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Supernatural EscapeSupernatural Escape

Translation alert 98 | CD #1459

Now, we are going to get into this message this morning. It is on the translation. It is about supernatural escape. They are making pictures (films) today about escaping to the outer space and you hear people on the news and different places and magazines and they are saying this: “I would just like to go to the moon.” Well, going to the moon would be alright. But most of them want to escape what is down here, from some of the problems that they helped create themselves. How many of you believe that? They want to go and get away from earth’s miseries, headaches, and pains. But let me tell you, if there was another person up there with them they would have the same problem and if they were alone, they would get so lonesome, they would want to come back. See; so, the pictures today: Escape and get out of this time and space as we know it.

But there is a way. How many of you realize that? Listen to this right here: Supernatural Escape or the Great Escape. But how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? You realize that? Now, how do you escape? You receive salvation and escape into the translation. Isn’t that wonderful? Amen. Here is the perfect way out or shall we say the perfect way up – the translation. Now, you know, I believe it this way: the translation or heaven is in another dimension. We have what we call sight, touch, sound, mind, smell, and eyes and so forth like that—the senses. But right along the sixth or seventh, you run into time. And then when you escape out of time, you run into the other dimension called eternity and there is the dimension of the translation that will take place. There is the dimension of heaven. It is eternity. So, we escape into another dimension. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit are we able to escape. Do you believe that today? And those in the television audience, you can escape by your salvation into translation, and it is not too far.

But listen to this real close here: In those dimensions, after you get out, you go into eternity, the bible says. And John in Revelation 4, escaped through an open door into the eternity dimension. All of a sudden, he was caught up through the time door and it changed into eternity. He saw rainbow and emerald, and One sat, crystal, looking at him. And he said, it is God and He sat—by the rainbow. Isn’t that wonderful! He saw visions of power while he was there. I have noticed something in threes—three things in the bible. There was the shout [well, that’s not there for nothing], there was the voice, and the trump of God took place. Now turn with me to 1st Thessalonians 4 and we’ll read from verse 15. “For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord [not by man, not by tradition, but by the Word of the Lord] that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.”

Now, we shall prove in a minute that they that are asleep in the Lord—their bodies are in the grave but they are asleep with the Lord, and they shall come with Him. Watch and see. This is really a revelation here different probably from some of it that they have heard before. “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout [now, why is that word shout there? Double meaning, all of these are double meaning], with the voice of the archangel [really powerful, you see], and with the trump of God [three things]: and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are live and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord [in the dimension of heaven, changed in the twinkle of an eye, Paul said. Isn’t that wonderful!]. Wherefore comfort one another with these words” (1st Thessalonians 4: 15-18).

Now, the three things that we have here, listen: we have the shout, that’s the bible and a message to it. And the shout—now, before the coming of the Lord there is to be a shout. It shows that there would be a kind of stirring power to that shout. It would be heard, a sound as it is given in Revelation 10 and He began to sound. And then in Matthew 25 it says, “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him” (v.7). Go ye forth to meet the Lord. And it was the midnight cry, so the shout here has to do with a message forerunning the translation. Shout means it is vibrating. It is a little pronounced in power to those that want it. It’s thunderous, but yet it would match the shout from heaven. So, there is your message, forerunning the translation—the shout. It’s the message to come, and the dead shall rise. We shall be caught away to meet the Lord in the air. How beautiful that is! So, the shout, it has to do with vibration—Revelation 10, there is a shout going forth. Matthew 25, the mid-night cry. See; the cry coming forth. And then the Lord in heaven matches it with His shout.

And then the voice of the archangel: now, the voice that we have here— is the voice of—here they come out of the graves. That is your resurrection—the Voice of the Almighty. Shout is associated with a message. The voice of the archangel—and it says the Lord Himself will call them [the dead in Christ] out there. Then the second one [the voice] is associated with the resurrection. Then they come out of there [the graves]. The trump is the third one that is involved with it—the trump of God. Three things there: shout, voice, and the trump of God. Now, the trump of God means two or three different things. The trump of God means He is gathering them both those that were dead, raised back, that died in the Lord Jesus, and those which remain in life—get caught up in the clouds. I believe the glory of the Lord will be so powerful before the translation among His people. They’ll see a glimpse of it. Oh, my! They did in Solomon’s temple. The three disciples looked up and they saw the cloud. In the Old Testament, on Mount Sinai, they saw the glory of the Lord. In such a dispensation like this that closes with great manifestations of God—when He closes a dispensation, surely, it would be that way.

