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The SubstanceThe Substance

Translation alert 100 | CD #1137 | 12/28/86 PM

Thank you Jesus. Lord bless your hearts. Well, it’s wonderful to be here. Isn’t it? Nothing like it. We’ll pray together and Lord appreciates those that believe in Him, those that show their faith. Lord, we love you this morning. Thank you Lord for guiding us this past this year. You’ve been with us in a great way. Many things have been accomplished all over the country and here too, Lord. You have blessed your people. Now, keep your people and guide them. Let us do many times more next year than we have done this year for you Lord Jesus. You are opening up the gates Lord. You are going to bring us into the harvest. What a time to live in! I am watching it, and I believe that the people that love you are watching Lord. We know you are going to bless. Touch the new ones Lord. Bless their hearts. Inspire them to come deeper into the power of God as there is a shortening of time just ahead of us. This is our hour to work. Anoint thy people. By my voice, let the power of God come upon them. Those that believe it, shall receive it. Give the Lord a handclap! Go ahead and be seated.

It’s really great to have the young people serve the Lord because of such great temptations in the world. Such things to attract their attention even more so than [when] I was young. They’ve got much more now to attract them. So, always remember every day in your prayers—besides praying for world revival for God to bring in the very elect of the Lord into the body of Christ, and then there will be the translation—always pray for the youth of the nation. Right now they need it as bad as anything we know how to pray for because many more snares will come their way. We have a promise from God that we are going to see wonderful thing at the end of the age.

Now, listen right close here. We’ll see what we have for you this morning here. Now today, listen to this real close–The Substance. Now, the Substance. Let’s find out what it is—the Evidence—faith produced by believing the Word. You better be bolted down with both of those things or you are going to be blown away. That means not only have the Word of God, but faith, strong powerful faith—the evidence. If you are not bolted down in that, when the storm comes you will be blown away from it. What an hour! Now, I believe it is Nahum 1: 5, “The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yea, the world, and all that dwell therein.” The quaking and the awakening time as never before! What a time and what an hour! You better have the substance of the Lord! Do you believe that? Watch what He gets into.

You know faith is the evidence and the substance in there. It is impossible to please God without faith in His promises. Now, the next years ahead, storm clouds on the horizon bringing to pass coming events—the future dismayed. The people are rattled, unease is in the air. They grasp for a fantasy—imagined—imagine their way out of it. It never happens that way. Catch this here. It comes in rhythmic patterns like that, reaching for illusion, the short way out. Promises, promises, deception everywhere. The shaking is starting. Changing world leaders. Last cycle—very near. We are just entering those ages. The hour people give up, that is when Jesus is beginning to come. The hour that people begin to give up. No time to sleep. See; the world just gives up, throws itself into the madness, throws itself into covering up, drugging itself. Illusion shall take [make] them to get out of the midst of the condemnation of the power of God in messages like this. They don’t want to hear that, see? We are coming into great revival though. Oh, blessed is he saith the Lord that cometh into that one for he shall be departed [translated]! Glory! Alleluia! He shall be taken away. It’s really great. Listen—the hour—no time to sleep Matthew 25:5. You see, right there the delay and the shaking. Matthew 13:30—it shakes, shakes the chaff away from the wheat. That’s what the scripture says. He separates the wheat from the chaff. But He is shaking now the chaff away from the wheatthe Substance—the title of this sermon. The chaff goes out, the substance comes in to God.

What is the chaff? You know, organized systems today, lukewarm and so forth have kind of been protected by the wheat because they have allowed them to preach some. We have been allowed to preach a whole lot. That covering of the chaff will be blown away. It will not get the water, power and faith. They are going to be gathered on one side. God’s people are going to be gathered on one side. It will give you a perfect picture of that in Matthew 13: 30. It says, first separate the chaff, that is, the tare, take it away. Then He said take my wheat, put it together—the substance. Now, back to the substance, the evidence. You better be bolted down with the Word. And the substance, that is the wheat. Glory! Alleluia! Now, shake the chaff loose from the wheat, the substance. Before this, remember what happened–when the powers were shaken.

