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Translation alert 99 | CD #949A | 05/23/83 PM

Thank you Jesus! Lord, bless your hearts. You know, it’s beautiful to be in the house of the Lord. Amen? That’s how the psalmist gave it in some parts of the bible. I am going to pray. Let’s believe together. He gives miracles in Wednesday nights too. He will give you miracles every night, day and night, 24 hours a day if you are able to put a little faith out there. Show Him some kind of earnestness. Show Him that you believe in Him. Amen.

Lord, we are united in your Holy Spirit tonight in power, and we believe you are going to move on your people as never before, blessing their hearts, Lord. Each time there is a message going forth, it is to build another stone Lord, to get them closer to you, and also to lift their faith into a dimension where they can ask and receive whatever they say. We believe tonight in our hearts. Touch those in the audience with pain, Lord. We command it to go. Any terminal sickness, we command it to go also. Give them a new body and a new spirit tonight Lord, for we are a new creation by faith in the Lord Jesus. We love you tonight. Bless the new people. Bless them altogether tonight. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus!

You can be seated. The Lord will really bless your heart. The main thing is to place the Word real good in your heart. Each one of you that is here tonight, if you open your heart up and receive the power that is coming; emanating from the Word of God and the anointing the Lord has given me–it will begin to be a presence, and you will begin to absorb that presence like you would the sun or a ray. When you do, it will begin to activate and it will work for you. But you must act with the power of God. You must begin to expect in your heart, and surely He will bless your soul.

Now tonight, Go Forward. Go Forward is what it is called. It is active faith to go forward. How many of you believe that? You know in Exodus 40: 36 – 38, we’ll read down in there. When Israel refused to go forward, it was a solemn thing because when they refused to go forward, they died in the wilderness. Now, in the last revival that we are in, we’ve had the former rain. Somehow, some of the seeds have died, and some never made it back into the former rain. Nevertheless, the Lord now says go forward, and you must go out of the former rain into the latter rain or you will not ripen. It is the latter rain that brings forth the crop as the sun afterwards shines on it—the Sun of Righteousness. Amen. It’s just so beautiful. Watch nature, and you will begin to see how the Lord will move because He puts it in parables in the bible how He will move. But it was a solemn thing that they refused to go any further with the Lord, and that group died in the wilderness. Of course, Joshua who believed in the Lord with all of his heart was able to move in the cloud and cross over. But it took 40 years. They had to wait in the wilderness 40 years because they refused to go when the cloud would have crossed over. By fear they stayed out of the land that God had promised them. They said, “We cannot take it,” but Joshua and Caleb said we can take it. Nevertheless, the Lord had heard enough, so they remained there.

I want you to turn with me to Exodus 40: 36, “And when the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the children of Israel went onward in all their journeys.” Isn’t that wonderful? I believe that in the last times where there is a powerful anointing and where the Word is preached, the cloud will remain and the fire will remain until the translation. And He will reveal Himself in a marvelous way to His people. In a dispensation such as we live in, He will not shorten [shortchange] us. Not at all, but we will be increased with power and there will be more manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Then it says when the cloud was taken up from the tabernacle, the children went forward in all their journeys. They went forward when the cloud was taken up. Now, in the revival that we finished some will not go forward anymore. And I know this in my heart He will reach out everywhere pulling people into the bride, pulling them into the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. But some Pentecostals will not be able to attain to it because the bible teaches us that part of them was left. The reason why some of the Pentecostals will not attain unto it is because they will not go forward into the latter rain. Are you still with me? Because they got the baptism of the Holy Spirit, they took also part of the Word and part of the Spirit. They got the baptism, they kind of sit down on it. The midnight cry comes forth, and we find out that their vessels were going completely out.

