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“What an awesome and wonderful time to be living in. We are witnessing the last throes of mankind with his scientific knowledge ready to turn upon him. We are also watching step by step God’s final call. Supper time of the spiritual feast and invitation is running out!” (Luke 14: 16-24) – Both vines are reaching fruition . . . the false and the true. The false will meet the anti-Christ, and the true will meet Jesus in the air! – In this special writing I will write my opinion with good evidence concerning prophetic events and Scriptural fulfillment that will take place in our near future and in the forward future! One fact the Lord said, “When He shall build up Zion He shall appear in His glory!” (Ps. 102:16) “This is being fulfilled before our eyes and it will increase more so as they approach the covenant of false peace! They are nearing Rev. 11:1-2, and a little later, II Thess. 2:4.”

“Also concerning the Gentile church, we are entering the cycle of the full corn! This will begin to pick up momentum, and then it says ‘immediately’ He putteth in the sickle! (Mark 4:29) because harvest is come! We are also witnessing Matt. 13: 30, the growth of the two together is ending! The tares (false system) are separating now for bundling but the wheat (elect) are beginning to unite in the final harvest! Because just around the corner persecution will occur and Jesus will take the elect up!”

Concerning Rev. 17:1-5, “will come into more prominence, affecting not only Russia but the USA as well! Her ‘golden cup’ of wealth will be controlled by this figure soon in,” (Dan. 11:36-40 – Dan. 8:25.) And after a world crisis a boom again in great growth, followed by apocalyptic judgment! We are also witnessing this Scripture of the gathering of silver and gold that is to occur in the last days! (James 5:1-4) And this will continue a little more, then the final new economic system will appear and all currency will change into something new, then directly into a government religious economic mark! (Rev. 13:13-16)

“Apostasy will swell until the cup of iniquity is full! . . . The immoral conditions will continue and as we predicted years ago things hidden are now out in the open for one to see in magazines, television and movies! There is coming yet another dimension of immorality wherein Satan and evil spirits join in union with mankind with an orgy of debauchery that has not yet been seen! – This is a deep subject and will be considered later. Also Hollywood has not reached its ultimate in filmmaking concerning sex gods (evil spirits) in intimacy with men and women! – Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah and Lot. And those days are running out. Astonishing and alarming events will appear! . . . Also drugs, crime, assassinations worldwide!”

“The weather will be a mixture of madness and will be turmoil concerning nature! Cold icy chills will dominate parts of the planet. – As we predicted before – famine, volcanoes and droughts in diverse places are increasing in worldwide proportions! Also on the other hand giant devastating storms and floods will come to various locations! – We will see the greatest winds and tornadoes the world has witnessed! Later in the age hurricanes and typhoons will be beyond the imagination of some until they see it occur! – More sky phenomenon concerning lights will be seen! Also Jesus said there would be signs in our solar system, warning the earth of coming judgments. Different rare conjunctions concerning the moon and heavenly bodies will occur! And upon the earth Jesus said that distress of nations and great perplexity will occur and earthquakes will take place! I know the heavens are telling us of many of the events that we have printed!” (Ps. 19 – Luke 21:25) “These signs will increase forerunning the Lord’s return! And more understanding will be given to the elect!”

Continuing – “I will restore all things again unto my elect, saith the Lord!” Joel 2:23-25 is soon to reach its fullness! – “The plague sign, diseases and epidemic will sweep the earth along with new violence! Earth will be covered with its own blood with epic proportion. The Vatican will go through tremendous changes. Its leader and headquarters will be moved because of the threat of atomic annihilation and afterwards Rome and the Vatican will be destroyed by fire! . . . But before this a new and different type pope will arise!”

The last generation – Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled!” (Matt. 24:34) – “He was speaking concerning many of the events we have just written here – and this was especially associated to the budding of the Fig tree, wherein it meant that Israel would blossom again as a nation!” – This great sign occurred May 14, 1948, and the “Fig Tree” was taken as their national symbol, just as was prophesied. Now here is another point, remember Israel did not get the old city back until 1967. Jesus said, “This generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled! So the elect should prepare now for the soon return of Jesus!”

“The Lord has revealed to me secrets that have been couched and hidden, and vital events were given and will be revealed at His proper time! Keep your ears and spiritual eyes open for He shall not hide from His elect the things He shall do and the events that shall come!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby