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A Time to Mend A Time to Mend

Translation alert 97 | CD #1373

Oh, praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus, Feel good? People slow down a little in the summer. But the prayers—we have faith—they are speedy, Amen? For they work as He works them with us. Lord, we gather together. We believe with all of our hearts. We know—although there are difficulties sometimes among the churches and among the people—that’s old satan trying to steal the victory and the joy that you have given us. The bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of every one of them. Remind satan of that. And He delivers. Now, touch the whole audience together. No matter what the test or trial is Lord, what they are going through, what they need in prayer, answer them in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Touch each heart, uplifting them with the power of the Spirit, Lord that supersedes all things. Touch everybody. Give them a deeper walk, and the Holy Spirit to move upon them. Give the Lord a handclap! Thank you, Jesus.

Now this sermon, you know, we have some deep messages, futuristic messages or prophecies and mysteries. This morning, I kind of jotted down a few things here and just see what the Lord would do with them. We will get into that and we will have a restful sermon. Somehow powerful, forceful sermons sometimes and then the Lord kind of just lays back. As you are trying to get all that into your system, He will come back and give you something else here. Now, in the time we live in, with so much stress and pressure—I get letters from all over the nation, different parts, you know—what is going on, the pressure of the nation. With the pressure we see coming on the land, more and more of the elect now want to see Jesus than ever before. And of course, the world, they go off in different ways to kind of ease the pressure in there. But the elect would have to have, the church body, that is, has to have a great desire to see Jesus–such a desire that He will appear for them. Amen? So, that desire to see Jesus come is going to come upon the earth and that is what we are preparing for now, and you can kind of feel it–in certain ways and in certain things, He is bringing His church together.

A Time to Mend: Oh, but that is the hour of the church! If you are going to mend anything, if you are ever going to get it together, now is the time. We are living in perilous and uncertain times, and the only stable thing you would ever run into is the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the only thing [One] stable upon this earth. We have the chaotic and the madness of the nations and so forth going on everywhere, not knowing really what they do want. So, there is trouble all over the world. The bible says at this hour, “And the nations were angry.” They were angry with God for the time had come that God was to judge the nations. The madness, the turmoil, and the rebellion will increase until the nations are actually angry with God Himself. But the church—you don’t want to get into that—snake pit or whatever it is—get into the anger of the nations and get swept up against the Lord. It is a time to mend. So now, we who believe need patience, love, peace, and confident faith. How many of you believe that?

Now, we who believe, we need the love, peace, the confident faith that goes with it because the Lord soon is going to shake the heavens and He is going to shake the earth. This is the time to mend anything in your heart. It is the time for everything–before Jesus comes–you want to get everything together and have it mended in there. Let the Holy Spirit control the anger that is bound to rise up–as satan does this and satan does that—he tries to get them angry. That is what he is trying to do to the nations. Let the Holy Spirit control it. Get a hold of that—the upset feeling and so forth like that. Let the Holy Spirit get a hold of that and forsake strife. Get out of strife for that is nothing but a headache. How many of you believe that? That is bad as an argument because arguments generally start strife. It is a time to mend the heart. There is a time for everything. And this is the time for us to have brotherly love, peace, and sisterly love. Amen. Love one another.

Don’t let satan trick you at the hour that the Lord is about to take His church out because that is what he is trying to do. He is trying to get them mad at one another, trying to get confusion in there, and then when they are busy doing all these, the Lord will come because that is how it was predicted to take place, and that is exactly what is taking place now. The bible says prepare to be ready. Now, what is to be ready? Just what I am preaching. Have everything together. You may not do it every day, but don’t let it build because when it does, it is hard to shake off. And the tests and the trials—the bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all. He will make a way somehow; somehow even if divine providence has to come, it will come. But the Lord delivers them out of them all one way or another there. So, prepare, now is the time of preparation. Witness, testify, and praise the Lord Jesus daily. Do all you can and if you have to mend a family deal [problem], try to keep that family mended together there.

A time to mend—is the time we are living in. This is the time of friendship and unity saith the Lord. A time of friendship and unity, He said, exactly right! A time to mend. Oh, how sweet it is for the brethren to dwell in unity! David, the prophet, saw that; he wrote that. How wonderful it is to see that fellowship take place in the heart because satan knows that when the unity–and the fellowship–takes place and it comes in the heart, he [satan] has automatically been pushed back. He has been defeated. You must have the fellowship. You must have–divine love brings that—to one another. A time to mend is upon us in the land. During this mending season of preparing us for the outpouring, if you don’t have what I am preaching here together and you let satan get you upset—take and offset it somehow—then you will be swept in into the lukewarmness, swept in into the madness of the nations. And they were angry at God, the nations were, it [the bible] said in there. So, get it all together, and don’t let him [satan] sweep you away into that there.