So, we find out this for sure when the cloud is being lifted up in the revival—that’s the one we are in now—and as it begins to lift up, you’ve got to go forward. That is faith. To go backward will leave you out. Israel, at the time, they were going to form companies and go backward, the bible said, and yet the Lord wanted them to go forward. When the cloud lifts up, we better march with it. Those are the ones that are going to be translated because some of the Pentecostals will be left out. They are organized to such a point or closed their eyes to such a point that they forgot about the midnight hour, and the oil of the Holy Spirit. So, that’s where we are. In the bible, when it was speaking about Israel crossing over to the Promised Land, it was absolutely an admonition for the Gentiles because at the end of the age He will send forth His power again. This time we cross into heaven. Amen. It’s going to take place. So, we find out, when the cloud went, they were to go forward, it says, in all their journeys. It’s not just one or two of them, but all of their journeys. But if the cloud was not taken up, then they journeyed not until the day that it was taken up. They followed it as it went and it was ready to go over because the Lord had advanced some already to check the country out. The cloud was ready to go over with fire. They moved up as far as the Promised Land, and they refused it.

That’s what I see today. People will come right up. They will come, even some of them to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They will come up even to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But we find out at the end of the age that there are people that are going to come up for the full power. They are going to come into the enduement of power. They are going to have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the Holy Spirit leading them, and they just move right on, a step ahead of them. That’s exactly what is going to happen at the end of the age. So, we find out, it says that it [the cloud] was taken up, and they were to move with it. Exodus 40: 38, “For the cloud of the Lord was upon he tabernacle [that’s your place of worship where they worshipped the Lord] by day, and fire was on it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel, throughout all their journeys.” Now, the cloud and the fire are the same thing. In the daytime, the amber fire was the same as the cloud of the Holy Spirit. In the daytime, they couldn’t see the fire that was in it because of the light of the sun and so forth. But when it started getting dark, they began to see a little glow in it, and it began to glow. They couldn’t quite figure it out. I don’t imagine most of them wanted to get to it no matter how far they walked. It was probably like a star. They couldn’t get under it exactly unless it moved. How many of you say praise the Lord?

They were going in circles, yet He is the Most High. Yet it [He] was right there, right around them all the time. Then at night, the cloud will turn orange with fire, amber fire in it. In the daytime, you will just see the cloud. All of it was the same thing. It was the Lord God over His children. So, it was the fire by night and the cloud by day in the sight of all the house of Israel throughout all their journeys. It was a solemn thing that when the cloud lifted up to go over, they refused to go. You know, you find out that people have served the Lord for 20, 30 or 40 years, and they refused to go any further with the Lord. It’s a solemn thing, isn’t it? When He begins to move, there is going to be a thunderous uniting. He will move to bring His people together with a spiritual trumpet. The cloud of the Lord is lifting up again. I feel the moving of the cloud of the Lord in the 1980s. You know, one night they photographed one up here. You remember that? How many of you believe the cloud is moving. Glory to God! It is moving. But in the last move, we will have a group so organized, and so united in the wrong way until they will actually miss the great move of God. But others that God has chosen, somehow they will be able to move with the cloud. It is lifting. I mean He is beginning to move.

And all through the 1980s, we live in the 1980s we don’t know how He will call us all home. It’s getting so close now that those years are almost in, 1984 in a few months. It will be over before you know it. And then we can say we are reaching out to 1985. Watch the events on the earth and see how they begin to take place. The cloud is moving. It is lifting up already. He is moving. Let me tell you something: you better move when that cloud moves. Go forward in the power of the Holy Spirit. Because some Pentecostals will not go forward, they are going to miss out, and some others are going to take their places—in the highways and hedges. Some that have never even been to church in their lives will become converted Christians. Others will come out of the great denominations and different places, and come out of different places that they are. The Lord will bring them out and then He will move, and move them into a group, into a body. It is a solemn thing, the Lord said, when Israel rejected the cloud when it moves. Yet, it said, it was in the sight of all Israel.

Same thing today, if they want to look around, the power of the Lord is in the sight of all those that want to see it. You can hardly go anywhere that the Word of God is not preached with some form of power or some man that has some form of supernaturalism. It’s getting seemingly less and less gifts [deep], but yet the Lord knows what He is doing. He is moving in tremendous power, and as seemingly the former rain is kind of—it is decaying, it is dying out of the way. The showers have just dripped down, they are just through. There are just little sprinkles, and it [former rain] is beginning to leave. Now, what is left over will blend with the latter rain and that is what brings forth the fruit. Any farmer, over in Israel or anywhere else will tell you that it is the latter rain that brings forth the crop. After the latter rain, the sun heats up, then things ripen. Suddenly, they better get it [the harvest] out of the field or it will get rotten on them. But the Lord says He has a sickle and He knows exactly what He is doing, and He can harvest that wheat. He knows exactly where to put it and He knows exactly how to get it out, and how to take it away. Can you say Amen?

