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THE TRUMPET CALL The trumpet call

Translation alert 96 | CD #2025

Amen. God bless your hearts. He is great! Isn’t He? And the Lord is most wonderful to all those that remember Him. If you want Him to remember you, you must remember Him—and He will remember you. I am going to pray for you now. I believe that the Lord is going to bless. So many blessings that the people testify to all over the country. They testify about the glory of the Lord that happened in the ministry and how the Lord blesses. He is just great!

Lord, already you are moving in our hearts, already you are healing and blessing the people. We believe that all anxieties, pains and sickness must depart. To the believer—we cast down and take dominion over all sicknesses—for that is our duty. That is our inherited power over the devil—power over the enemy. Behold, I give you all power, saith the Lord, over the enemy. He came—at the cross—and gave it to us to use. Bless the hearts of the people, Lord, blessing them and helping them, and revealing to them the things that belong unto thee for thou art great. How many of you believe that? He is wonderful! Give the Lord a handclap! Amen. Go ahead and be seated.

You know, I believe we’ve got the devil stirred up. One time, the Lord said what He gave me would really, really crush the devil spiritually and kill him. I believe that—I think it will just get rid of some of the people with it. Amen? But you can destroy him with that anointing. Oh, how he fears that power! He doesn’t fear man, but whosoever God anoints and whosoever the Lord sends, oh my! The anointing, the light of the Lord, and the power of the Lord, he cannot stand that. He must move back and give ground easily. When the power of the Lord—when the people’s faith rise then satan must get away, and he must pull back his troops, and he must go back.

Teaching like I have on the cassettes and in the letters, and so forth like that, I have damaged him on one side, and I turn around and we damage him in the scrolls because that is what we are supposed to do. Did you know that Jesus spent three fourth (3/4) of His time healing the sick and casting out satan? That’s exactly right! And what I do, He said, do likewise also. He said the works that I do shall you do. Then over the videos, cassettes and all over the country and everywhere—in the last revival that we had, we had a great revival, a wonderful revival. In every service, the Lord moved. The people said it was most uplifting to watch how the Lord Himself in the power of the Holy Spirit would do what He said He would do in the bible—the Lord Jesus. Remember, the Sunday after, I told you how he (satan) reacted to that? He doesn’t want me to call the people anymore, but I am going to call them the more. Amen. That’s right! That is what it is all about. People that had cancer, people that couldn’t move their neck, people with incurable diseases—they later wrote me, and testimonies, even now they are still coming in. The June meeting—the Lord delivered those people from all over the country. Sometimes they may not come back this way, but they told me, some of them they said, “I’d never forget that place. The feeling of it is unforgettable to see what the Lord did.” 

So, we move satan around in these messages. When you start hitting it just right—and in June with God in those messages—then satan will try to get your attention off of that. How many of you know that? Why, certainly! Have you ever been to a dove’s nest, and watch the dove try to get you off it? Keep your way. You are in a cycle, you see. I am in a cycle. I have been in a cycle preaching these messages. While I am preaching these messages, I have told you—in several of them, it was so wonderful how the Lord revealed these things—I said satan is not going to let me get by, he is going to try to get me, remember that? After the meeting, I told you how satan—oh, he hated it! Then when I got on the subject of Tophet, I just ruined him. I mean he doesn’t like the lake of fire—and that was the point of the summer slump—on Tophet. I mean if they had a vacation or anywhere to go, brother, they went. Don’t you remind satan of the lake of fire, that is his final place where he is going to be put!

So then a message is coming from the Lord this summer. Bless the ones that really were interested, the ones that needed help and the ones that wanted help—the power of the Lord moved into a great extent. Messages after messages—I have got one coming, a scroll on God’s kingdom and how great He is, how He moves around and what He does. Satan doesn’t like that. Then last Wednesday we moved in with the cherubims, moved in with the angels and God too, and the overthrow of satan; he is hurting. I mean I am hurting him and when you see a few disappear [from coming to church], oh mine! I am hitting him. I am getting to him and the Lord is blessing me. I never realized so much in my life that you can get the devil and get blessed too. Glory! Alleluia! I mean He moves on the peoples’ hearts to write. He moves on the people to say certain things and to do certain things, and you can see the Hand of God behind that immediately, that He is standing right there.