And by now or soon, we are getting close to it; Jesus is narrowing down those elected. He is narrowing down the crowd, that’s worldwide. Soon, He will narrow it down until He’s got just what He wants and then that group is going to leave saith the Lord. That’s what He is doing. You say the Lord is—always He brings it down to a razor sharp. It got so sharp only two or three at the cross, the (third) witness of the thief, He brought it sharp. Each time a revival comes, He starts bringing it sharp and in each age He gets what He wants. This age, it is at the sharpest point. He narrows those down—those church age seals. He narrows them down till He gets into the seventh that we are in now and then that razor sword comes down, and that’s the sharp point on that. By that, He cuts and He prunes, and He narrows down that great crowd. He narrows down the field. And then when He narrows it down, that’s where we are now, then a revival will come. I mean, then He will bring some from the highway and hedges, and they won’t have to go back out no more because He’s got what He wants. And that is where we are right now—the sharp point—and He is narrowing it down—only a sudden quick work.

Now, we know that He comes quickly; we know in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. So, we know on the other side of the coin, satanic forces—we know in the last seven years that events especially in the last three and a half will progress tremendously and even before that because the Lord made those statements on the other side. You say, “Why, it looks like you’ve got plenty of time.” Man, when that hits right in there, it would just be so quick until they won’t know what hit them, and it will be over before they even know where they are at in there because that is the way Jesus said He is going to come at the end of the age. Even Daniel, the prophet, after seeing everything, he said at the end of the age, it would be like a flood. All at once, it will come upon the people and the Lord will take them out there. So, He is narrowing them right down. He is getting them right down because we are finishing the age up and it is a time to mend.

Loyal—that is what He requires of the elect and the bride. Loyalty—and that loyalty is that Jesus is your first love. Don’t lose that like the early church did at that time and He [almost] threatened to remove their candlestick. And your loyalty to love Jesus first in your heart—for the scriptures says love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all they mind. Now, how many of you are ready to see the Lord? See; that is a commandment—one of the commandments. He must be first in your heart and loyalty is what He requires. That’s what is going to get you out of here with your faith. And that loyalty is only produced by divine love. And [with] that loyalty to Him, in your love with all your heart, mind, soul, and body, you are going to push old devil out of the way. The healing power of the Lord is going to come and the Lord is going to touch your heart. So, loyalty is there, you remember.

At one time, as much difference as there was between Esau and Jacob, several times it showed, right in the midst of great trouble that Esau and Jacob could get along a little bit there and they mended their ways for a while. Then the death of Isaac brought them together in divine love. Both of them came together for him. They came to the funeral. Esau and Jacob were seen again as brothers at that time although they were far away apart in their believing, you know. So, maybe it is symbolic if they two could mend. Oh, the church has a glorious chance, and satan cannot stop the mending and the love of God! Only the love of God in Jacob that affected Esau and the love of God in Esau made them to come together for that period of time there. Symbolic? Futuristic? Say what you want to, but probably that is a picture finally after Armageddon is over that some of those Arabs from Esau and old Jacob’s seed—finally, they will get back together again like they did back there when Esau and Jacob got together for the last time. God was able to do it.

And so through many deaths on earth, whatever Arabs are left, the Jew and him probably they will shake hands together, but only divine love can do what all nations, the antichrist and all people could not do. Finally, God will do some of that. How many of you believe that? Finally, God will do some of that. How many of you believe that? Boy, they will mend their hearts again and God will heal the breach, He said. Oh my! Just mend it right there! So, that’s a good futuristic point that may come out of all the madness at first. But at the final end—because Jacob and Esau had it out so many times—but in the final end afterwards, God would bring some good things out of all that.

Your thoughts must be stayed on Him. At the time of the age that we live in today, thoughts are put on everything, but the Most High or on the Lord Jesus because it is a world that is programmed or computerized in such a way and such anxieties and–so much going on and so much to do—that the people’s thoughts cannot stay upon the Lord. There is always something to take that thought off there. But your mind should be stayed upon the Lord. Sometimes you can even work, sometimes you can rest, you can eat, anytime and any moment you get, have your thoughts upon the Lord. He may reveal something that way even when you are not in prayer, He may come and show you something because He works in strange and mysterious ways there. So, keep it [your mind] upon Him.

In James 5, it says—there are at least three or four things that you better guard against. And it tells you right there and it says the judge standeth at the door. It tells about the coming of the Lord, that it draweth near, and he told the people to be stable—to be certain in your belief—to know what you believe because it says have patience. Have that patience! Don’t be tossed through the wind, blown here and there, but have patience. It’s been a long journey through this earth, but we are going to have an eternal journey with God for a short journey here. That’s exactly right! And He standeth at the door. So, the patience must be there. At that time, there wouldn’t be too much patience or he wouldn’t have said that. And he said hold no grudges, the prophet did. He said hold no grudges. He is standing at the door when that happens. He is ready to come. Hold not any grudges. Don’t let them build up. But those are the two that he said would be there when the Lord is coming [the Lord’s coming is] close. So, get rid of the grudges. Get them out of your heart. Grudges were associated right with the Judge; He is at the door. So, before Jesus comes—we talk about friends, relatives, neighbors, whatever you’ve got—there are going to be grudges because James said they were going to be there, but don’t be caught up in the madness of these things. Don’t be caught [up] to where you are tossed to and fro but have patience in all that you ask from God and by patience, you possess your soul. So, those are warnings just before the Lord is to come that I am giving you.

That is the way we do it and it has to come with divine love. What an hour! You know, even here in Arizona when the weather gets hot and all the humidity is in, it’s easy for your temper to rise. You get out in the heat, sometimes you don’t feel good, and you don’t eat right. Sometimes it is upsetting situations and satan moves in; he takes advantage and it’s almost [as if] somebody called him there, you know. He will move on you. In many parts of the country, if you get down to the south, the humidity–is really humid–down there—you just flow down to nothing down there. But nevertheless, he [satan] will work through that. Remember, out in the desert—it says they walked all over in the hot desert. I mean the conditions were twice worse than we have here in the places out there. But still it [bible] says they were valiant and did great miracles, and believed the Lord against all odds. They were able to stand up for the Lord Jesus. How many of you believe that? Especially Moses and Joshua at that time and others that were out there too. They believed the Lord.

So, there it is. Have patience. Don’t let any grudges–I wouldn’t be preaching that this morning if it wasn’t going to do somebody some good. Not only here, but it goes all over the nations. But the Lord will deliver you out of all the afflictions and that’s one of them. He will deliver you out of all of them if you just put them in His hands. He will take over there. And I wrote here: Help one another in every way. Help one another, especially spiritually. Help the spiritually weak. Help every one of them that is weak in faith. Help is one of the ways—the bible said in the end and in due season, you will be blessed. So, those that are weak in faith or spiritually—you want to uphold and help all that you can—if they’ve got an interest to go deeper. Have divine love for those that are out on the streets and other places that you might witness to and might help in some form or fashion—any way you can to get the witness out there. So, help one another. Nowadays, it’s like I said—programmed—everything is like a robot, numbers and so forth like that. There are no more many friendly kinds of people, wanting to help one another spiritually and or any other way because we are in the hour now to where the great test has come on the earth., Out of that God will choose and narrow down the ones that will go away with Him before all hell breaks loose on this earth. It is the truth if I have ever told it.

The closer we get—this kind of a message—it will never get old. That’s the Lord on me. It will always be new. It’s futuristic. Even the anointing comes on me like in the future. It [the message] will help in every month or year or how long we get to stay here. This message will remain true in your heart and there is a great anointing to help you, and it will help you. And I won’t be surprised if pretty soon the clouds of the Lord begin to appear more and more with His people because He is coming in clouds. How many of you believe it. And you’d probably get a glimpse—probably in your room you might have get a glimpse–in church—we don’t know how He is going to do it all, but He is going to do it. We are entering the clouds of the Lord, and He is coming with those clouds to get His people. So, now, there is a time to mend. You know in Ecclesiastes 3, he did use that word [mend] there, but it was a time for this and a time for that. A time to cast out, a time to gather in. There was a time to rend and a time to sew. A time to love and a time for war. Right now, there is a time to mend. Some people may not get around to this today, but some day you will have to [come] face-to-face with mending up all these things–and have the love of God in your heart and put Jesus first. You know, if Jesus really gets in there first, grudges and misunderstandings or whatever—that divine love can overcome anything. But the human nature and the kind of love that the human nature can have in the spiritual somewhat, by itself, it cannot overcome that. But the love of Jesus can overcome anything. I mean, He will rule!