We are going to get into some scriptures to prove this. When the powers of the heavens were shaken by the atomic blast 1944/45. When it came forth, the power of that shaking sent Israel home. She became a nation. I will shake all nations saith the Lord. That’s a shaking showing us that it’s beginning to shake there. Three great big shakes and the last one shakes them into the great day of the Lord there. Heaven shook. Israel went home. The world is entering a cycle of doom. Yes, they will say peace, peace and safety, but doom is upon them. It will come later. The elect is in the cycle of a rainbow. The elect is in the cycle of faith and power, the cycle of the new garment, new vision of the Word. I will restore saith the Lord. Now, I will restore while the world patches itself up into a new system, and that patchwork has got a big patch—a tube—that is going to blow her into Armageddon. That’s what it is. It’s just a big patch. An ingenious man, a world leader patches the thing, but it doesn’t hold. About 7 years, 31/2 years from that mid-part of the tribulation, that patch blows. And when it does, it blows them sky high. All of their peace and prosperity and safety that time—come out of a world of chaos and crisis. Peace and prosperity after that chaos goes for a little while longer. And then the patch blows off the tube and she goes sky high to meet the Lord. The Lord comes down at that time as the Protector of Israel. He intervenes or there will be no flesh saved upon the earth.

So we find out—new vision of God, new garment. I will restore saith the Lord. Remember in Joel–what the cankerworm, the caterpillar and the locust, all of them had eaten up on the vine of the system—I will come. I will restore saith the Lord in the former and the latter rain (Joel 2: 23 & 25). I will restore. So we find out, all the shaking. Now listen to this right here—the substance–Haggai 2: 6 – 9: “For thus saith the Lord of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land.” [The heavens—weapons of war and quaking, and devastation in the heavens. The earth—the greatest earthquakes the world has ever seen as the cities and nations fall. The last great one in Revelation 16 finally culminates into all—it just tears up the earth. It jolts and cracks the earth, changes it for the Millennium there, the axis turn]. Then He said I will shake the sea—tidal waves, hurricanes, continental shelves shifting, great earthquakes along the sea lines. In the heavens, asteroids are pulled out. He brought that to me, as they come down. And the dry land, I will shake it. I will shake in volcanic eruptions. I will shake the dry land in famine and drought. The people shall be shaken. Universal drought is coming. Revelation 11 tells you something about that. It will finally come as what caused the battle of Armageddon.

And He said, here (Haggai v. 7), “And I will shake all nations [none of them shall escape me. There will be shaking. That is great fault lines, and shakings from the Lord Himself], and the desire of the nations shall come [they will look then, what in the world is this that shakes the earth as in God’s hand like that?]: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts [not only Israel, but the latter rain is coming to the church].” Remember the former rain? We are in the latter house. He said I will fill this house with glory saith the Lord of hosts. Then right in here, He interrupts for a moment. Of all places to put this: “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts” (v.8). This goes back to James 5 just before He comes. Weep and howl, ye rich men that heap up treasure together for the last days and the latter times. It belongs to me saith the Lord and I will come and get it later. It will burn your flesh with fire. You can’t handle what belongs to God. How many of you believe that?

What is He trying to say in all these shakings? Men, greedy men reaching out for the wealth of the world, the antichrist system. All of the fighting—greed—starts Armageddon. But in the end He tells them it doesn’t even belong to you, it belongs to me anyway. What all the fighting is about–it’s going to come back over in the Millennium. How many of you believe this message? Sure, He inserted it for a purpose. It hits right in that shaking. You say what else? We are going to have after a little while as we predicted one president and the one before that there is going to be another economic shaking going on there. There is going [to be]—these men of the latter times rise up to put the wealth in one place with all the valuables and everything else, and try to control the world. You won’t work or sell without the mark of the antichrist. That is coming. Economic shake up. I will shake it, He said. Then between that [is] where He said I will fill this house with glory saith the Lord of hosts. Then He put that. What I just read was put there (v. 6).