With this ministry of deliverance, a great thing is coming. A great revival is coming from the Lord. Satan is worried. I’ve got him upset. I am going to keep stirring him and keep doing what God called me to do, and stay right on track, right on the messages that God gives me. Amen. I have got some prophetic messages—I ‘ve got some messages that satan knows about because of notations–and also one is coming up right now at the print shop that is already being printed and is only awaiting a time–to drop them on him, see? We’ll get to him. At the same time they are pressing buttons over here. We’ve got an army around him. Keep your eyes open. Amen. His forces are being beaten, beaten right back.

Now, The Trumpet Call: Nearing the Time. The Trumpet Call—the right and the last season to stay awake. It is the last time. It is the last season to stay awake. Listen to this right here. I am going to go through a door in just a moment here. This generation is experiencing the beginning of sorrow, I wrote. But the storm clouds of the great tribulation are yet to be unleashed upon the world. It won’t be long before they are released. God’s Spirit is warning all that would give heed to flee from the wrath that is to be poured out. Did you realize that? So, we find out here in the scriptures—the door. We are going into a little revelation here. Revelation 4—He was talking about the door and sitting down on the throne with Him—with the Holy Spirit and so forth. Revelation 4: 1, “After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven….” Now, He told me to read this: “For I say unto you, That none of those men which were bidden shall taste of my supper” (Luke 14: 24). Now, before we go into this door, here is what they turned down. He sent out an invitation in the last revival, in the great call of the Gentiles to bring them on in and the invitation was given. Now, that took place in history, but it [will also take place] in the latter times. Many are called but few are chosen. The last shall be the first and so forth like that—and the first shall be last—talking about the Jews/Hebrews last, the Gentiles first coming on in.

They began to make excuses when He sent the invitation. The anointing was upon it and a compelling force was upon it. Even then they said, “I am busy.” If you put it all together, it is the cares of this life. And they began to have an excuse, and their excuses were: I have got to do this or I have got to get married. I have got to buy a piece of ground [land], all business and none of God. The cares of this life have completely overcome them. Jesus said He gave the invitation, they turned it down and they shall not taste of His supper. They were bidden and they did not come. We are nearing the latter revival where He is giving that invitation. But some came, and finally multitudes began to come until the house was filled. But there was a great travailing; there was a great forcing power. There was a great searching of hearts and the Holy Spirit was moving as He has never moved before. So we find out, with their excuses, they missed the door. How many of you know that?

You say they made excuses for all that? Here is what they missed in Revelation 4:1, “After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven….” He talked about a door again. That DOOR is the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Are you still with me? When He shuts the door, it’s still Him, you can’t get through Him. Amen. A door was opened in heaven. “…And the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet [trumpet is associated to the translation] talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew the things which must be hereafter.” You see, the trumpet began to talk in different voices to John. It got his attention. The Door was the Lord Jesus Christ and now there was a trumpet. Trumpet—is associated with spiritual warfare, see? It is also associated to: He will reveal the secrets unto the prophets—only to the prophets—to reveal to the people, and there is a trumpet involved (Amos 3: 6 &7). So, it is connected to the secrets to the prophets–the prophets revealing the season; that the times are closing in—the trumpet time. That is connected to this door and the trumpet talking.

At the trumpet, the walls of Jericho came down. At the trumpet, they went to war. At the trumpet, they came in, see? The trumpet means a spiritual war in heaven, and a spiritual war upon this earth. It also means a physical type of war when the trumpet of men blow and they call them by the trumpet. But connected to this door was the trumpet calling time, and it is connected to the prophet. The power of the Lord has been involved in getting them through this door. This is the translation door. “…And I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. And immediately I was in the spirit; and behold, a throne was set up in heaven (Revelation 4: 1 & 2). Immediately, I was caught up before the throne. And rainbow (v. 3) means promise; we are in the redeeming promise. So, Jesus was at the door and we found out here that they made excuses and they didn’t get through the door, saith the Lord. That is what they missed. You mean to tell me when they turned down the invitation they missed the door?  Yes.