But you see, the fact is, you know the kind of revival we’ve had, all of a sudden, the Lord turned and it wasn’t me at all. He turned and it had all the young people, the children that He loves so much that are kind of set back sometimes, you know, for years here. They only come when one of them will come here. Of late, the Lord has made a movement toward them along with the rest that we prayed for. All of a sudden, I think, for two nights we could hardly get to as many as those young people that came here. I had to take two nights to get through praying for those young people. It’s as if the Lord was saying those older people from maybe 25 – 30 on–you might say it’s as if they have heard the gospel until they no longer consider it serious. They have heard it till it kind of takes off and they take it for granted. It’s as if these little children are listening to the Lord because they haven’t heard it so much. And if they grow up to be 20, 40, 60 [years old]—we probably won’t have that time—but if they grow up, we [they] would probably get the same way. They would start taking it for granted. Little children, while that enthusiasm is in your heart—remember, when that King sets forth—the Archangel—the Lord Himself descends—there are going to be a lot of little fellows like you up there! You want to go up with your folks and your folks want to go up with you. And I tell you, when you came toward the platform that night you made a definite move that God liked. He loves your heart because you don’t even understand. You haven’t heard it this much but you’ve got that little faith in your heart that God loves. And He made a step toward you to come out here—to get you and help you.

So, that revival, two nights of that went on [praying for young people], and five nights of revival we had—and the other cases. It was just as if God said now my time has come to get the young and help them also, So, the older you get sometimes, not all people though, we’ve got people here that are always—He’s got that elect that are alert and everything. But so many people in the churches everywhere—the gospel has been heard so much. They kind of let it run off of them. But it’s just as fresh and new. As I was saying at the beginning of this sermon, this sermon is futuristic. I believe it would be as good and never wear out saith the Lord. That is exactly right! So, help one another. God’s love is and lives eternally. I wrote that at the end of this. God’s love, it is and it lives—and Gods’ love is eternal. And if you get into that, you are eternal with the Lord. How great it is!

Now, believing the gospel, a few scriptures here. See; stay full of the anointing and the power of God. Believe the gospel, all of it. Believe in the predestination, the providence, and the acts of God. Sometimes, there have been times that you have no power at all, but you must stand like Paul said, and just stand there. Just stand and see how God is going to work it out. That’s all you can do about it. Divine providence steps in right in the midst of all things that we do, and so does providence take a movement in there too. So, believe the gospel, all of the gospel—the miracles, the miraculous, the second coming, the return, the gifts, and all of the divine love and the fruit of the Spirit. Believe the gospel; don’t just believe the gospel, but act and believe—it’s what it means. Jesus said believe the gospel, and one more thing, He said believe the works, all the works of the gospel. Believe in it, Jesus said, and everything that is done. And you are going to sew it up. We are going to mend and sew it up there.

Then He said believe in the Light. Now what is the Light? Jesus said I am the Light, and I am the Light of this world. Over and over, He said I am the Light. I am the Light to mankind. The Light is the Word, and the Word is the Light, and the Light is the Holy Spirit. If you’ve got the Light, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, then you’ve got the Lord Jesus. He said in one place I am the Light. He said I am the Word. He said I am the Spirit. So, if you’ve got the Light, Spirit and the Word, you’ve got the Lord Jesus and all the manifestations. So, that’s why He said believe in the Light and you’ve got them all. Glory to God! Believe that you receive was another commandment.

Believe that you receive—all of us have received, but it’s kind of hard for all people to believe that. The moment before you pray, that miracle [seed] is moving into position—when waiting for us—faith that strikes—has moved into position. You have received. It’s about ready to spring forth, but it will not until that little faith in your heart—and when it touches, then it is yours. Although you have it, it’s not yours till you believe it. Believe that you receive [have received] and hold to it. You may not get everything. Some things may be out of the will of God. We don’t know. But if you hold to it and believe that you receive—in those promises—you are going to have a staggering amount of those come to pass. In the meantime, you are going to push old satan back. Can you say Amen? Glory to God!

God’s love is eternal. Believe the gospel, all of it. I want you to stand to your feet. His divine love for sinners can’t be matched anywhere. Such great love that He had for the Jews to come to them at that time! He has the same greatest love now for the elect or for the people that are coming to God. If you don’t have Jesus, you don’t have long. If you accept Him now, you have some time to work for Him. If you don’t get in soon, there won’t be much time to work for Him. Can you say Amen? Get back in these services now. You can repent right now and come up and see me here when I pray for the sick or whatsoever it is.

It is so powerful and the anointing—it should be no struggle at all to get a hold of the Name of the Lord Jesus and repent right here. What we are going to do this morning is we are going to pray in faith, and believe and praise the Lord. Let’s praise God for this message that the unity and fellowship of the church come together. Ok now, we love Jesus. Let’s shout and praise the victory! Come on. Thank you Jesus. Touch them Lord!

97 – A Time to Mend

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