“The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former….” See; when it was mad dog house out there, God was gathering His people. It’s alright for you to believe for wealth or for money. That’s alright. God gives you that under grace. But when you are going after that and forget God, and throw Him out of the way, you are going to wind up in the wrong system. Put HIM FIRST. He will bless you. It will run over. But put Him first in there. The glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former. In other words, watch out that you are not blinded from the power of the latter rain that is coming! It will be so much. Then it will go into economic chaos finally. The church will be translated in there. The antichrist system rises out of chaos, brings it back [comes back] to prosperity, deceiving the people with great promises.

Remember the first part of this sermon? Unease, dismayed—you ought to go back to that to see what He is doing here. So, “the glory of the latter house shall be greater than that of the former, saith the Lord of hosts, and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of hosts” (v. 9). In the latter rain, in the latter time of Israel, after the translation, He will finally give them peace. Zechariah 12 shows you all of the war and the restoration that Israel comes out of. And yet in Joel, it says I am the Lord. I shall restore to the Gentiles. I will bring it to them too, and I will sweep up over to the Jews that believe in me finally at the end. Gentile age, bride elect gone! Translated at that time. Great tribulation breaks on the world that we have never seen before.

Look at this: in a moment we will read something. The shaking—He was just shaking everything there, the earth, the sea, weapons and all kinds of things. Look at the shakings going on even since I read that scripture and gave that about the White House and the upheavals. Just look what has taken place. There were about 15 -20 predictions. All of them just about come to pass. Some of them are finishing their courses now from that one message at one time there. Right here we have got a shaking going on. It will come in science. We’ve never seen before how things will be revealed and what will take place into super delusions from science. It will surely come, electronic computers and different things—what man has in the future—weapons. It will come, a shaking. Shaking will come in politics like we’ve never seen before. It is shaking right now since that last message. It is coming right now until finally they will call for something else.

Then we have a great, big religious shaking that will go on. Religion and apostasy on the one side—apostatizing, but on the other side will give no ground [the elect]. They are bolted down by faith in the Word. Bolted down. Can’ blow you away. Can’t shake you. See; everything that God can’t shake is His! He is great! Isn’t He? Everything that He shakes off, the devil catches and brands it as it blows away in the wind. How great and how powerful! Amen. Religion—on both sides—spiritual shaking among the elect of God. Remember in Acts, the fire fell in one place, signs and wonders, it says. The earth shook. And then it said in another place (Acts 2:4), that the great rushing sound like a mighty wind fell upon them there, and the tongues were all over them as tongues of fire. A great shaking is coming again among the elect, and the gifts, and the power, and the rainbow, and the new garment. We will have a new vision of the Word of God and power. It is coming. What an uplift! This world has nothing but negativism. It has nothing. It is wrapped up in all perplexity and confusion. They don’t know how to handle anything anywhere. Worldwide, it seems the more they do, the worse it gets.

This is the time. But with that great confidence and substance—called substance—faith, power, the evidence of His Word that can produce miracles, that is not uneasy. That is faith. That is power. It is not confusion. It is not perplexion (perplexity). That’s bolted down, saith the Lord. Glory! Alleluia! How many of you are still with me? Religion, shaking. Youth—revival among some of them—shaking among the youth. After this generation, before it ends, unless a miracle happens in the drugs—I wrote years ago—they tried every way they could, it would only get worse, and it did. Unless a miracle takes place in that drug [situation], you are going to see the flower of the youth worse than we have ever seen it in crime waves, murders, and things that will happen that we have never seen in the history of the world. Watch and see! It will take a miracle to stop that. Absolutely or it cannot be done any other way! And I’ll tell you, go back to my other writings. But a revival will come. God will sweep into that youth. The youth will begin to wake up because God will wake them up. When He wakes them up, some of them will be swept into the kingdom of God who have not even known very much about the Lord. He will bring them in off the streets and everywhere. He is going to sweep. He is going to shake, and when the shaking is over with, He will have what He needs. Amen.