That is what we are seeing. The cloud is moving again among His people, and it would be where the people believe in God, and where the people have faith to believe for the supernatural. Solomon, in his temple, got to see the supernatural power of the Lord and in different places in the bible they looked right at the supernatural power of God. And at the end of the age, as He is kind of bringing us into a dimension to where the real realities of the Holy Spirit is at—the bible says the whole earth is full of the glory of the Lord—if you have power to look into it. That’s what it says in the bible. Read in Isaiah 6 and two or three other places. The whole earth is full of the glory of the Lord. It is all around us, protecting us everywhere. He will come in the clouds of glory. Mainly what we want to do—as the Lord begins to move—if you are new here tonight, there is a new age in the 1980s, He is going to move. He is going to move with magnetic power. Remember, when the cloud goes forward, there will be signs and wonders all around it. The supernatural will begin to take place as never before because when He begins to bring new people in, and He begins to gather them everywhere into this last revival, it will stimulate, people will come to the Lord. One thing the Holy Spirit can do better than all men put together is preach—the Holy Spirit—whether a man is preaching from the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit just moving Himself upon men’s hearts.

You know, many people have been saved without ever hearing a preacher–just the Holy Spirit would move on them. Some of your gifted men that have been converted by God, they never heard a preacher at the time. The Lord moved on them and they gave their hearts to the Lord. Myself,—let me tell you a little story about that. I had heard messages before when I was young, but I hadn’t been near a church, and the Holy Spirit moved on me in such a way that it seemed like you could not withstand [it], and the Lord moved because it was the timing of the Holy Spirit. I wasn’t in any church at the time. I was in my home and the Holy Spirit moved with [in] a powerful way. When He did, then I began to confess to the Lord. I began to repent. I began to believe the Lord with all my heart. When I did, it was like a rushing wind. He just moved on me. I gave my heart to Him, and completely got out of all the sins, and all the things that were there before. You know, on drugs and alcohol and all those things like that. Then He pointed me towards Him. He began to deal with me. He showed me what to do by the power of the Holy Spirit, and He moved in a glorious way.

Of course, we see from one end of the state [California], all over practically, many, many different states, the revival has gone everywhere—God healing people wherever I went. There were miracles from the Lord and then settling in here by His divine power [Capstone Cathedral, Phoenix, Arizona]. I don’t try to really—in all my heart—do what you would call proselyte [proselytize]. Now, proselytize, if you really saving souls and getting people to God. That’s ok. I don’t even try to do it because the Holy Spirit at the end of time is going to work in a marvelous way. He did, in my own life, as I just got through telling you. But the other [proselytizing] is good to unction real strong, about getting closer to the Lord by the Holy Spirit. But you know, you can’t legislate neither can you force people. They will come for healing, and sometimes they don’t want to go as far—now, we are back to that message again. They don’t want to go as far as that cloud is going to go. Somehow, inside, it seems like part of human nature and part of satanic forces that would abide there when they get out of here—they just don’t seem to move closer into the cloud. Glory to God! I believe that is inspired, don’t you?

So, the cloud of God was upon the tabernacle by day and the fire was on it by night. Amen. The same cloud and the same fire. So, we are in it today just like that. So, as He is moving by supernatural [supernaturally]—the Holy Spirit what He will do at the end of the age—He will move not only through ministers, and not only through the supernaturalism that He uses ministers, but the Holy Spirit will begin to grip the hearts. He will come upon the people in the streets and in different places. Maybe they’ve heard the message a week or two before. Maybe they haven’t heard anything. Maybe it was their father or mother preaching to them as a child and reading the bible. Maybe they have once read the bible or they haven’t touched it in ten years, but they know that it means something. Anyway, the Holy Spirit can convict the sinners and the people more than one million preachers at one time. Yet, the preachers will be used. They are harvest workers. Then the Holy Spirit will begin to condemn [convict]. The ones that don’t fall down and give their lives to Him then will run to a church, and they will fall down and give their hearts to the Lord Jesus after a message. But that is what He is going to do at the end of the age. The Holy Spirit will convict all those that are His. Every one of them will come to the Lord Jesus, some place, all over the earth. He knows what He is doing, and the convicting power in the latter rain would be probably many times more than what we saw in the last revival of the last 20 or 30 years that came upon the earth. He is ready to move by His power and by His Spirit.

So, with the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, we are going to be in for a great revival. In other words, what men are not able to reach, the Holy Spirit will reach anyway. He is moving. You see that? That is the way He moves. Oh, glory to God! Symbolism—He moves, He shows what is happening right in here. He is really great! So we find out, Jesus appoints the seasons. Behold, it is so, saith the Lord. Listen to this: we’ll read Jeremiah 5. Joel 2 talks about it and many places in the bible. Getting into this message, inspire/spark your hearts for great outpouring coming from the Holy Spirit. It says here in Jeremiah 5: 24 “Neither say they in their heart, Let us fear the Lord our God…” Sometimes nothing seems to turn some of the people. But those that are His will turn. How many of you read that? This means in a spiritual matter. Wherever there is a physical type in the bible, it also speaks of a spiritual type. That’s right. Amen. It says here, “That giveth rain, both the former and the latter in his season…” Now, it has to be in season for the Lord knows that giving the latter rain too quickly into the former rain will not work. The wrong people will be involved. He’s got it all timed like clockwork. Behold, there is a set time with the Lord in all that He does.

“That giveth rain, both the former and the latter, in his season…” Sometimes, if the rains don’t come to the farmer—they have off seasons—if the former rain comes at the wrong time, it won’t work. We’ve got a farmer that’s on the ground—in retirement—right here. He’ll tell you all about it. Working many years on the combine tractors and in the fields, I haven’t said too much to him about it, but I know because I used to live in that kind of country. The rains begin to come at the wrong time; it won’t do the crop any good. If the weather comes at the wrong time—the cold—it won’t do it. And even if the former rain comes just right, then if the latter rain doesn’t come when it is appointed, the crop will be half good or just part good. Vice versa, if it is the former rain that comes, it has to come just right, and the latter rain just right. When you do [when this happens], you’ve got a good crop. You say Amen? That’s what it says here. It says that it is reserved. It says here that He gives the former and the latter rain in His season. So, the Lord has it coming. The latter rain will come just at the right [time]. There would be a kind of slow growth which we have seen all over the world. You see a lot of people doing this and doing that, but it makes no difference. He is real. And when He comes—the other [former rain] is a lot of witnessing going on—when He comes, He will move and that latter rain will come just right, and He will get what He wants. And the former rain together—and what it has done—the latter rain will come and get it. And when it does, it will fall just right.

Now, we are beginning to get into it and as it begins to fall—you know, we are in 1980s. Eight in the bible is resurrection. It has to do with changes. It has to do with things that expand in the numerical values, changes, changes. It has to do with the resurrection, but mostly, it is connected with changes and things that are coming and abounding. It is something [related] to abounding, expanding and the power of His kingdom. As it comes now, the latter rain comes just right upon His people, upon His kingdom, upon His church. Then the crop will grow just as He wants it. He’s got just what He wants. And then at the proper time, the Sun of Righteousness in Malachi 4 shall arise. The Sun, S-U- N, the Sun of Righteousness, the Lord Jesus, will arise with healing in His wings. How many of you believe that? And He will ripen that crop. The healing is there, miracles and power will be with it. Then He said, Behold, I will send you Elijah, the prophet. So, we know he is headed that way. We know the cycle of that as the old prophet will come again probably in Israel as Malachi said. Now, as that rain comes together just right, you are going to have your crop that He wants. He won’t have it in any other way. He’s got it timed.

