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“In this special writing we will consider the facts concerning prophecy and the soon return of the Lord Jesus! And Jesus states fearful and great signs shall there be from heaven.” (Luke 21:11) “Although this takes in celestial chariots and the coming of satanic lights, it also has another purpose. There can be no more fearful sight from the heavens than the explosion of a hydrogen atomic bomb!” – “He predicted, for the powers of heaven shall be shaken! (Luke 21:11, 26) Actually making the elements melt with fervent heat as the Bible prophesied!” . . . “Soon mankind will be nearing the end of 6,000 years from the creation of Adam. Six is the number of man and the prophetic scriptures declare that man’s day will end as the Lord’s day starts!” – “Statesmen and scientists have what they call dooms day jitters, knowing that any moment could fire the fuse leading to Armageddon!” “If you check my scrolls and letters you will also find out years ago my opinion was similar. (Read the Scripts.) – Recent developments in the Middle East have caused scientists to believe that it could occur soon!”

“For your understanding, let’s rationalize and look at it this way. For instance, if the first ‘7 years’ of the Tribulation started in 1989 then they would not have the battle of Armageddon until 1996. Also if the first 7 years of the Tribulation started in 1996 they would not have the battle of Armageddon until 2003! And if the first 7 years of the Tribulation started in 2003 they would not have the Armageddon battle until 2010!” – “Somewhere in the middle of the last 7 years the Lord will translate His children!” – “Also the Scriptures reveal there will be an interruption of time or shortening of days (Matt. 24:22), but no one knows how much time will actually be shortened for sure!” – “The key word is to watch and pray daily! – By the reading of the Scripts we do know His return is soon!” – “And it is my opinion that somewhere in the last 7 years there will be Tribulation such as not since the beginning of the world!” (Matt. 24:21) “The intensity is so great that He interrupts time!” (Verse 22) – “But we can see at this time it is predestined to become the most vital and important concerning mankind in preaching the gospel. And what a golden opportunity for us to work and become a sign of world evangelism that the Bible depicts! For it says this gospel of wonders, signs and miracles shall be preached to all the world for a witness just before the end comes!” (Matt. 24:14) – “So let us daily do all that we can!”

“We are witnessing the sign of the days of Noah and Lot. We are also witnessing the sign of the distress and perplexities of nations. Economic men now state that at some point inflation is expected to be many times worse that it was in the 80’s.” “And, unless inflation is curbed, world revolution will take place! – They also believe that we are approaching an age where paper money will be eliminated for electronic banking cards and then finally the mark of the beast! . . . Also the experts say that rare metals will double or triple themselves in a few years ahead!” (Dan. 11:38, 43 – Rev. 18:12) – “And at some point soon the whole world will be controlled by a new economic system!” (Rev. 13:15-18) – “Notice we list the events above because it is similar to what has already been written in the prophetic Scrolls!”

“When the anti-Christ appears on the scene he will have control over all the money in the world! – Evidently there will be an international money collapse to begin with to give him power, then great prosperity during the first part of his reign, also during the time of a world famine, then another tremendous economic collapse as his reign ends!” (Rev. 6:5-8)

Right now we see a power base composed of all nations who are trying to manipulate the International Money Fund and markets in an effort to control the world economy!” (Rev. 17:12-13) – “A Scriptural study shows the role that oil is fulfilling in Bible prophecy in the Middle East!” – “Also, along with other economic movements elsewhere and there, events are developing to bring forth the anti-Christ on the international scene!” . . . “Western Europe and the United States will work with the anti-Christ system until finally the anti-Christ himself, during the years of the Tribulation, sets up his operations in the Middle East!” (Zech. 5:9-11 – Rev. chap. 11 – II Thess. 2:4)

– “Also later in the age there will be an East, West trade agreement come into being! – Religious and Commercial Babylon of Rev. chaps. 17-18 is beginning to fulfill before our eyes in this generation!”

Here is a footnote. “There are three factors that could tie up the world’s economy and its people and turn the power over to the false messiah anti-Christ.” – “Number one, the Moslem (Arab) oil! . . . Next, the Roman Babylon Church (plus Apostates, Rev. 3:14-17) . . . and third, the wealth of the Jews in this nation and over the world! – These three together could do it over night! – So let us watch and pray and continue in the harvest of the Lord quickly!”

“We can certainly say according to our Scripts there will be some amazing, startling and awesome events appearing. Also watch for some dramatic occurrences concerning Israel!” . . . “The Scriptures declare that one of the purposes of the heavens is to give signs of

His future coming and to alert us. Jesus exhorts His people to watch for signs in the heavens as His appearance nears!” (Luke 21:25) – “We will definitely have displays of heavenly wonders! We will see the fall and rise of new leaders also in conjunction with many major events! – The world situation will be changing dramatically and rebellion and wars in different nations!” “Also earthquakes and volcanic activity is increasing! – Some scientists are saying that huge meteorites could strike the earth causing some of the worst disasters since the days of the flood.” Rev. 8:8-10, “predicts that huge asteroids will indeed strike the earth and in the sea!” – “I personally believe that our generation will see all these events take place! – As Jesus said, This generation shall not pass, that sees the budding of (Israel) the Fig Tree, etc.” (Matt. 24:33-35) – The failing of men’s hearts with fear predicting that these occurrences are coming!” (Luke 21:26) – “One last word, Take heed that the cares of this life do not prevent you from being ready; for it shall come ‘as a snare’ upon the whole earth!” (Luke 21:34-35)

In Jesus Love and Blessings,

Neal Frisby