The weather patterns are going to shake. We’ve never seen such unusual harsh winters, hot summers, dry spells; rains too much in one place, not enough is another place. Upheavals, famines [are] beginning to come worldwide in different nations that are graduating right into that great tribulation of time. Weather patterns—though there might be pauses and breathers once in a while, it will come back to the other—storms clouds arising, erratic weather patterns and so forth. The shake, I will shake all nations. You can hardly find a nation that has not been shaken by an earthquake. But He is going to shake them in another way too. By His Word from heaven, He is going to shake them. Have you ever seen such earthquakes—magnitude? They call them now the killer quakes. That was also predicted years in advance—what time they would come, what time the famines would come. Just look at the quakes all over! But He is going to do more shaking like never before. Yet a little while, yet a little, the whole earth will shake. All of heaven is going to shake. The sea is going to shake. All of this is going to take place as it headstones out into the great big part of the great tribulation in there. Earthquakes in every direction. You know, the continental shelf is slipping gradually, many inches at a time. California coastline is turning. Things are happening. The tension, the tight lines—all of those things, and the fault [lines] tightened up. When it breaks, pop! We have a great quake. Finally, it’s going to break off, some of it in there. There will be several different things. The major thing [earthquake] is going to take place one of these days. It’s coming.

It’s coming closer and closer in there. We are nearing the final cycle. We are coming into it and it is shaking. The Lord said no matter how much of the shaking is going on; I am shaking my elect. I will restore. I am going to shake the locust off, and the caterpillar, and the worms. I am going to get all of them off there. He is going to pull away everything but the substance. Isn’t that great! God, in His great magnificent power! What He is going to do! The bible says this: The mountains quake at Him, the hills just melt. Boy, He is really great! How great God is in all of His power! All the shaking–Be silent, O all flesh before the Lord for He is raised up out of His Holy habitation. And that is when He begins to shake. It’s like the silence when He gets up (Revelation 8: 1). He is telling us something here. That is Zechariah 2: 13. Listen to this Hebrews 12: 21, “And so terrible was the sight that Moses said, I exceedingly fear and quake.” Such power of the Lord—I quake. It said the whole mountain was shaking all around—2 million people were beneath it. God shook it. Jesus speaks now, “See that ye refuse not him that speakest. For if they escaped not who spake on earth [spake on earth when He was in His physical body], much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speakest from heaven” (Hebrews 11:25). If we turn away from Him that speaketh from heaven, we shall not escape.

Now, He is speaking from heaven. See; He is come. “Whose voice then shook the earth [Evidently not just one place, He shook the whole earth, but also heaven—worldwide], but now he had promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not only the earth only, but also heaven” (v. 26). Angels are going to unite and get together [the elect]. A commanding force is coming. This thing is headed up into the final cycle. How many of you believe that? A shaking in all the developments we see upon the earth. Everything we have preached about—a shaking is coming. Just look at the volcanic eruptions that have taken place all over the world since the prediction was given years ago. How great God is there! “And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken [that’s what the Word is going to remove], as of those things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain” (v. 27). The spiritual substance will remain. But the chaff and all the tare–all the unbelief, all the negativism against God’s Word, the lukewarm and the beast [system], and all of them together are going to be shaken. They are going to be shaken loose from that thing. And God is going to restore.

He said, everything that cannot be shaken loose, it shall remain. That is the spiritual substance. He said everything that is not shaken loose, it shall remain. That is the spiritual substance that shall remain. Yes, He has started some of it [the shaking] already, but it is coming, and He is coming. What a message for the end of the year, and to get into a new year! All that is coming; just those few words in the front of that [at the beginning of the message] will begin to tie it in. By the time that you get through with this message, you want to listen to it. There is a prophetic anointing, plus the Word of God and faith anointing on here. God is really going to bless your heart. If you are new here this morning, just drink this in. You can drink enough and let it run out and help somebody else or run all over the place. Amen? God will bless your heart. The power of God and miracles are real. All of that is real. All things are possible to everyone that believeth the Word of God. Ask and ye shall receive.

