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Prophetic scroll 2

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby | Events Given 1960-1966 – Released 1967

“I will restore saith the lord!” Joel 2:25


United States – A future president will be elected that shows warmth towards religion and the poor. Most of the people will love him. His deeds for the less fortunate and religion will move the people. His insight will look good. He will for a while be able to work with our enemies better than past executives. He will be similar to J. F. Kennedy only wiser and friendlier. But unknowingly he will make a fatal move. (Next month a larger article and complete insight).

Jeane Dixon leader – It could be one of two things. If her vision of the man of the 80s is the actual Anti-Christ then he will have to control the woman church in Rev. 17 connected to govt. Some of Jeane Dixon’s prophecies fail (Jesus does not) Remember a serpent appeared to her in this vision. It could be a lie. The danger is her man may never materialize, while the real anti-Christ slips in unnoticed and some miss the rapture. Let’s keep our eyes open. (I’ll write more later).

Florida halocaust – I saw this when i ministered in Florida. A great earthquake later on (This could be connected to west coast quake). It causes a terrifying tidal wave and much of Florida will be covered with water. I saw a map and the Lord revealed it to me. Hurricanes and earthquakes will become worse all over the world.

United States greatest war – Before this I saw lesser wars flare up. U.S.A. England and Western Europe at the end fight Russia and Orientals in Israel. It will take place before this generation ends.

Anti-Christ – I was shown a religious figure that controls the world and church (As Christ came forth of the anointed church seed (Moses, Joseph, David, Abraham, etc.) – The Antichrist will come out of the false church seed. (Cain, Babel, Jezebel. Babylon, Roman Catholics) Christ is called (lamb!) False Christ is called (beast) Rev. 13.18. 666 is a religious idolatry number associated with gold 2 Chron. 9:13

Jews – The Lord showed me one of the next but fatal moves of the Jews. They are working away to take much silver and gold back to Israel (more than before). Then they will make a covenant with the anti-Christ, and build their Temple. Watch the news. When the Jews start to build the temple and associate with other religious figures, the rapture is near. Also, they are on the verge of a great discovery. I saw the Pope and Jews in the headline often.

Film capitol – Plans to make films inflamed with nude sex affairs, and perverted debauchery right on the screen. The law will O.K. it for adults and in drive-ins. In a matter of a few years this will filter into homes, over TV and utterly pollute American Society. (Sodom in fullness)

Two party system – When I entered my Ministry, the Lord told me the U.S.A. would change its two party system (This makes way for church and state to unite.) (Around rapture time)

Sea and heavens – Volcanic eruptions and more earthquakes over world, land and sea and new and different signs from the heavens will be seen. Future earthquakes will start to leave large cracks in the ground.

Church and state – for some this is hard to see now. But church and state will definitely unite (but not Bride). One of many causes, money and inner turmoil in the country. Vision is true.

William Branham – several times i was allowed me to see and know of his death, in advance. I knew a change of time and Ministry would unfold. All gifted men said he was a major prophet, although some did not agree with part of his message. One thing for certain we will do well to remember his death was for a sign. (The second anointing starts with judgment). Few Men have ever been favored to walk with God as he did.

Due to the importance of getting each event to our friends quickly only a small amount of space has been given each prophecy. More will be explained later in a large volume of each event. More interesting articles are to be released soon. Read each and all of these events several times. Something new will be seen each time like hidden treasure. Many will be healed this way too.

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