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We are living in zero hour of the latter times! The final chapters of prophecy are closing out leading into international crises of different types.

We are seeing Eastern and Western Europe are uniting as global trade rises! – “The USA underneath is working out all kinds of plans for the Vatican, Israel and other nations to bring in world unity!” But out of this rises the restoration of the Revived Roman Empire! It’s amazing that we are living in the very hour that we are witnessing these final scenes of world history coming to pass! The Scriptures reveal a diabolical desolator; a Roman Prince will be the head of this Revived Roman Empire. (Rev. chaps. 13, 17 and 18)

The Scripts predicted that the anti-Christ would control the gold, the energy and many rare commodities. He is wanting the covenant for his seat in the center of the earth with Israel, and an agreement with Arab nations to get control of the oil. Also control of the Jews’ minerals in the Dead Sea. These alone are worth trillions of dollars. With control of the Vatican he then will have power over the treasures of the earth at his disposal! The rising of this false prince will make an agreement and become a friend of Israel at first and will bring to pass peace and protection! But in the midst of this he will become a mortal enemy. Note: An interesting article was sent to me that seems to bring out a very good viewpoint. Quote: “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week. . . (Dan. 9:27). That means one week of years. So he will make a seven year alliance with the nation of Israel. Why must he make this alliance? We see these days the grievous concerns of the Middle East. The fountainhead of the world’s oil is key to the energy supply and also to the economics of the nations of the world. Europe now sees that it must have a military presence in the Middle East. It must protect its oil lifeline, because nearly 100 percent of the oil that supplies the energy of Europe comes from the Middle East. Therefore, it must think in terms of having a solid, dependable military presence in the Middle East.

Where can it find a landfall to put that military presence? It must be done by sea. The best landfall (in fact, the only practical one) is the stable country in the Middle East– the nation of Israel. So Europe and Israel make a military alliance. This person who is the leader of Europe and world actually may be predicted to invest money in the nation of Israel and even help them build a new temple (if they do not already have a temple.)

At first, the anti-Christ is in agreement with this whole program, but now he begins to discover that while power is easy to achieve, it is difficult to sustain. So he must remake himself in the eyes of the people. He moves step by step in that remaking direction until finally he declares himself to be God. This, for the Israelis, is the abomination of desolation. He repudiates his alliance with Israel. “. . . And in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” (Dan. 9:27) He breaks his covenant in the midst of the week and causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease. What a fearful time that becomes for the nation of Israel.

Now according to prophecy at first he brings in peace and prosperity. (Dan. 8:25) – “But then he becomes a vile, ruthless and sinister madman like the world has not seen before.” (Dan. 11:36-40) – This so-called evil genius is on earth now. The rich men will back him also! “At the proper time he will suddenly appear on the scene, but unnoticed by the public how later, diabolical this figure will be!” – Illusion, delusion and deception will cover the earth like a fog! “Man has made for himself a fantasy world already instead of reality!” And they will easily accept him because the earth has been rocked from one crisis to another! (Read former Scrolls.)

But at the end of the 7 years he will not have it his own way. Gog rises up against him for the wealth of the world and the Middle East. (Ezek. chap. 38) – Also China and the Asian hordes come down like locusts on the Holy Land. Armageddon explodes on the world. – “We are living in the most vital and important time in world history! The elect is gathering for the last restoration as they witness some of the world’s final scenes!” – For instance – A 2,500-year-old prophecy is taking place! – Rome – Vatican is negotiating with Israel for the first time in history! (Dan. 9:27) – The Scripts predicted it. The Ark, the door to salvation is slowly closing! In fact, in Rev. 3:20 it shows the door shut and Him knocking for a few more souls to let Him in their heart!

Our age is swiftly climaxing. “Society and politicians are reaching crossroads. Religious systems are at the crossroads, and also a conjunction! – The foolish virgins and the lukewarm Christians are also at the crossroads! The whole world is at a definite conjunction!” – Unexpected and new things are coming. “The celestial heavens, Bible and the Scripts declare it so! – And the Holy Spirit commands that it will not be for good of mankind! While the false churches are praying for a super leader, the elect are praying for the return of our Lord Jesus! And He will answer them soon!”

According to the celestial signs in the heavens, when the sun and the moon and several major bodies meet together there will be some more powerful quakes and great shaking! Also nature will be on a rampage! – “The elements, wind, earth, fire and water will shew forth His power as a warning from the living God that time is short!” “His glory and lights will be around the elect while all of this global action takes place!” “He will reveal unto them wisdom knowledge and insight!” Translative faith is at the door! – “Praise ye the Lord!”

Your Friend,

Neal Frisby