In the midnight cry–if you read it in the bible—it says this: In the midnight hour, there was a cry made. It shows you that it was a revival because the wise were sleeping too. In that type of revival—it would come up—only the wise—the others didn’t quite get it in time. They did, but not quite in time. Listen to this right here, it talks about it. It says, “For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and not tarry” (Hebrews 10: 37). But He will come, see, showing that there is a tarrying time—but He will come. This says, “Be ye also patient: stablish your hearts” (James 5: 8). There is a revival that comes through patience. Now, in James 5, it reveals the economic conditions. It reveals the conditions of mankind upon the earth. It reveals the conditions of the people and how impatient they are. That’s why it’s calling for patience. It is the age that they have no patience, an age when people are erratic, neurotic and so forth. That’s why he said have patience now. They’ll try to take you off guard. They’ll try to get you off the message, keep you from hearing the message, and keep you from listening to the message every way that he (satan) can. 

So, it says establish yourselves. That means to really fix your heart on it, to establish what you are hearing, and establish yourselves in the Lord. See, it is Trumpet Calling. It is trumpet time. It is the right time. It is the time to stay awake. So, establish yourself or you will be carried off guard. Establish your heart. That’s what it says. That means to establish it in the Word of God for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. That right there is James 5. Then it says here, “Grudge not against one another, brethren….” (v. 9). Don’t get caught at that trumpet call—Don’t get caught in a grudge one against the other because that’s what would be on the earth at that time. A grudge is to harbor something in your soul, to harbor something against somebody—to harbor something that you must ask the Lord to establish (correct) your heart, make a check of your heart, find out what is in your heart.

We are living in a serious hour, a serious time; satan means business, see? He is established in all of his work. He is established in whatever kind of stone heart he is. Whatever he is, he is not like the human being in his heart. But whatever he is, he is established in his evil. He is bringing his last evil practices upon the earth. So, the Lord said establish what you believe. Establish what the Word of God tells you to do. Make sure that your heart is correct with the Word of God. Make sure your heart is correct with your faith in believing the Word of God. See; correct that heart. Allow it to be just right. Don’t let satan take you away from that. Grudge not one against another; there, is a prophecy that would be at the end of the age. Harboring a grudge—sometimes, it would be hard. People have done something wrong. Sometimes, it would be hard because they have said something about you. Like I was talking at the beginning of this, I have no feelings at all—harboring nothing—but I would pray for those kind of people. But the thing is this, we can’t let it [a grudge] go unnoticed–and some things, you may not be able to let it go unnoticed–but don’t let it get into your heart. How many of you believe that? That’s part of the reason that the Lord wants me to explain all that. Never let it get into your heart, see? You can say what you want to, but don’t harbor [a grudge]. Harbor means to kind of hold on to it. Just let it go and let it run out. Grudge ye not against one another brethren lest ye be condemned. Behold [here is the One] the JUDGE standeth before the door (James 5: 9).

I hear the trumpet calling and the door was opened, and One sat upon the throne. Amen. Here He is. Can you say praise the Lord? Sometimes, in the judgment of one another—and judging begins to put a grudge to it. But He is the Only JUDGE. He is the Only One that sees it right and His judgment is PERFECT beyond perfect as we know it upon the earth, and it is determined in the counsel of His own WILL. In other words, He knew it before it took place. His counsel is from the beginning. Glory to God! That makes Him OMNIPOTENT. Like I was saying, one night here in one of the messages, I said, to say that God is in one place and would sit in one place without going anywhere else for thousands of years, I said it doesn’t make any sense. For God is everywhere at the same time. He only appears in a form in that place, but He is everywhere else also. Some people think that He just sits down in one place. No, no, no. The whole earth, the universe is filled full of His power and His glory, and His Spirit is all over—and eternity is what His Spirit is. How many of you know that?

So, we know that He is PERFECT. He is all-knowing the bible says. He is OMNIPRESENT. He is all-knowing, everything. Satan doesn’t know everything. The angels do not know everything. They don’t even know the time of the translation, but He knows, unless He reveals it to them, they will never know. But like us they are able to understand by the signs they see and by the way the Lord is moving [His movements] in the heavens that it is getting close. And there is a silence in heaven, remember that? They know something is coming. It is getting very close and it is hidden. No angel knows it. Satan doesn’t know it. But the Lord knows it and He is in urgency. So, likewise, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the door (Matthew 24: 33). And He stands at the door with a trumpet. Now it says here: the virgins all went out to meet the bridegroom. But He tarried for a time. See; during this time that they expected Him to come, He didn’t. The Word of God’s prophecies were not yet fulfilled, but they were beginning to be fulfilled.

And as they were being fulfilled, the people thought surely the Lord would come next year or this year, but He didn’t. There was a tarrying, and there was a tarrying time. The delay was just long enough that they went to sleep proving that their faith was not what their mouth was saying, saith the Lord. He brings them right to it; they sing, they talk and they do and sometimes they listen. But according to the scriptures—He brought it out just like it was–it wasn’t like what they thought it was. How many of you believe that? Then all of a sudden, there was a midnight cry. There was a lamp-trimming time. There was a short period of revival in the latter rain, shorter than the other one [the former rain]. The period was short and it was full of power because in this powerful revival of the latter rain, it not only woke them up [wise virgins], but I mean it really woke up the devil. That’s what God wants to say. He woke up the devil alright, but the devil couldn’t do anything about it. It was such a swift movement upon him. It was like something came loose upon him all at once. So we find out that they woke up, the wise, they had enough [oil], but the others [foolish virgins] didn’t. The foolish were left [behind] and Jesus closed the door which He was the DOOR. He didn’t permit them to come through His BODY into the kingdom of God

The door was shut and they went out into the great tribulation. Coming through the great tribulation upon the earth in Revelation chapter 7, coming through there, see? And then the rest of the wise woke up because the elect of God, the main ones, the very main ones heard the midnight cry. They did not go to sleep. Their faith was not all talk. Their faith was in the Word of God. They believed God; they were expecting Him. He [satan] could not throw them off guard. He could not throw them off. They were wide awake at the midnight cry, “Go ye out to meet Him.” In that cry is where those main ones were wide awake. They began to tell it, and the power of God began to go in every direction, and that’s where your great revival came, at that midnight cry. It was just a short time, but it really worked. Before the foolish could get everything together—they finally saw it in the great revival—but it was too late. By that time Jesus had already moved and swept His people into the translation. You find out, by obeying His Word now–heeding His warnings, seeking His face until He hears from heaven, and sends the deluge of the former and latter rain that would restore the church, that would put it back into restoration like in the book of Acts—when you get the church back into restoration, then you have the quick short work. How many of you believe that tonight?

So, as John said here, the trumpet, a Voice talking [trumpet] to me: come up hither (Revelation 4: 1). Most prophetic writers know it; it is the signal and the sign of the translation, and he, John, acting it out, was caught before the throne. In the trumpet, the warning, the door–we find out right now–the trumpet call is near. We are entering and close to the beginning of sorrows. Across the earth, the clouds of tribulation have not broken out yet, as they will in the future. But now is the trumpet call. I believe He is talking. It is a spiritual trumpet and one of these days, it is going to make a TRUMP CALL. When it does, then we are translated. Do you believe that tonight? So, in the ALERT and how He is alerting, remember, don’t be like those who are asleep. After the revival, the former rain, they went into a lull. The tarrying time allowed [made] them to go to sleep, but the bride, the main ones, were wide awake. Because of the power they had, they woke up the wise, and the wise joined in, just in time. So we find out, not only would there be a revival among the small group that kept their ears open, and kept their eyes open expecting the Lord, but there would be a move, a great one, among those wise and they would move just in time. And they’d be able to go in because they kept the power of the Lord, the oil, within their hearts, and the others, by their message, they pulled them on in. Do you believe that tonight?

So, you see, satan doesn’t like you to preach that time is short; he doesn’t want to hear it. He would have to have a lot more time to do his dirty work. But time is short. I believe this with all my heart that God is alerting the people like never before. I know, myself, I am warning them every way I can. I am getting the message out in every area that I can, and that is what the gospel calls for. Be a doer and not just a listener. I believe that God is going to bless. OK, remember, “After this, I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was a trumpet talking with me; which said, come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter” (Revelation 4:1). It falls over into the great tribulation. Of course, the next chapter [5] shows the redeeming of the bride and so forth like that. Then Revelation 6 starts in the great tribulation upon the earth clear up through chapter 19. See; no more –from chapter 6—there is no more left for the bride upon the earth. That’s tribulation all the way through clear on through chapter 19. All of that speaks of the judgment upon the earth, the rise of the antichrist, and those things that shall come.

We are living in the Call of the Trumpet. We are living in the right time. This is the last season and this is the right time to stay awake. I believe that. We better stay awake now. How many of you believe that? We are in that type of history—that type of history is revealing to us by the signs all around us, and everywhere that it is time to stay awake for the last time. I really believe that because it is going to be quick. It is going to be like thunderstorms. He likened the last great revival in Isaiah where He said He will bring water in the desert and springs in the wilderness and so forth like that—pools of water. He is speaking of great revival. He likened it to where He will bring water to the people. We know in the desert that the storms come real quick, and they go away. They don’t last like they do in other places. So, we find out, at the end of the age, that revival, all of a sudden. It would be like Elijah, the prophet, saw it. It just moved in from a little hand and just swept over them like that, depicting revival. And so, at the end of the age, the same way, you will be surprised who would give their hearts to God. With Elijah seven thousand gave their hearts to God that he didn’t know anything about. He didn’t believe they would get saved and they got saved. It surprised him. I tell you; God is full of secrets, surprises and wonders.

I want you to stand to your feet. Amen? God bless pour hearts. Remember, the Trumpet Call. It is the hour of the trumpet and He is calling. That is why satan is shook up. I have got him scared. He is afraid. Amen. I have always, when praying for people, I always felt such a strong determination and strong faith over anything that was standing there. I have had cases where they would change and be healed instantly. God is REAL. My ministry, many years ago, came in the tail end of that former rain revival where people were coming to be delivered of all those kinds of things—demon possession and so on. Then came a lull after 10 or 12 years. You didn’t get those kinds of cases anymore, see? There are too many places to take them, too much money, many things were happening to many of them. But there is coming, a resurgence again, He said. The latter rain—the cases will be coming because He will put a hunger in their hearts. He will bring deliverance, and there are new cases coming all over the earth where doctors can do nothing for them. At the end of the age again there is one disease and one thing that is happening among the people, and that is that there are these mental diseases that are striking. This type of disease all over the US is taking effect and there is no way you can hide it. But the thing is this; that is coming. Those people need deliverance.

People are being oppressed. They are just oppressed by satan on every hand. That’s going to backfire on him. God is going to deliver some of those people that are oppressed by satan and give them a real sound mind. All they need is to give their hearts to God, get their sins out of there; that oppression will leave them, and any possession will go from them. God will bring deliverance. When people are delivered [from] demon powers; that break up in revival; that causes revival. People getting saved—salvation is one thing—that is wonderful to see in a revival. But brother, when you see the spirits [evil] depart and you see those people’s minds being restored, and you see those diseases being cast out, you are in the midst of a revival. So, those kinds of people came to Jesus. He spent three-fourth of His time in the scriptures casting out devils, healing the minds and healing the souls and hearts of the people. Amen. I believe that with all my heart.

