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The pre-historic fall of Lucifer — “We know he was created long before Adam. Evidently when he was cast out of heaven he occupied the Polar region area.” — Isa. 14:12-15, “reveals it was in the sides of the north near the mount of God.”Ezek. 28:13-14, “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God. And then it says, thou was upon the Holy mountain of God! —Thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire!’’ — Some translators believe that this is the creative power (stones of fire) “atoms”… others believe it was blue stones of fire that were actually seraphim or cherubim called the “burning ones” that partake of celestial flight in wheels! (Ezek. 1:13-14) Gen. 1: 2, “speaks of the earth being void.” Scientists also confirm that near the North Star there is a void, a large space not occupied now, in area of Draconis (the Dragon Star). Satan is also symbolized as a dragon! — Job 26:7, “describes this empty place.” Concerning “the void” in Gen. 1:2, some catastrophic overthrow reduced it to that condition! — Apparently some great cataclysm of primeval chaos visited the earth! — This disaster was associated to the fall of Lucifer! — “One time, just before God was to bring partial judgment upon Israel, Jeremiah saw a vision of the pre-historic judgment of the earth! — The Lord revealed this to show us that there was definitely something on the other side of Eden, in the first garden of God!” — Jer. 4:23-26, “He reveals that earth was without form and void! This matches Gen. 1:2. He depicts there was no light, he saw convulsions involving the mountains and hills. Then he said, there was no man! — And, since Adam, there have always been a few left; but here he says there was no man! — All of the animals were destroyed! . . . Everything was turned into a wilderness and whatever type of cities there were they were wiped out by the fierce anger of the Lord!” — “This pre-Adamic description was also described in Job 9:4-7. . . He reveals that the earth was shaken out of its place and the stars and lights were cut off in a geologic upheaval!. . . Many writers say that strong proof of a pre-Adamite civilization is the fact that God told Adam and Eve to ‘replenish’ the earth! He would not have stated this unless it had previously been inhabited!” (Gen. 1:28) “After the flood God said the same thing to Noah!” — (Gen. 9:1) “The seed of Adam has been here for 6,000 years just as the Bible describes it! — But the earth, it says, is of old — it has been here longer! — So then was there a first Eden near the Polar Region, where that some kind of creatures worshipped Satan — that God finally destroyed — by sending the Ice Age, wiping out the huge land animals, dinosaurs, etc., and whatever form of life existed at that time! — Then the Lord cleared back the ice (the void, Gen. 1:2) and the age of Adam came into being in the new Eden (Paradise) — Read Gen. 2:4, it reveals the total creation involved ‘generations’ and not days only. (Read Scroll #94) — There is evidence that these pre-historic creatures that were destroyed are what we call demons and devils today! — Demons seek human habitation, which indicates that they have been disembodied, and we know that fallen angels are different than demons! — There is strong evidence that they came from a pre-Adamite world and are subordinate to the fallen angels — Both are in harmony with the devil’s program! This brings us back to the Scripture Jer. 4:23-26. Isa. 24:1 This reveals a previous Eden that we spoke of and Satan had access to it! — If Satan then extended his rebellion to the pre-Adamite earth, then this reveals to us the origin of demons or evil spirits! — Jesus spoke of this subject. (Luke 11:24-26, Mark 5:9) This also reveals the missing gap that scientists cannot figure out, but the Bible reveals the total facts!”

The creation of Adam and Eve — “The Lord God created Adam within the earth somewhere and put him in Eden. (Gen. 2.8) — Also Ps. 139:15-16, vindicates this! — According to the original Hebrew Scriptures, Adam had a dual nature within one nature! — He had the tenderness of a female and yet he was masculine! — The original text also indicates that He took much more out of Adam than a rib to make Eve. In other words ‘that tenderness’ in doing this, it left Adam totally masculine! — Then later as they merged back together as man and wife they became as one flesh!” (Gen. 2:22-24) “In other words, when God created Adam all that was needed to make Eve was there within him! Because it says she was ‘taken out’ of man!” (verse 23) — “The Lord creates beautifully, praise Him for His deep secrets!”