But once those rains are timed, I tell you something will come out of that; that the world has never seen before. He really knows what He is doing and He sets His time. So, He giveth both the former and latter rain in His season. He reserveth unto us the weeks of the harvest, meaning that after the former and the latter rain come down together, He will appoint the weeks to us of the harvest. It would be reserved, and there would be weeks of the harvest. And when He does, then He will begin to move and take in the harvest all over the earth. Now, the cloud is moving by His power. We really believe it. And it’s a shame today—hidden from most people’s eyes—the bible is a book of life, and the bible is a book to us, showing us what is going to take place. You know the Old Testament as we said before is the New Testament concealed. That’s right. It broke out of that and the Messiah came. The New Testament is revealing the Old Testament. In the Old Testament is concealed the New Testament that it [New Testament] was to come forth. So, concealed in the Old Testament, it tells us about the latter days of great outpouring that should come upon the earth. The Lord said in the bible—and some of the minor prophets; through some of the minor prophets—He said this latter house shall be greater than the former in my glory. Amen. Isn’t that wonderful? He is going to begin to shake. He is really putting His people together. He is going to unite them for a quick powerful short work. Then the bible says after He appoints the harvest: We should harvest in after He gives the former and the latter rain just right. Now, what makes these [elect bride] walk into His Word, and what makes them fold just like an eagle’s wings on the back together is that they are appointed by God.

As the former and latter rain of power comes at the end of the age, then they will walk right into the Word of God. They will walk right into the supernatural power. I believe that with all my heart. Then when the group gets together, and the Lord’s power unites them, when there is a uniting, there are great miracles. Once that takes place, never a people like it before. How many of you believe that. Why? Because in His heart, He chose this time through the 6,000 years at the time of this generation. He has chosen it in His heart for this people to be like that because those are the ones that are going to be translated. That’s what He thinks about them! How many of you can say Amen? He loved Elijah the prophet and how He loved Enoch, the prophet! They had a testimony of faith that pleased Him. And then at the end of the age, He will love this people the same as Elijah and Enoch. Both of them disappeared without dying, and one of them was seen going in a chariot from God, a chariot of fire. In fact, he got in a chariot, and it went away in a whirlwind, and that was the same cloud that was over the tabernacle that looked like fire at night. How many of you can say praise the Lord? Glory!

Now, you see, that’s where we are at, magnetic power! It is coming. Young people, you want to get in on this. You know, in the world, they say, “We got this coming, we got that coming.” All of these things, but you will never have anything coming like this that will give you such a ride that God is going to give you. And you won’t get seasick or airsick either, and you can transverse millions of miles than you can think. You know, I was discussing what I was reading how supernatural God is, and I was praying about some places. My mind was drifting to different states and even over to Israel and everywhere. In about ten minutes, I had transversed half the globe nearly in my mind. Sometimes, prophecies would come to me and different things. And I thought to myself, you know, this old body holds us down. We are limited here in our mind. You know, Jesus, in the dimension that He was in even, Lucifer you know, that time when they went up the temple, when He was being tempted and tested—and I talked about the dimension of God and how fast it was. That was the temptation, you know, when all that took place in that dimension. But Jesus Himself can disappear and appear. He can be in heaven and here at the same time. He is so powerful. In other words, the people of the Lord at some time and other, when they change into that dimension, they could just think where they are going to be and they would be [there].

There is another dimension, entirely different from this dimension. And yet this mind that God has given us is a wonderful tool. The body cannot leave with it. But you know, it kind of gives us a fore-shadow. Now, you can think in your mind right now, and you can depict the ocean around Los Angeles or the sea around San Francisco or the islands around Hawaii or the Middle East where they are having all the crises or you can think of the snow that is in the mountains. You can think of some of the planets out here and you can move your minds over three or four of those planets. You can move to different cities in your mind.  You are limited here, but your mind has just travelled thousands of miles. Isn’t that wonderful? How many of you believe that? Sure, now that is kind of like a fantasy, kind of an imagination there doing all that. But the time will come when we would be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. And I thought how marvelous! We can travel all over the world and never even get up and go anywhere. Amen. Because it’s not really what you call a reality, but it shows you what kind of a mind that God gave His people. Let us believe the Lord for great things. Amen? And if you get your mind and thinking from the Lord, and you get your heart and mind together, and your soul in there, you can believe for wonderful things.