Everything will pass away; everything created in heaven and on earth. But He says My Word will never pass away. What He has spoken is eternal. You can count on it. It is coming. All the prophecies of the Old Testament right up the New Testament are taking place. The latter prophecies that are left in Revelation and the apocalyptic of Daniel, a few of the apocalypse in Isaiah and different other parts are yet to fulfil. The tribulation and the battle of Armageddon are going to take place too. That’s exactly right! I can name 100 maybe 200 things the bible said will be here at the end of time, and they are right on time. But the blind see nothing saith the Lord. The Lord could have given them 10,000 prophecies at the end of the age, but they will never see nothing saith the Lord, not a thing! You give the elect a few, and they are going to catch it, just like that!

He came down to a nation that was blind, as the Messiah. God came down from heaven. Man looked upon Him. He spoke, Messiah worked miracles, created, and did all these great things, but he [man] could see nothing. Innumerable number of angels everywhere, and power–glistening power everywhere right around Him. They saw nothing. All they saw was nothing. They didn’t see anything, but all things were there before them. All power, He said, all power is given to me in heaven and on earth. They said, now He is really getting off course. All power is given to Him in heaven and on earth? He said I will shake it, and after that it will shake up all over the world. “Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire [the Great Creator]” (Hebrews 12: 28 & 29). You need anything created, believe God in your heart. Up above [Hebrews 12: 25] it says Jesus—the Real One—that speaketh. It says innumerable amount of angels (v. 22) in New Jerusalem, the Holy City, [will] come on down there. In v. 27, signifying and revealing that everything [everybody] whose name cannot be shaken loose remain—whose names are written in heaven. It says written in heaven. That’s Hebrews 12, read it yourself. You’ll get it all in there. You say, He’s got them written already, and He is going to come and get them, and those whose names are written can’t be shaken?

All those I call, shall come, He said. Whosoever will, let Him come. And all those that God knows shall come to the grace. That is the only way to read it. That is how the bible tells it. He is really coming. Amen. He is going to bless His people. Our God is a consuming fire. Have you ever seen such sights in your life? Mountains, hills burn and melt in His Presence. How great He is! People try to forget how great God is, and the world becomes great to them, and nations become great to them. In fact, some people may think this nation is greater than God. It’s been a wonderful nation because He made it that Himself. But it doesn’t mean He is going to keep His hand on it when it speaks like a dragon later and later goes off into the world system because of different things that are happening. That is exactly right. But there is no nation, people, group, devil or demon or angel that is greater than God, the Most High. He can shake things. I mean He is going to come on down. Amen. What an hour to be living! I will read part of this. It is a notation here: Evidently, the 1980s will bring a time of political upheaval of such a nature, and entering into the 1990s we are going to see it worse. Different changes, new things we have never seen before in the history of the world are coming there—of such nature and magnitude the world will cry desperately for a dictator.

Things will get out of order in such a way, watch and see. They’ll call for it–a dictator to appear. This will be fulfilled by the coming of a world leader. The bible calls him the antichrist [2 Thessalonians 2: 4], and the rapid development of world events means only a few years. What we see in the bible in signs and wonders –only a few years remain before we finish the gospel harvest. We are entering into and coming into the shaking of the gospel harvest. The chaff is [will be] shaken away. It is all ending. It will be ended in a few years. God’s people must work as never before. All signs point to the fact that we are the last faithful generation of this present age that Jesus spoke about in Luke 21:32 [that I spoke about]. The budding of the fig tree. We saw it come to pass. Israel became a nation. The quakes and the pestilence, and the perplexion [perplexity], the weather patterns, and all the things come together at the end of the age. All the events were to happen after Israel went home—the budding of the fig tree. He said the generation that would see that come together one time that generation shall not pass away until these things are fulfilled. And I shall come and get my children. How many of you believe that?

We are in a transition period to gather the final harvest. And it will be a quick short powerful shaking from the Lord. The world is shaking out there, nature is shaking, weather patterns are shaking, and a spiritual tumult from the Most High. Everything that can’t be shaken loose is His. They are written down. Praise ye the Lord! Be silent O all flesh before the Lord for he is raised up out of His Holy Mountain to come on down and get us. Amen. How many of you believe that this morning? The substance, the evidence—faith produced by believing the Word. Better be bolted down with both [faith and the Word] or you are going to be shaken loose. That word is powerful! He said by the Word, by the power on that Word, you’ll signify what cannot be shaken loose. How many of you believe that?

Now you say, how do you explain them—the foolish virgins, and the wise? Well, let me explain it. The bible said virgins means that they had the Word. They know part of the Word, but they were not putting in the power action—the anointed power of the Holy Spirit like the early Pentecost was not on it. The bible said, they just went on to sleep. They didn’t have enough oil to keep their lamps burning. They went on to sleep. But the others that had oil with the Word of God—the power with that Word—their lights kept burning, see? And the midnight hour came. So, we find out, even some of those they were shaken off there—there is a shaking in there. You better have the power of that Word. You better be bolted down with both faith and the power of the Word. How many of you believe that today?

Now remember how it read in the front [at the beginning] of this [message] about reaching out, illusion, imagining their way out of it, and the other things that we put there. That won’t affect the Christians. They have the Word of God with them. It is reality. We know our mind is sound. He said I will give you a sound mind. I will fill your heart with love. We will have a sound mind at the end of the age. You talk about a shaking, a perplexion, confusion and dismay, that’s going to be there for the world. Isn’t it wonderful to know the Most High? Every word of those scriptures and every word of those prophecies will come to pass. Every one of them! What a time for the people to hear such things, and the people to know such things from the Lord, and for the Lord to point out to the people how to prepare, and what is going to come in the days and years ahead! We should look for the Lord Jesus every day. Somebody said when is the Lord coming? Every day—just look for Him every day. How many of you believe that? It is that close.

I want you to stand to your feet here this morning. Great powerful things coming from the Lord. You get your hands in the air. If you need the Lord Jesus, you accept Him right now. What an hour! You don’t want to be shaken loose. You want to get that Word of God in you and give your heart to the Lord Jesus? You just accept Him in your heart. He has done the work. There is nothing you need to do about that. He’s done that. Believe me, He has done a great job. There is no power on a man like that Holy Spirit to convert the soul. You reach on out. It is that simple faith like a little child. Just reach on out. You accept the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent in your heart. You get the bible and believe every Word in there.

You need a miracle? You need to get it right there when I am praying or when we pray later or on the platform. As we pray for the sick, we see great miracles. And everyone in here, starting this year off, coming to the end of this one here and what time we’ve got left, let us pray that God will save more souls, move upon the youth and the people of this nation, and help those that are trapped and snared in there, and keep that Word of God alive by His power. Throw up your hands and let us rejoice. We’ll be back here tonight with power. Come on and rejoice. Let’s rejoice in the Lord. Let’s thank the Lord right now. You that want to give your heart to the Lord, just thank the Lord Jesus for He is everywhere. Those on the cassette, throw your hands in the air for He has anointed your house. He has anointed your body. He is anointing you. He can’t help but to help you on the days ahead.

Move in the homes, Lord. Move on whosoever is listening to this cassette. Move by thy power. Bless each and every one of them. Heal and work miracles. Drive out the pains Lord. Convert the souls. Bring the power of the Lord. Awaken them by revelation. Let them see insights from the Most High. Lord bless your hearts. Are you ready? Oh, He is great! O thank you Lord. I love you. Thank you Jesus. Take away the pains. Take away the anxieties. Thank you Jesus!

100 – The Substance

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