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Prophetic Scrolls 4

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby | Events Given 1960-1966 – Released 1967

“I will restore saith the lord!” Joel 2:25


Tv. Delicate subject – While Oral Roberts and Billy Graham and other good Christian programs can possibly be seen and the news, very few programs can. Now be careful, later it will become more degraded, and pull you away from God. To own the set is not the sin, but the time element, the valuable time lost in communion and prayer. The main thing is Jesus must come first. (If you do not have one you are better off). But set a time for good programs, TV: radio or phone, etc, and a set time for definite prayer. If you have no burden for the lost, then shut it off. Remember a soul is more important. However, I repeat, in a few years there can be very little, if any seen with decency left. I do not have one, although I have appeared with my own program on TV. The secret is if you are busy working and praying, you won’t watch the wrong programs, or it.

Holy Ghost oil and heaven – The foolish virgins are some of the nominal churches that received salvation, and declared they had the baptism of fire. Another is part of Pentecostals that received the baptism and now have quit praying, and praising God until finally their oil ran out, and begin to stop Jesus from moving in the church. Now there is another group of Pentecostals with oil that want to see and hear God move. These are the (wise) that keep the oil of power and moves with the Word! Now watch the foolish virgins with the Jews make up the tribulation Saints. Now the Jews believed in God also, but rejected the oil of power that was in Jesus, like the foolish virgins did. (Thus saith the Lord!) So you see God has a plan for both, one group will move in- to the foolish virgins and the other into the Brideship (Before the end time many partners in contact with my Ministry will be filled with the Holy Spirit) Read Rev. 7:14, Rev. 21: 9 and 7:4.

Moses and Elijah – Return during tribulation as two witnesses. Also, two groups of people are witnesses too – Foolish Virgins – and the 144,000 Jews. How could the Bible say the world saw Jesus coming back, with ten thousands of his saints at the end of tribulation – (Because He first has to rapture them before He can come back with them.) You see the tribulation is a different group. Many prophetic writers are in agreement with this. Two of them, W. V. Grant and Gordon Lindsay. Rev. 11:3,10.

Heaven and church – While Paul admonished it is very good to assemble together, now some cannot find a spiritual church in their area that really believe in the word. If you set a certain time a day for Prayer and Bible reading, and are saved, Jesus will accept you. But it’s excellent to have a church home. Then to through hardships and where there’s no preaching, it’s hard to attend. Now the main thing is to stay joined to Jesus. If at all possible, go to church.

Heaven and divorcee – if you were divorced unknowingly before you were saved, then Jesus forgives. But if someone knows different and premeditates and plans to divorce after knowing the truth (then seeks forgiveness) now the judge of heaven will look at it from a different view point. And then to some people suffering divorce, which was not their doings, but were victims of circumstance. The place the Lord gives them with him through salvation will be by divine wisdom. God is all wise and will judge accordingly.

Morals – a prophetic insight. I write this not to be indecent but by command. The new music is not new but came from Asia and the islands. The spirit that produces the music there produces the music here. The music there is connected to idol worship. The heathen countries wear little or no clothes. The music here is one cause in the young, especially to keep shortening their dresses-A spirit through the music induces it along with lust caused by yielding and moving with the music. What is in the future is, if the music continues, morals, will become like heathens and dresses shorter and finally, possibly none. When men reject the gospel their morals become like animals. The people here are educated, but are taking on the heathen spirit. Our religion will change drastically, finally Babylon. Rev. 17. Some music in the Bible was connected to idols, debauchery, and unholy orgies. (Exodus 32:6 and 25). I foresaw America starts through its most immoral seizure ever.

False predictors – will imitate my message, god gave me a definite program and Satan will try to imitate it. This is how to discern them. First it must come to pass. The devil can even do a certain amount of this, second see if it matches Gods word. Third, see what means are required to receive it. If it’s cards, crystal balls, etc. – You know then the symbols are wrong. Satan is cunning, he may even use part of the word. If it pulls towards apostate Protestantism. Catholicism, or witchcraft, then beware.

Angels-minister – on occasion they will to one, or a group. Or to bring a special message to a person (This happened to me). They will appear much toward and into the tribulation.

Bride revival – yes, it will be quick, powerful and short. Although, many go to church it will be outside the religious system. But not too many of the open-hearted that go where the system is. It is to the church (Bride) within the church.

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