and famine — “He foresaw catastrophic flooding in the cities! Probably because of huge meteors (asteroids) striking in the sea! (Rev. 8:8) — Probably during the late 80’s or 90’s! — The sea reaches over its borders like California did recently! His prophecies concerning dreaded famine! — He uses symbolism.” — “A scythe joined with a pond in Sagittarius at its highest ascendant; plague, famine, death from military hands; the century approaching renewal … (90’s)!” – His prophetic quatrain reads, The call of the unwanted bird being heard on the chimney stack; behind bushels of wheat will rise so high that man will devour his fellow man! – The unwanted bird (owl) omen of famine! He again says, the great famine which I sense approaching will turn one way and then another, becoming worldwide!’. . . So vast and long lasting they will grab roots from the trees and children from the breast! — Here we see the riding of the four horses of the apocalypse! (Rev. 6:5-8) Cannibalism, mark has been issued! (Deut. 28:53-57) — “He gives the beginning of this great famine when the Comet shall appear (Halley’s 1986-87 — Kohoutek 1988) in another place.” — “In the sky will be seen a fire dragging a trail of sparks, this part could be another comet in the 90’s!” — “He says after a great misery for mankind even a greater approaches before the great cycle of the centuries is renewed! — It will rain blood, milk (ashes), famine, war and disease!” — These Scriptures could apply — Rev. 6:5-8, Rev, chap. 16. Rev.18:8-10. Disease (radiation and atomic missiles) Joel 2:30. — He goes on to say, “One day the two great leaders will be friends; their great power will be seen to grow. The new land will be at the height of its power, to the man of blood the number is reported.” — “This compares to the seal of doom.” (Rev. 13:13-18) — “What the Jewish predictor seems to be saying is that all of these troubles increase after 1986-87 and come to a conclusion at some point in the 90’s with a cataclysmic destruction of mankind!” — “Jesus’ return is soon. Oh the 80’s is harvest time!”

The Anti-christ very soon annihilates the three, the unbelievers are dead, captive, exile; with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth! (Rev. 8. 7, Rev. 16:21, Rev. 14:20, Jer. 25:33) — “He also describes the reign of the anti-christ, the invasion of the Middle East by Russia! — Dan. 11.40-45., “gives a description of the direction of this battle!”

An important prophecy — “He says, at some point during the 90’s in the ‘7th month’ — from the sky will come the great King of Terror (Satan)! — He will revive to life the great King of Mongols before and after war reigns happily! This concerns Rev. 16:12-15.” — “The only way that war can reign happily is that Israel is set free from their tormentors and enters the Jubilee millennium!” (Ezek. 39: 12-19, Zech. 14: 12-16) — “The king of Mongols would be China and Orientals crossing the Euphrates! — With this prophecy he says it brings in the conclusion of the age!” — “He also said Israel would finally triumph over the Barbarians. He evidently meant the Arabs and Russian hordes!”

The interesting prophecy — He says “The gods. . . (Rev. 16), ‘three unclean spirits’ (frogs) . . . will make it appear to mankind that they are the authors of a great war! — Before the sky was seen to be free of weapons and rockets: the greatest damage will be inflicted on the left! — The sky being free of weapons and rockets means a false peace treaty, ‘then war!’ (Rev. 6:2, Dan. 9:27) — He actually saw atomic missiles (rockets). And he saw the world receiving the most destruction on the left side; ‘on the map’ that would be America! — However in a following prophecy he states the victor will be America! — He seems to blame China and the East as starting it!” — Some final prophecies — “The present time together with the past will be judged by the great man of Jupiter (pagan) anti-christ! — Too late will the world be tired of him and disloyal through the oath — taking clergy! Rev. 17:5; Rev. 13:15-18). — One final prophecy — The Jewish forecaster says — “The year of the great 7th number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter; not far from the age of the great millennium when the dead will come out of their graves!” — “The great 7th number we know will be at the end of the millennium. — The 7 thousand years completed on earth! — The slaughter, Rev. 20:9 — read verse 13 — if the number means something else and it is near ‘the starting of the millennium’ of course this would take in the resurrection and translation — a thousand years earlier!” — “In all of these writings we added the Scriptures where I felt were the proper places. Also through a prophetic gift I was able to understand some of the anagrams and symbols! — Most of the writers in history have left his books in confusion! He closes by saying: Satan shall be put and tied in the bottom of the deep and there shall begin an age of universal peace between God and man! — Like the Pyramid and so many other writers he concludes that the age will end at some point in the 90’s.” — “I must warn that I cannot confirm all that he did in the past ages, but these parts match the Bible!”

He said this, about his belief in the hereafter — ‘The body without a soul no longer at the sacrifice. At the day of death it is brought to rebirth! The divine spirit will make the soul rejoice seeing the eternity of the word! (I Cor. 15:35-58)

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