Howbeit, when we are changed, in a moment, we’ll be right around the throne, see? Somebody said, “How far is that?” You can’t put any miles on it; it’s further than miles because it’s in another dimension. You don’t measure in miles anymore. There is no such thing as miles. It is measured in eternity. Well, that’s deep. And the power of the Lord—then our mind and heart would be reality to where we just left and changed in a moment, and we are right around the throne or wherever He is, we are there! See; that’s what I am trying to tell you, but it would be supernatural. Your body will be glorified—have a light in it. It would be a different story from what we have here, in a different dimension. It would be wonderful, great, and there are thousands, yea millions of different dimensions that the Most High holds that the earth or satan or angels or anybody else has ever seen. He holds the key to that. He is the Almighty! Glory to God! Alleluia! Evidently, planets and worlds like this [earth], they say, in the universe. It’s literally trillions until they run out of them. There are so many different places that the Lord has. This one [earth], we know that people are here. We don’t know all He has in different places, but I can tell you that He is not an idle God. He knows what He is doing.

Now, listen to this: It’s too bad—as God is moving in this last revival in great power over the earth, the cloud is lifting up now. He is moving around and we are to follow it through the Word, and to follow it though His utterances, and how He will manifest Himself. There will be healings because the Sun of Righteousness rises with healing. A new revival, a new power will come with the latter rain. It would be the greatest, the most wonderful thing that ever happened to His people to prepare them. He is going to do that. So, we find out, listen to this: it is beginning to happen in different places as He begins to move. Yet, the people are blinded. They say, “We’ve already got it. He’s poured out His Spirit, and we are working with that, and we are staying with this right here. We don’t really want to move on with God.” You know, there is a lot of fanaticism that is involved with that moving onward. I know satan moves around too; like wildfire, he moves around. But the Word, it doesn’t get off. Never will, no sir! They can’t take that though, see? So, that is another thing they back off from. Now, when He moves forward, see, they have to take all the Word. Here He comes; now, they took about 70%, 60% 40, some 30%, some 20%, –and their blessings according as they have taken the Word. But now, in the latter rain revival, all those people will walk their way right up to the full Word—that is what they are. The others that will not. They will walk somewhere else. They will go somewhere else.

He will walk them right up toward that Word. Then in the latter rain, the others that will not go forward—you see, Joshua had a new day, new Word of power there. The ones that will not move forward in that cloud of power, and the way of the Lord’s Holy Spirit—it will draw [dawn] on them some, but not like the others, just a warning—they will know that something is going on. But the ones that won’t go forward in that—you know, it’s the Word more than anything else. They have to eat the whole Word of God. They have to take all the Word of God, and they have to believe that Jesus is eternal. Can you say Amen? You know, John, in the thunders–Revelation 10–which is matched in the 7th seal which is coming to His people right now in the thunders. It will be coming forth in that latter rain. It has to come this way. It’s all in color, all the power and the rainbow, and the Lord coming down as that Angel, and He sets His foot on the earth calling for time. He is the only One that knows the time, so it has to be Him. See; no angel knows the day +or the hour. So, they can’t argue with me on who [it is] that is coming down with that rainbow and fire on His feet, and the cloud; that means Deity. It’s the time Angel coming to us. And He comes down in Rev. 10 and it starts to thunder there, and He shakes things up, little message coming to His people.

Now, here is the message full of anointing. Here is the message they refused, and here is the One coming in the latter rain. It’s all in the Word of God. When He came down, He set His feet, one on the earth and one on the sea. He covered everything, universal. Now, He is calling time. The bible said He called time, but John couldn’t write. Whatever was associated with it, it was the resurrection of the dead too, that go up in the translation. It was a time, that is associated — even the chapter looks that [like] it is in the wrong place; it is not. He allowed it to bring it on over there because He is going to take in now the past and the present and reach on into the future, Amen. So, when He comes in there in that cloud, that rainbow and fire on Him, the sun in His face—universal power, land and sea. It thundered, and seven anointings began to flash around John. And, of course, he wasn’t anointed–not like it’s going to be at the end of the age–to bring that there at that time. That is reserved; that is, behold, she makes herself ready. There it is! How many of you say Amen? If He would have come in the days of the early rain–or in John’s days, He would have reaped and the translation could have taken place thousands of years ago. The translation could have taken place 20 years ago. The translation could have taken place right after John on Patmos. But no, He is not ready, see? He told John don’t write it. Write all the rest, but don’t write what the thunders uttered which is the Voice of God, the lightning of God around the throne.