How many of you have established your hearts tonight? While James was speaking of all those conditions in chapter 5—establish your heart—it was a time that they were unbalanced. It was a time when nothing was established. Stablish your heart. Control it, correct it there. He said patience was right with it. Have patience, brethren—showing that there was no patience. It was the age of impatience. Have you seen an age of impatience as we have today? That is producing the mental diseases and so forth like that, and all of these things that are happening. Stablish your heart. Know where you stand. Know exactly what you are hearing, and what you believe in your heart. Keep the faith, you know, establish your faith in the scriptures too. Keep the faith in your heart. Allow the anointing to be with you and God will bless you. One more thing, I can feel the love of God for you people like I have never seen before. He lets me feel that sometimes for His people that you can’t even feel. And I feel it during the daytime sometimes for the people that are coming out here to this church. What love, I say, that He must have for those people! Remember, He moves on me to feel and to know, and to see those things—His love for His people.

You remember my little boy that was up here? Remember, he only comes once or twice up here. He is kind of timid, you know. So, one day he walked up there, he said, “I am ready to preach.” He said, I am going to pray for the sick.” I said good; you want to come with me on Sunday night? I said, when I pray for the sick I will put you on a stool. He said, yeah. I said my, he is getting bold! And he walked away like a little man, see? He went on and came back several times. It was a good idea. It got into his heart. It got in from hearing my messages. It was at the time when we had the revival in June, when so many were healed. He got the spirit of the thing. Evidently, he was inspired, see? Two days after that, he came up. I said I will pray for you; you sure of that? He said sure. Somehow, he either got tangled up with something. I don’t know what it was. But it was the time that he got his neck—he couldn’t move his neck. That thing bothered him and it was really sore. I prayed for him. God took it away. The next thing, something else happened to him and he began to put two and two together. I prayed for him and he got delivered again. But he suffered all night one night; he couldn’t sleep. That little boy, he came by there and I asked him, you still want to preach? “No.” I say, don’t you know that was the devil. He said I know it. But he said, “I ain’t ready yet.” Did you know people that that was the devil that attacked him? And he never talked about that no more.

Different things happened to him that he didn’t have before. He put it all together. Anyway, that same little boy, on Sunday night he testified. He was delivered. It was something in his chest and it was gone. So, he was over here testifying. He was first in the line and I said, “Who am I?” He stood there and he couldn’t talk. When he left, he came back over at the house and he said, “You didn’t give me enough time.” I said what were you going to say? He said, “I would tell them that you are Neal Frisby behind the pulpit, and you are my daddy at home.” Here, I am Neal Frisby but there I am not. I am daddy over there because what I do here is to the people. But when I go over there [at home], I say you better do this or you can’t do that or you have to do this. So, I am different there. Nice, but different, see?

But it brings out a point tonight. That little boy, just because he said that [that he wanted to preach and pray for the sick], the devil attacked him. If I hadn’t been around him, he [the devil] would have really got him. This goes to prove the point: anytime you make a move toward God, you are going to be confronted. Some people say, “I made a move toward God, the devil never confronted me.” You didn’t make any move, saith the Lord. You didn’t go in the Word of God. You see, that’s what it means. Are you ready for deliverance? If you are new, this may sound strange to you. I tell you one thing, we got on track with the Trumpet Call. That will stand forever. Now, tonight, you get your hearts on the Lord and pray. Next weekend, you will be prepared in your heart to believe God and you shall receive. Amen. I believe you are going to have some of the greatest time. I don’t want to say it, but I am going to tell satan that in the next meeting, I will get him again. I’ll get him every time I have a chance! Just in the last couple of months, he has personally tried to take strikes in different ways. Watch him move, see? We’ve got him in a tailspin. There is one thing I can say, people; that will help all of you. No matter how much noise he makes, no matter how he blows, no matter how he bluffs, he [satan] is defeated forever.

Ok, children have got to go to school, and I think we have done enough here tonight. If you are new, please turn your heart to Jesus. He loves you. Give you heart to Him. Get on this platform and expect a miracle. Miracles take place just like that. Amen? I believe you enjoyed yourselves tonight. I sure feel good. Come on! Jesus, He is going to bless your hearts. Thank you, Jesus.

96 – The trumpet call


  1. The translation alert I read is a rich blessing to me. How can one access the full texts?

    1. That is great! This is the full text.

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