So, we see that in the trump of God after the voice—meaning a spiritual [trump]—He is gathering them together that He had just called unto the marriage supper. That is what that is—spiritual—that is coming in the trump of God. Here they come together, every one of them to a feast or to worship the Lord. See; in Israel, He always called them together with the trump of God. Here they come together, every one of them to a feast or to worship the Lord. Also, the trump of the Lord—the bible says we’ll meet in heaven and we will have supper with God. Now, the trump of God also means war to them upon the earth—the rising of the antichrist, the mark of the beast comes forth. Here is your trump of God. It means a spiritual war also. He turns in as He gets those in heaven and then as the years go by—at the end of that in Revelation 16, we find out there are enormous plagues released upon the earth and the battle of Armageddon begins to take place. The trump of God, see? All of that associated—one dimension, two dimensions, three dimensions—then wrap it all up in Armageddon in there. How beautiful it is!

So, we have the shout—a midnight cry—before the dead are raised—and that is right now. The very witness–in everything that I have said here in this message for television and in the auditorium—is as a witness that the coming of the Lord is nigh and whosoever will, let him believe the Lord with all of his heart. Whosoever will, the bible says, let him come. See; the door is open. The door will be shut. And so we see how beautiful it is! Listen to this right here; remember the seventh from Adam, Enoch the prophet. The bible said he was not because God took him. He translated him. The bible says translated. He changed him before he could die as a warning or as a type to show us He is really coming. He [Enoch] was one of the first fruits of translation to the church because the word–they got it in Jude—but in Hebrews, the word translated is used, I believe three times. He translated him. So, Enoch was not. God took him in translation that he should not see death. So, He took him to show us what is going to happen.

Here is what I want to say: He [Enoch] was the seventh from Adam. At the end of the age in the book of Revelation there are seven church ages, one we see from the apostolic age, and from the apostolic age passing through Smyrna, through Pergamos, and all those ages clear on to Philadelphia. You know, Wesley, Moody, Finney clear on into Luther when they came out of Catholicism. There are seven church ages. The last one is Laodicean, and the Philadelphian church age runs along side by side. See; and God is going to choose out a group in there. So, the seven church ages from the apostles–we find out the seventh from the apostles–there is [going] to be a translation. The seventh from Adam was Enoch; he was translated. The seventh from the apostolic age, we are now in the seventh age and no really prophetic reader of the bible or anybody that has read the whole bible—all of them will agree we are in the last church age upon the earth. The age is closing out. So, the seventh from the apostolic age is going to be translated by the power of God. How many of you believe that? The seventh age, we are going away. It won’t be long, see?

So, we find out God is moving in the seventh age, seventh from Adam translated; seventh from the apostolic age translated. We are moving on in the shout. When we do, it means that He will move. It will be thunderous. It will be powerful. It will be a stirring. It will be a manifestation to those with an open heart. Exploits that you’ve never seen before. Power that you’ve never seen before. Hearts that you’ve never seen before turned to God, literally reach out in the highways and hedges, and pull them from all directions of this world, bringing them to Him as only the Lord Jesus can do Himself. Feel the power of the Lord? It is really potent in here. So, we have the shout, and then we have the voice, and we have the trump of God. Now, listen to this: always they say there are different doctrines, but I can prove it in numerous places in the bible. Paul, in many of his writings said, to be present with the Lord—he was caught up into paradise in the third heaven and so forth like that—bearing witness, knowing all these things. There are different places in the scriptures, but we’ll read one place here.

But people today, they say, “You know, once you are dead, you just wait there until God comes up there and say you are dead—if you died a thousand years ago, you are still in the grave.” If you are a sinner, you are still in the grave; you will come up at the last judgment. But if you die in the Lord, how many of you are still with me? You die in the Lord Jesus—and we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them. Listen to this verse right here and we’ll prove it. There is a message in this verse right above where we just got through reading [1st Thessalonians 4: 17], there is another verse. I want you to read it here. It says here in 1st Thessalonians 4: 14, “For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus, will God bring with him.” It is for the ones that believe that He died and rose again. You must believe that He rose again. Not only that He died, but He rose again. “…Even so them also which sleep, will God bring with Him.” Now, those that died in Christ—what Paul means is that they are alive and they are with the Lord in heaven. It is a heavenly dimension like a sleep of some kind there. They are awake and yet they are in a blissful place. They are asleep with [in] the Lord.

Now, watch this: It says, “them will God bring. Now, He has to bring them with Him. Did you see that? Their bodies are still in the grave, but He will bring them with Him. Then it says the dead in Christ shall rise first. And that spirit that God brings with Him—that personality that went up. You know in the bible, in the Old Testament—it says the spirit of the beast goes downward, but the spirit of man, goes upward towards God (Ecclesiastes 3:21). It’s in the bible. When he [Paul] says God will bring those with Him and others, there was not anybody going in the translation when he said that. We’ll read it here again, 1st Thessalonians 4:14: “For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him,” at the moment of the shout, the voice, and the trump of God. And the dead shall rise first, and these spirits that are with Him will get into the body, out of the grave. It will change into light, full of light. That spirit will go right there—there he will be glorified. We who are alive, we’ll just change. He doesn’t have to bring us with Him because we are alive. But these He brings with Him—their spirits of the Holy Spirit. How many of you believe that? That’s exactly right!

