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“This prophetic special writing is about a fascinating important subject! Much has been said lately of the signs occurring in the heavens through the newspapers, media etc. And we will take a Christian approach to this and research the Scriptures!” – “I have written on this subject before, and we know the Bible holds the answer to the true and false side of this phenomena! Prophecy reveals that there will appear incredible sights as the age closes! (St. Luke 21:11) But we are to stand steadfast and measure the evidence of which power it is by His Word! And the Bible says the Comforter will show you things to come and lead you into all truths!” – “The lights reveal time is shortening, and that it is near the translation and the earth is entering a period of apocalyptic judgments! But first we will reveal the Lord’s true lights, and then we will reveal the evil lights that appear many times as an angel of light!”

Ezek. 1:4, 13-18. Verse 16, “unveils a celestial wheel within a wheel and cherubims (angels) controlling them! He saw God’s true lights (supernatural craft) moving as the speed of lightning.” (Read Ezek. 10:9-13, 20-21) – Ps. 68:17, “depicts the supernatural chariots of God are 20,000 and even thousands of angels involved!” II Sam. 22:8-14, “records an incredible aerial phenomenon involving the Lord of Hosts! – Verse 11 depicts celestial flight! Verse 13 reveals bright lights went before him, and as he passed it created a thunderous sound!” – Verses 15, 18, “He sent forth lightnings and turned back David’s enemies! He had definitely seen an aerial wonder of God! – A true sign from heaven!”

  • Kings 2:11-12 “shows that Elijah was taken in a celestial craft involving fire and went up in a ‘spinning wheel’ like motion!” – In Gen. 15:17-18, displays Abraham saw an unusual wonder right after God made the covenant with him! He witnessed fire with glory smoke around it; a burning lamp in the air passed before him! – “It was a sign to him concerning the covenant!” – “Also in Isa. 66:15, portrays the Lord will come with fire and with His ‘chariots’ in whirling motion like a ‘whirlwind!’ And flames (supernatural force) before him will rebuke the nations!” – “Man has invented the ‘death ray’ and laser beam, but God’s lights are more potent and complete in their work! One day man will have a space war at Armageddon, but God’s lights will destroy man’s modern lights (ray weapons) and atomic forces!” Read Zech. 14:12.

“Now we will take into consideration Satan’s false lights; he is the imitator of God’s true lights! – His fallen angels of evil lights will forerun the coming of the anti -Christ!” II Thess. 2: 4, verses 9-11 “expose his appearance as in lying signs and wonders!” – “People for instance say they have made contact, but always what they reveal are not in line with the Word of God! What they have contacted is negative spirits with all deceivableness! Giving them strong delusion that they should believe a lie (false angel of light)!” Here is a news clip of such an appearance, we printed this once before and we quote: “Machado said, I saw people running for shelter, while others were kneeling in prayer. Then I saw it, the ship was like two large plates stuck together with the top plate upside down, it gave off a white-blue light and was gliding over the fields! Then it slowly set down in the field beyond town!” – “Hundreds of people watched in horror when a young man fell to the ground as he approached an Unidentified Flying Object which landed! The fallen youth’s mother screamed as he lay motionless on the ground about 30 feet from the saucer-shaped object near a small Brazilian town! Friends ran to help him while the crowd stood in stunned silence as the UFO took off rapidly!” – “Machado was treated in a hospital for strange inflammation on both legs, which was said to resemble electrical burns! Among the witnesses were a police officer and dozens of Brazilian Air Force men who reported seeing the UFO in a field!” – “An Air Force investigation showed that the flying saucer sightings were reported in four other areas in the same day!” (End of quote.)

In God’s love and abundant blessings,

Neal Frisby