Insight into the creature, the serpent — “Since the writing of Scroll #80 we have some more evidence to confirm a strong opinion that the Bible reveals! — First, the Bible says that there definitely was ‘a seed’ of the serpent. (Gen 3:15). We quote from a noted Pentecostal writer – The serpent is a prime illustration of the effects of curse! – Previously, it had been a beautiful creature that had held Eve’s admiration! – It was the nearest thing to man in the garden. (It had a seed) verse 15.’ — ‘God delivers the judgment against the serpent which at the time was upright and with the power of speech . . . but then becomes a crawling, loathsome, venomous reptile! — Now it is degraded to the lowest of animals! — God pronounced the doom of this creature, wherein also Cain had the nature of the serpent beast!”

The serpent’s vision ‘Today they have found out that serpents have an infrared vision. They can see at night and strike accurately. They can strike as guided by heat from the prey! — We have missiles on the same order as the serpent today.” — “The rabbi, Dr. A. Cohn, states that the serpent originally had feet, but lost them in the curse! — The story of the serpent is introduced because: its seductive counsel was due to its desire for Eve, which was aroused when it saw them naked without concealment.” “Dr. Cohn portrays the serpent in the Middle East paradise as seeing mother Eve in her condition with her desire for her husband. — He could even see Eve at night when darkness could not hide the serpent’s target as he plotted his course! Although after the curse he had lost his previous form, the serpent had not lost his infrared vision and to strike at heat! — There are many strange things concerning serpents; some can stand up and strike at you, cobra, etc.”

The great dragon the old serpent (Rev. 12.9) This harks back to Gen. 3:1 It names the serpent symbolizing Satan ‘s nature in the serpent; also symbolizing his cunningness!” — “We quote the rest of this from a science magazine concerning the serpent. ‘Thereafter seduced our mother Eve and because of this assault the serpent was cursed, lost his limbs, ‘the article says! — “The serpent in its original state had the power of speech, and its intellectual powers exceeded that of other animals. — It gave seductive counsel to Eve because it desired to cohabit with her. “…“From Mary came the seed that finally bruised the serpent head. It shall bruise thy head!” (Gen. 3:15)

More evidence concerning the unseen world of demons — The late Gordon Lindsay who also believed in pre-historic times, states it this way. — “Although demons are spirit beings they are distinctly of a different order of either Satan or fallen angels! — Evidently fallen angels have a spiritual type body of some kind and probably, except for certain occasions (anti-Christ, etc.) do not have need of embodiment! Their sphere of activity is in the heavenlies, con trolling kingdoms on earth!” (Dan. 10:13, 20) — “Demons on the other hand eagerly seek human habitation. All evidence points to the fact that they are disembodied spirits, and therefore have a desire for embodiment!” “Many Bible scholars believe that demons are from a pre Adamite world!” And he further writes this brief note of evidence. — “Did God send judgment on a certain race before Adam? Jer. 4:23-26 indicates that there was an even greater in scope than in the time of the flood! In fact we are told as a result that there was no man left on the earth, and it was without form and was void!” (Gen. 1:2)— “Was there a previous Eden before Adam? Did Lucifer have access to it? — Did Satan’s fall finally affect it with cataclysmic earth changes from divine judgment? Geological evidence of the Ice Age bares witness there was some kind of catastrophe which rendered the world uninhabitable!— So by Satan extending his rebellion to the pre-Adamite earth gives us a good opinion (witness) of where a fallen race of demons came from!”

Fallen angels in chains of darkness — Now the question arises, “why are certain angels bound and certain angels still at liberty?” — There are also different classes of fallen angels. (Read Jude 1:6) “The apostle Peter also speaks of these angels declaring they await judgment for a ‘certain sin’ different than the other angels did!” (II Peter 2:4-5) “Since the apostle Peter mentions together in the same sentence the judgment of the flood and the chaining of the angels. Bible scholars believe that Gen. 6:4 refers to the angels that ‘left their first estate’ and who, cohabitating with ‘the daughters of men,’ produced a ‘race of giants’ on the earth! — That as punishment. these ‘earth angels’ were taken and placed under chains of darkness!” — “This is an interesting subject although it is open to some opposition by Jesus’ statement that the angels of heaven do not marry. But there is also evidence that these angels were a type on the earth (watchers) and not the angels in heaven that Jesus spoke about! — However, in our next Scroll, we will give evidence to support both sides and different opinions! — We will also let the original Hebrew and Greek bring some light to this puzzling mystery as the reader can discern for himself the more accurate revelation! — We believe several things occurred leading to the giants! — So don’t miss this fascinating subject in the forthcoming Script!”

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