You see, the soul–the personality, your outward look–your tabernacle is not you. That is only—you direct it, what to do. It’s like machinery or something, but inside you is the nature of the Spirit, and that is you—the personality. The soul is the nature of the Spirit that you have. And when He calls that; that is what He takes to heaven. Then your shell is left in the grave. And when the Lord comes again, He brings them with Him before He gets us. And they go back—the ones that died in the Lord and they stand up—their body is glorified and their spirits are there. Those that died without God stay there [in the grave] until the resurrection of the last judgment. See; that takes place or whatever order He wants to bring them up after the Millennium even. How many of you are following this? So, He is wonderful. That one scripture alone would rule out any kind—where they say you just remain in the grave. It’s just a quicker way into the translation. If you go on before, it is a quick way into the translation. With the voice, and with the shout, we shall meet the Lord in the air. Do you feel the glory of the Lord? How many of you feel the power of God?

So, we find out, listen to this right here: The trump of God—and the dead shall rise in the Lord. So, we find out, listen real close: there is a supernatural escape. There is a way out and that escape is through salvation escaping into the translation. Then there will be a great tribulation on the earth, and the mark of the beast coming too. But we want to escape with the Lord. So, today, people say, “You know, with all these problems. All these troubles we’ve got, I wish I were somewhere in out of space.” If you get [have] salvation, you are going to be out there in another dimension with the Lord. And that’s what it [is] with people, and you can’t blame them sometimes. This is a rugged earth now, full of desolation, perilous times on one hand and the things that are happening on the other hand are crises and disasters, you name it, it is here. So, they would kind of like to go somewhere else, you see. Well, the Lord has made a way of escape to a much better place than they can find because He has found us mansions. He has found us a beautiful place. So, we escape into that other dimension at the proper time. There is a time zone and when that proper time comes, and the last one comes in, see? After that, the message goes forth, the voice of God, the trump of God and so forth like that, and that’s the end of it. But it has to be when the gospel is preached and He brings in the last one.

Let me say this: if you are listening to this television [broadcast], you people in the auditorium, God still loves you. He loves you. The door is wide open. Salvation is right before you. It’s just as close as your breath. It’s like a child; it is so simple people just walk right over it—its simplicity. You accept Him in your heart. Believe that He died and rose again, and has power to change you into the translation and give you eternal life which will never run out. It will always be—eternity. You don’t want to trade—you don’t want to keep what little time you’ve got here on earth—just trade, turn around and take the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be able to escape. Now, in the bible it says this, “How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation,” saith the Lord (Hebrews 2: 3). There is no escape. That is the Door and I am the Door. Isn’t that wonderful? If any man knocks [opens], I will come in. Oh, how beautiful! He said I will visit with him, talk with him, reason with him and help him out of his problems, and he can cast his burden upon me. I can carry all the burdens in this world and all the worlds. For He is mighty. Isn’t that wonderful! He said knock [open], I will come in and sup. I will live with you. I will talk things over with you. I will guide you. I will help you in your family problems, in your financial problems, and your spiritual problems. I will give you revelation. I will prove all things to him that opens the door. Why, that is wonderful! Isn’t it?

Oh, mighty powerful! You see, it is real. There is nothing phony about it. It rings with value. It rings with reality. It is powerful! Behold, I give you power—to witness. Isn’t that powerful? Already, that shout is going forth. Isn’t it? A message and then the translation, and then the trump of God. Glory! Those three things, remember them for they are in divine order and they mean—in the cloud, in the going up, and the coming again, and the coming to His people. It’s all wonderful and it means something. You know in Psalm 27:3, it says this, “Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this I shall be confident.” Fear not even when you are on earth—though an host should encamp against me—he said, a host, a whole army—my heart shall not fear. I will be confident. Isn’t that wonderful! If you raise a war against me, I will be confident. It says here, “One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple” (Psalm 27: 4). “For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock” (v. 5). And there is trouble coming upon this world in prophecy and forecast of things to come that we have never seen before. And all of those predictions, all those future events are in all kinds of broadcasts that we did—wars and things that are coming—in crises—some of them are already beginning to take place and have been prophesied. In the Middle East and South America—all of them and what is going to happen, and how the antichrist will rise and what is going to happen to Europe and different sections all over the world. It’s been predicted; these things will take place by the power of God.

And it says, “For in the time of trouble….” And it is coming too. Oh, there will be good times. There will be another burst of prosperity—when they finally get out of this, they will go into something else. It will burst into prosperity. Later on, at a different time, they will run into trouble way up there again. Keep your eyes open. In the time of trouble, wars, rumors of wars, droughts and famine worldwide as we are up in the 80s’ and 90s. Watch these things and we expect the Lord at any time. You know, after the church is gone, the world goes on for a while. Let’s all stand and give the Lord a clap! Come on. Amen.

98 – Supernatural Escape

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