The Lion roared; it is the Lord Jesus. The power would be like the anointing. It would be like electricity, very potent and very powerful. John couldn’t write it. We know it’s a book that’s left; a missing space. It’s like something that is missing. It’s right there. It’s for His people. Now, it didn’t come at that time, but John was privileged to look into it without writing it. John held the secret in His heart. Then at the end of age—now, if He had come any time in history, the translation, the people would have already ripened. They would have ripened during the early rain. They would have ripened during the first age revival or the last of the apostolic revival or somewhere in there in the church ages where we had the reformers go forth, breaking into the gifts. We are here now. Now, there is an apostle type—a prophetic ministry that’s going forth. So, He reserved this power. Now, at the end of the age, what John couldn’t write or talk about is going to fall on the bride. That’s what ripens her and gets her ready, and brings it together in unity. Where that happens, there is the thunder. Amen. And the resurrection in there, He is calling too because He reaches one hand to heaven like this and He reaches on out and He says time no longer. There shall be no more delay; that is what it means, in the original.

There shall be no more delay. Then things begin to take place. See; translation takes place in there. Message is given—the book—the full message. Later, down in the chapter, it says, take this. John took it and said, “Oh, boy; that sounds so good, hmm! He said, I know that’s the Word. He was listening to it there because he was a prophet, and he couldn’t handle it. Say Amen! The bible said it was real sweet, but oh, when he had to look it over and digest it, and get him ready, he got sick. He went on and prophesied translation, and went on out of there. Can you say praise the Lord? You see what I am trying to tell you now? They will come up to it—oh, the full Word—eternal—there it is. It was little rolls; the bible says it was given to him. Oh, it looked so good, but you see, he couldn’t do it. He got sick. The bible said so. He got up; he was alright. He was demonstrating how the Lord would purge, how He is going to cleanse, and how tremendous power is going to take place that you’ve got to be preordained, you’ve got to be in destiny for this to come to you. And you are in destiny tonight. You are not here by accident even if you are new. You’ve heard this message. It will echo through eternity and back into eternity. It’s there! It’s already spoken. It’s recorded in eternity.

Let me put it that way: no echo [not an echo], it’s in eternity right now, the message is. So, when He did [came down from heaven], He called, there should be no more delay of time. In this chapter [Revelation 10], translation, resurrection of all those that love God—they go with them in the translation. Time is called again, [in the] tribulation, mark of the beast, and so forth. Time—called again—the day of the Lord. Time is called again in there because it goes to that seventh Angel—meaning two things, one over to the Gentiles, and one in there in Revelation chapter 11, and one over in there where He is in chapter 16, calling in there. This Angel is calling the time. The first one He called in them thunders, that is the translation. That is the secret John couldn’t write. Thunder means resurrection. He’s gone out of there. And then He comes down here; He calls time; that is the tribulation. Then the great day of the Lord. He calls that time. And then after that, He calls time for the Millennium. Then after the Millennium [Revelation 20] in Revelation 10, He calls time; we are at the White Throne now, and God will take over. Oh, praise God! Now, you see what that time Angel is [doing]? He is moving right along with those time zones. He is calling time; some are gone! He is calling time, something else happens. It goes right straight out, time.

Now, you read it. It covers first the time of the translation of the church, and the great power that comes to it. It reaches on into the tribulation; that chapter 10 does because those times are called. He just didn’t call time no more for the church that time—the translation has to go out of there. It means He called it clear on down there till there is no more time. Then it blends into eternity. Now, are you with me? As long as He said there should be no more time, and He calls time, that means He calls it for all of it. And as it goes clear down even after the Millennium, and the White Throne judgment. Then there should be no more time. It blends into eternity where time is not kept any longer. They can’t because it never runs out. It is eternal like the Lord Jesus. Amen. I feel good, don’t you? But He is moving now. The bible says in the book of Revelation, listen to what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Yea, listen to what the Spirit saith unto the churches!

