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“Let us review some significant prophecy and international occurrences! Again we have seen some “twist of events” involving Russia, Eastern Europe and the United States! What you have seen transpiring in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe was predicted on the Scripts to occur even decades ago with later up to date information! – Now these events are making headlines everywhere! The events are occurring so swiftly the News can hardly keep pace with all the prophecy!” –

“Jesus through the spirit of prophecy is telling the nations and especially the Christians to wake up! – I am returning soon!”

“The world is literally alive with important events. The prophet Daniel pierced the time veil over 2,500 years ago forecasting the very drama we see today! We are witnessing the long awaited prophecy, and it is taking place right out in the open for all to see!” – “Russia and Eastern Europe have now formed the clay to the iron! – The Scripts predicted the timing, the economic, food shortage and famine conditions that brought about the uprisings! – The fourth kingdom which is also known as the 7th and 8th head shall be a mixture!” (Dan. 2:40-44) – vs. 42, “And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken! – What we are witnessing are the ‘toes’ of iron and clay moving into position!”

“As soon as the revolutionary changes begin to finish all of the break away satellite states of Russia will eventually be in financial agreement with Russia (with some difficulty) and this will be tied to Western Europe as world trade and global economy appears.” (Rev. chap. 18) – “Out of this will emerge the Vatican, Soviet and USA agreement with Israel involved!”

“The final parts of the puzzle are fitting perfectly in place!” Rev. 13:2, “shows the picture completed and prepared for destruction! – The feet of the bear is RUSSIA and its former satellites. The rest of the body is Asia, East and West Europe! The USA is found in the second beast!” (Rev. 13:11-13) etc.

“We will see global economics come into being! – Religious and Commercial Babylon will ride the beast in world trade! – Events will pick up momentum. Unexpected and surprising events are still ahead! We will see what the Scripts predicted developing before our very eyes!” – Note: “This has been truly a time of celestial signs! And just like Jesus said, they confirmed the word of prophecy coming forth! – Jesus as though looking through a time dimension said in Luke 21:25, there would be signs in the sun, moon and the stars, etc. Then He said, nations in distress and perplexity! Added to this, He said, with the seas and waves roaring. As Jesus Himself said, that this is a warning of His soon return! Also potent cycle changes and events are headed our way.

“Concerning the prophecy at the top of our special writing, one might wonder where then after the picture is completed will it go? It leads to Ezek. chap. 38 – then moves into Rev. 16:9 -12, then comes into view Rev. 18:8-10 and commercial Babylon is destroyed by energy and atomic weapons! – So it is my opinion and firm belief the elect will see the return of Jesus soon! And after this then Great Tribulation and Armageddon should appear and then the Great Day of the Lord! – One reason because Jesus said, concerning the Fig Tree (Israel) all would be fulfilled in this generation!” (Matt. 24:32-34) – “From the Fig Tree (Israel prophecy).” – “Be awake, Jesus is coming soon!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby