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These are glorious days of salvation, deliverance and miracles! Be alert; take advantage of every moment. – “Like a dream I was watching the tree leaves move and the Lord said, without the wind the tree leaves would never move; and without My spirit the people would not move or have life! There would be no stirring of the spirit, or praising or bowing before the Lord as the tree does! Let the wind of the spirit blow upon His people!” – Groups of people want to follow God afar off; that’s a disaster of the soul. The tree bends and follows the course of the Wind. – “Behold, saith the Lord, read St. John 3:8, “The wind bloweth where it listeth and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth; so is everyone that is born of the Spirit.” – In other words, the spirit bloweth where it appoints or directs itself by providence! – And the chosen follow the Scriptures!

The greatest and most vital events ever seen will occur. A remarkable and amazing age! The finishing touches and final chapters of His prophecies and information from the spirit’s prophetic gift will occur just before Israel’s Jubilee. – “The Day

Star rising in the hearts of the elect will guide them in the dramatic restoration concluding in a powerful translative faith! Wisdom, knowledge and divine love shall spread His wings upon us!” The sun is going down, the elect will be gone, night cometh! In my opinion we have not too long to wait! – You can feel the inspiration of the spirit utter these words to the believers who will soon make a departure into heaven! The latter times are revealing themselves in our hour! The heavens are giving portents and celestial wonders as signs! “Jesus will burst forth in a moment in a twinkling of an eye!” His people of this generation shall see it saith the Lord! So may the wind of the spirit blow in its given path! The harvest will be ending!

While the world is full of deadly poison, falseness, apostasy and sinister evil the church is receiving the anointing, joy, power, healing and miracles, guidance, wisdom, knowledge and translative faith! – “Behold, saith the Lord the spirit revealeth to them things to come!” What a privilege to be living in the very hour of the coming of the Lord wherein all signs of the Church Age is fulfilling before our very eyes and the foolish know it not!

The world is getting ready. A new money system is cleverly being planned. Plus a Jewish covenant will be confirmed. So be watching! “Sudden and unexpected changes are on their way!” (Of course many have already been written on the Scripts for you to search out.) – Around the earth society will be introduced to diverse policies and plans of a coming world dictator!

– Changes in transportation, work and etc. are coming! “Illusion is like a cloud of dust on the lukewarm churches!” – “Perplexity, unrest, food and money crises in many nations are causing the population to look for a super leader! A wizard who can solve the world’s dilemma! Then this will all arrive soon! In my opinion the elect should be prepared and alert because the world could start towards the last part of the Tribulation (Rev. 12:5,6 – mark given, etc.) – “So all of the saints should look for the Lord at any time! – I believe this is our time to see Jesus in the clouds of glory!”

Worldwide shaking and volcanic eruptions will occur! “Every facet of nature and the weather will pick up momentum all over the earth as not seen before!” As well as great shake -ups in society everywhere including in the way they think and do things! – “Look up, celestial wonders and prophecy tell us our redemption draweth nigh!”

“Star bright! – Starlight! Will Jesus come at morning, noon, or night? Or even twilight?” – (According to Matt. 25:6) In the USA it could be the watch, after the 12 midnight hour between then and dawn! – (Because man will not know the exact day nor the hour. This is just an opinion.) – We do know that in some parts of the world this will be correct; wherein one part is light and one part is dark in a 24 hour period! Perhaps there is a clue in my poem!

Your Friend,

Neal Frisby