It says here Jeremiah 8: 9, “Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; [and the anointing is so powerful, Amen] and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; [Now, we find out here that the stork in the heavens knows its appointed time. The turtle and the crane, and all of creation, they know their appointed time] but my people know not the judgment of the Lord.” Creation knows more about His coming than some of the human creation. Preaching through the earthquakes, the weather patterns, trying to warn men all over the world—the appointed time of the people that know their God and these thunders are really going to move around in power. It is coming. How many of you believe that? Amen. It is coming at the appointed time. He appoints the seasons. It says He appoints the harvest for His people. So, we find out Jesus appoints the seasons. So, tonight, the latter rain is going to come. It is going to ripen His people. We have one work that is going on in here, but all over the nation people are being healed, people are being saved, and people are being delivered through the message, through the cassette, through the scrolls, and through the books. The Lord is moving overseas, here and everywhere. I tell you there is work going on and the people, they do not know their appointed time. I believe it is time to work because surely the judgment of the Lord is coming on the earth.

All those that listen to this cassette, it is going to bless your heart. I really believe that. Everyone reach on out. How many of you can say praise the Lord? Reach on out. Now, the cloud—I believe the cloud of the Lord. Tonight, coming into this message, it’s just like a cloud. I really believe that. The Holy Spirit is on the earth, and the Holy Spirit is in the form of a cloud when He wants to be—to appear like that to His people—the Cloud of Fire. I want you to stand to your feet. Everyone that gets this cassette, I believe you will find secrets all through it when you blend the chapters that we just read here together. I believe it because it just came all of a sudden. This is something that I didn’t have time to put down any notations apart from a few scriptures. It came from the Lord Jesus. Now, we are walking our way toward that Angel that is going to call that time. He is going to call it, and He knows how long it takes before He calls that time. He knows how to push us onward. Go forward, saith the Lord! That is active faith.

So, when the cloud lifted, they went forward, and those that didn’t were left behind. They died in the wilderness. Those that went with the cloud crossed over. They went to the Promised Land, the bible said, with Joshua. The same at the end of the age. As the cloud moves forward, those that believe in the power of the Lord will cross over. What is the Promised Land to us the Gentiles? It is heaven. Glory to God! The bible even said I will give you manna and the name on a stone (Revelation 2: 17). Amen. Glory to God! All of that power. Reach on out here tonight. You people on this cassette, God bless your heart. Get out and witness. Praise the Lord! He is touching bodies. He is healing bodies. We rebuke the devil wherever he is at. And let the cloud of the Lord come into your home, into your tabernacle, wherever you are preaching. If you are outside, overseas, preaching or if you are in a little building or a big building, it makes no difference. Let the cloud of the Lord engulf you with His Holy Spirit for He is magnetic and He is powerful! Lord, anoint thy people. Anoint the ones that love you with all the heart bringing them together in unity, and we’ll move into those thunders that John stood in awe [of]. He said, John, don’t write. The only thing He told John was don’t write it. Can you say Amen? For He is coming down on His people. Can you shout the victory!

I feel jubilee! In fact, I have been working on the jubilees. That’s what I was working on. I have some things coming that have to do with jubilee and other different things. From there, I want this cloud to come here. Glory to God! Alleluia! How many of you feel great here tonight? If you are young here tonight, no matter who you are here tonight, God has something better for you than the devil could even offer you or the world could ever give to you. I mean He is electrical, stimulating power which is the Holy Spirit. He is a Reality! Glory to God! Alleluia! How many of you feel the power of the Lord? Oh, thank you Jesus. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! What I like about the crowd [the audience] is that they are in unity. Glory to God! I don’t care if there are a few or thousands or hundreds or whatever, if they are in unity, that’s what counts. And that is what I love about the audience tonight. You can feel the unity. Why? I believe that God has sent it over us.

Come on down here. I am going to pray for all of you. Shout the victory! Tell Him what you want. I am going to pray over every one of you here tonight. Come on down. Shout the jubilee! You are free! Come on, jubilee! You are set free. Thank you Jesus! Jesus is all power. Yes He is! Come on now! Reach on out. Touch them Lord. He is rising! Jesus is rising over His people. Oh, thank you Jesus!


99 – Go forward

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