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Prophetic Scrolls 3

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby | Events Given 1960-1966 – Released 1967

“I will restore saith the lord!” Joel 2:25


I write this not to disagree with anyone, but only as I stood and saw it. An Angel gave it. Please do not misjudge it, study your papers and news. See in a matter of months or few years if the Lord has spoken. Sometimes it may look like Satan will go in another direction, but watch! He will have to come back to what has been spoken at the end time. (Read these articles over each day and you will understand them and be in the will of God.

The 3 spirits – that compose the iron and clay of (Dan. 2: 43) they are the same as the 3 spirits of rev. 16:13) (1) Communism (2) Catholicism (3) Capitalism (free enterprise is lost under beast 666). Catholicism comes together with Capitalism – (Bride unites with Christ). Then Communism makes a truce with both – the beast 666 Antichrist system is formed – Now one man controls the world. A number is issued 666 of (Rev. 13:17) The 3 C’s come together to make one kingdom. And bring peace. And to take the place of the great C – (Christ messiah). Clay and iron won’t mix. Russia (clay) breaks. Ezekiel 38 – Moves into Holy land -The iron (West) meet head on with the (Jews in the middle). Armageddon erupts-worlds burning, Jesus intervenes.

U.S.A. – When the false apostate churches unite with states (this causes the beast of earth like a lamb to speak. Rev. 13:11. (Bride Raptures). But tribulation saints go through. They (so do Jews) see the U.S.A. make image to (first beast. Rev. 13: 1). Western Europe and (Mystery Babylon) Roman Catholic Church controlled by Pope or religious dictator in the place of a Pope makes a covenant with the Jews. He the Antichrist makes an agreement with the Communist too, but they break later. He also has an agreement with the U.S.A. All this arranges for Armageddon. The Antichrist rules for 7 years. (A satanic prince). Now Jesus told me He will remove His Bride, because judgment is ready to fall on the nations. He said, He would protect certain people of U.S.A. left and Israel’s true seed. For some are tribulation saints. Rev. 7:14, that come through much. U.S.A. also a place for part of tribulation saints. (And part of Israel will be too) Elijah a type of this in refuge when protected 31/2 years right where Jezebel (1 Kings 18:4). And false prophet government was controlling. See Rev. 2.20). Remember Elijah was a type of the Raptured Saints (2 Kings 2: 11) and also a type of tribulation saints. 1 Kings 17:3). He was a type of two people, but one body. Also, Elisha followed right behind him.

A United States president – will arise. He will look like a good man, the people as a whole will love him. For he will be considerate at first, and does much for the poor and religion He will say come together as one, and carry on with each his own doctrine as before. (Then they move toward uniting church and state). I was surprised to see so many foolish Protestants fall for this. And it looked good to the people and to him, but the Antichrist tricks him and the people later. Now a strong law is passed and a strong delusion sets in. Tribulation starts. – Watch I come quickly! I, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify to the churches. And if any man take away from this prophecy, I’ll remove his part from my book of life. I’m the offspring and the root of David. The Bright and Morning Star. Watch I say! How quick this president rises I’m not certain, but I will tell you who he is if I get permission from the Lord. I believe within now and the next four elections, he arises.

Russia – A mighty King arises who will act friendly towards Rome (Western Europe) and U.S.A. His power will become strong about the time the churches merge and close their confederation (Babylon) under the Antichrist). He will make an agreement with him and become part of the beast Power (Rev. 13:2). But by deceit and lies he will finally rebel against the Antichrist system. This moves the world into Armageddon in Israel – (And now strong is the Lord God that judge her (Rome) Babylon and daughters) I will allow him to burn her with fire (atomic horrors) on West.

A pope – rises, a world genius, that is able to work with government, world leaders, and all church systems I see the Jews fascinated by him. He controls (much gold) His speed is cunning and craftiness. He will move the world in the most diabolical plan ever, (the same prince that tried to overthrow heaven is with him). The Communists are startled by him. When he spoke the whole world looked. Watch, for he is close! I see him as a fallen star.

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