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Prophetic Scrolls 1

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby | Events Given 1960-1966 – Released 1967

“I will restore saith the lord!” Joel 2:25


Atomic destruction – Yes, both England and the U.S.A. will be involved in a cataclysmic war with Russia and (Kings of the East). The earth will be burned and few men left! The third figure I saw involved with U.S.A. is West Europe. Russia makes a truce with the West, but breaks it. Atomic horror follows!

Scarlet beast – Rev. Chapters 13 and 17 Europe Old Roman Empire (Iron) and strange as it seems Russia and Communist satellites (Clay) join together at end of age. Russia Red! – Roman Imperial purple! Mixed together produces a Scarlet color – beast! But they break and clash head on in Armageddon. This is what brings Western Europe and U.S.A. in Atomic warfare with Russia. (The woman that sits on the Beast is the Catholic Church). However, thousands of Catholics will come out to Salvation before this event. The vision is true. See Dan. 2:43.

Next inventions – God will allow man to discover a way to absorb or defy gravity. This will step up his modern tower of Babel. (Space program) which will not be completed. And God will lead him to Armageddon completely confused. Man will also control light for travel, he will perfect a radio or light beam that will melt armored tanks and steel at hundreds of miles distance.

Famine – (Severe). Much of the Orient-India included feels the effect in 1967. I was shown this in Jacksonville, Florida in 1963 while in a Crusade.

Earthquake of great magnitude – Several major quakes will rock California’s coast. This will lead into a major catastrophic quake. Parts of California will float into the sea! Death rate and property damage unbelievable.

Prophecy and teenagers – Music will get to a place it will lead teenagers into sex violations. The rhythm will cause them to yield to a lust spirit. It will incite and stir up and cause a mental strain. Also, rebellion and riot. Watch how they worship their idol singers. This will help lead to worship the beast and his image. Of course this will involve other things besides music. The connection is found in Dan. 3: 15. (When the music sounded they were ordered to bow to the image! Future events cast their shadows before.

Flying saucers – God spoke a name to me (Angels of light). Mostly they appear to be religious, but have a different belief than the Bible. Their craft is a glowing light! They are demons disguised as odd men. Also, some lights seen are just radar controlled U.S.A. test planes. (Also, sign of judgment. 2 Cor. 11:14.

Gods next move – Creates outside parts to human body! This is happening in my Ministry now. A prophetic anointing comes to make ready the Bride! And to understand Daniel and Revelation. As God speaks it through His prophets. Also, a new anointing will bring calm and rest on the chosen Elect in this crisis time. They will never feel anything quite like this. Perfect Saints. (Praise Him!)

World leaders – I saw the Pope and World leaders working out a plan for Jews. How to coexist with Russia. Forming Beast Power. A way to bring United States Protestant churches together, and join with Roman Catholic (To form image) and Church and State. “The vision is sure and plain”. The Kings of the north (Soviets) and east (Orientals) give Power to Beast one hour, then breaks! They are (involved) the ten Kings. Rev.17: 13 and 17. Although there will be flare-ups before, this is the way it will end! Armageddon.

These articles will become much more interesting as more of the outstanding ones are yet to be revealed. (Read them over and God has promised you will understand them better. When you have received more of the next events).

001 – Prophetic Scrolls

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