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The mighty angel Gabriel, often called the time angel and visited Daniel and said, thou art greatly beloved! – “Yea, saith the Lord, My elect saints will be altogether lovely in spirit. Along with My spirit I will put My angels in the midst of My people as the translation nears!”

Nightmares and shockwaves! – Due to the travailing of nature, crises, wars, fear, apprehension, despair and due to the perilous times, we have seen angel mania start! Because people are looking for some kind of prop or way out. Also because of crises and disasters all over the world people are looking for protection and are grasping for anything, relic, dead saints, idols and etc. – But beyond this angel mania is breaking out even in the USA. – You can see it in the news, TV and most bookstands in stores! What is happening? Is Satan imitating the true angels activities, lights, moves, etc.? – Be very cautious for more is coming from both sides! – Remember Satan is an angel of light but God is pure light! – Angels are never to be worshipped (but only the Lord) and they speak just His Word. Note: We can see the lightnings of His spirit, and the thunders are following quickly as time is called and as the harvest is ending! – Michael the super prince will play a role evidently partly with the elect, but mostly as the two witnesses begin to appear! (Rev. Chap. 11 and Dan. Chap. 12)

Angelic visitation, work and duties! – Prophetic angelic work besides all the wonders, lights and signs being seen, something else is going on according to Jesus’ parables! – “The angels right now at this moment are separating the good from the evil. The net has already been drawn for the sea of people because it is the hour of translation!” (Matt. 13:47-50) – The Lord always separates! – Abraham was separated from Sodom where Lot dwelled. “And now at the midnight hour of the thunders the separation is in full swing!” As the Holy Spirit is guiding in that venture of gathering and separation! – Be ye also ready! Soon fire balls and asteroids will fall. Now we will write about some of the duties that angels do with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. During Jesus’ ministry (although not seen by the multitudes) were attending angels and ministering angels to Him!

At His arrest Christ said, He could call 12 legions of angels if He wanted to, to protect Him (Matt. 26:53) but He wanted to complete His mission! “So we see angels have various positions with our Lord! Along with the Holy Spirit there are literally millions of angels watching over this world or none of God’s children would be safe!” – Also the angels will be seen returning with Christ.

There are numerous angels like the stars! Also Gabriel appeared to Mary. – The stars are symbolic of God’s people and also His special angels, all of which are His shining light. (Dan. 12:3) – “Also angels are definitely interested in the conversion of sinners and rejoice when one accepts salvation!” (Luke 15:10) – The redeemed also shall meet and be introduced to the angels of the Almighty. (Luke 12:8) “Oh what a time!” – Speaking of lights, God gives us a futuristic picture of us! We were with Him in the beginning and we shall soon shout this way with Him again! – In an hour ye think not! – Job 38:7, “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” – The mysteries and marvels are fantastic! The Scriptures report, who can search Him out.

Besides the Lord overlooking all things, He loves His elect, and His angels are guardians over His little ones! He stays with them through their tests and they prevail. The evil forces are kept at bay, as His people would do nothing or be greatly hindered. “He supplies their needs and does many supernatural things that they are unaware of such as protection in their daily life!” The angels guard them from dangers that they cannot see and keeps their lives as they witness and live! And the Lord seals secrets in their hearts at night while they sleep, but they do not know how or where they came from! Joseph and Mary even could have been diverted to go in a different direction then they ordinarily would have, and it may have saved their lives! The angels carry the righteous into Paradise at death. The change is so easy and beautiful as they blend into the spirit’s light and are carried away! (Luke 16:22)

The characteristics of angels. – Well, for one thing they do not die and they are not all knowing like God is: omniscient! They were probably created beyond the eon of time! The angel who sat on the rock at the resurrection of Christ was called a young man, yet he probably was millions of years old! – Every angel has a duty! Some look different than others. Various ones have wings, others evidently don’t. Some have the power of flight. (Ezek. Chap. 10) Angels are like a crowd of witnesses! There are seraphim and cherubim type found in Rev. Chap. 4 – Isa. Chap. 6. There are archangels, and there are angels to the messengers! (Rev. 1:20)

Surely there are amazing wonders and mysteries of our great Saviour! Jesus is the light of the spirit who is the angel of the Lord and encampeth round about His saints who fear Him! He has different heavenly host; the one type like Elisha saw! (II Kings 6:17) – Also Elijah after his long run in the wilderness was suddenly woke up one morning to see a certain angel cooking him a meal. (I Kings 19:5-8) Also evidently it was this same angel who supplied the oil and the meal for the woman! – After the resurrection the disciples were in the sea and looked back to the seashore and Jesus was cooking them a meal of fish. (John 21:9 -13) – Also remember manna was rained out of heaven on the children of Israel. Does all of this sound familiar? – Paul said Jesus was the rock in the wilderness and they drank of it. (I Cor. 10:4) – Surely Jesus is our angel of trusting light and Saviour!

Your Friend,

Neal Frisby