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We know by the evidential signs that we will all be going to our real home soon! – This special writing will kind of give you World News in advance! Some of the future Headlines later will read. – “The earth is dumbfounded concerning great mysteries!”

The Examiner – New world plagues and all kind of diseases are increasing and striking the earth! People dying of strange diseases; scientists puzzled!

The Media will say and the Headlines will read, dark and perilous times shroud the world, as they proclaim millions of people missing from the earth without a trace! (translation)

The Times – The most vicious and horrible crimes and violence ever seen are rampant on the streets everywhere!

Headlines – Immorality takes on a new lease! – “People do anything they want today (no shame) as debauchery soaks the earth!

Another Headline will read – “The earth is in great famine and drought. Hunger and food shortages increasing! Multitudes are perishing!” – Rev. 8:9 says, a third of the ships destroyed. Starvation sets into many countries because the food supply is cut off. The apocalyptic black horse will measure rations. (Rev. 6:5) – Also massive population causing shortages to occur!

Here are some more prophecies and Scriptures that will be making headlines! – “Coming again another great asteroid. Scientists baffled how to cope!” – When asteroid falls a third part of the sea turns to blood. (Rev. 8:8)

The news – Two strange men (prophets) appear in Israel, do fantastic wonders to challenge the new world religious government. (Rev. 11: 3,6) One says he is Elijah. (Mal. 4:5)

Headlines – Moon turns to blood, the sun blacked out. – (Rev. 6:12)

Another Headline will read – drastic changes occurring among society and government.

Gazette – “World Communications comes under one head!”

Media – Two prophets are killed, but suddenly taken up into heaven as all watch by satellite TV. (Rev. 11:7-12)

Headlines – Strange UFO’s have been seen landing on earth! (Rev. 12:12)

N.Y. Times – “New World leader speaks his plans for the nations and settles global problems!” – Also has declared himself as God. (II Thess. 2:4)

Call Bulletin – “U.S. cities on fire from atomic space weapons!” – All type crops destroyed. Starvation for all near Millennium!

Prophecy – before some of the other events above take place and especially afterwards, technology, invention and science will be making tremendous advances in every facet concerning the way people live and do on earth!

The Herald – Gog leader is alive today, but will not be revealed until later.

World News – Jerusalem, International city for all faiths! World Messiah sets in Temple. (II Thess. 2:4 – Rev. chap. 11)

WORLD NEWS – “Gigantic quake hits! Many parts of California sink into the sea!” – Western section and bordering states mightily shaken!

International Press – Huge parts of North Pole (icebergs) break loose due to tremendous heat from space weapon; headed down the Indian Ocean toward connecting seas!

Tribune – Headlines – Earth’s axis tilting – gigantic tidal waves! – “Winds 500-700 miles per hour sweeping the earth causing great destruction!”

Call Bulletin – Huge fireballs from space lands in the sea causing much destruction, also inland tidal waves!

Examiner – New scientific discoveries and inventions amazes masses!

Republic – World trade booms. – A sign of allegiance (mark) is given to every person for identification and loyalty to new government!

New lights (red, orange, amber, blue) God telling me He’s giving forth signals. “All signs seem to be saying the cup of iniquity is full. The earth is coming under swift judgment. This generation is finishing up!”

Dateline – Only 20% of News Media left to report after worldwide desolation!

Your Friend,

Neal Frisby