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“In this special writing we will discuss prophecy and fulfillment!” – “We have seen prophecies fulfilling beyond most people’s expectation! We are entering a new age on the threshold of powerful changes! A revolutionary time of new inventions and communications and etc. It is the age of destiny and fulfilling God’s last prophecies!”

“According to the prophetic scrolls, powerful and great earthquakes will strike California and many parts of the world will be overcome by the quakes of death and destruction!”– “In a vision I had in the early 60’s – it was given in three stages – where at first there would be smaller quakes, then there would be major ones, then finally near the Translation or some time near Tribulation would come a final catastrophic quake wherein I saw sections of California breaking up underneath! Fire in the sea, then great parts of California went into the ocean! Death and destruction unbelievable for most to comprehend (no exact date given)! Scientists now say this is possible!”

“We read an article sent to us awhile back that a young man who was not a minister was hurt in an accident and was in a semi-coma who saw something similar to what I had seen! Whereas he was taken up and saw the city of Los Angeles and witnessed a giant quake wherein he saw everything from the San Bernardino mountains to Los Angeles ‘slide into the sea!’ . .

. He went up higher yet wherein he saw the Grand Canyon move – he said Boulder Dam was breaking up! The vision changed and he looked and saw San Francisco flip up and down and over like a pancake! He said it was the most awful thing he had ever seen! Evidently we see God establishing witnesses!” – “So we know this terrible earthquake disaster will take place before the closing of our age!”

“You remember I predicted by electronic computers the Stock Market would rise to new heights (it did) and then it would fall like lightning wiping out the small investors who could not compete!” – “The Stock Market will have its ups and downs, but these are omens of things to come! For in the years ahead will come great weather changes, famine and economic turnabouts and changes! Our whole financial structure will finally alter, and that change will be ultimate and revolutionary!”

– “My advise is if ever anyone is going to give or do something for the Lord you had better do it now! . . . Because later an electronic wizard and master of deception concerning finances will enter the scene!” – “My prophecies are beginning to show the foreshadows of a well laid plan and an unexpected snare will take hold of the nations concerning food, money transactions, credit and work etc.! A global world unit concerning all populations is being devised! The name and identification of each person is being computerized for later use!”

“Some people are now crying for a strong man, a president for the whole planet earth!” – “We know one thing, the Jews are looking for a Messiah, a super human leader! . . . And also in the Arab world the reason there has been so much fanaticism and uproar causing worldwide attention is because of their quest for an Islamic messiah whom they call the Maahdi! They are expecting him soon to appear! . . . And the whole world is looking for a super hero! Well, one is on his way and will be revealed at the appointed time! The master of peace, prosperity and total deception concerning the human race! Only their fantasy dream of a new utopia will be turned into a raging nightmare! The flame of revolution that started this will ultimately turn upon them bringing them to the brink of annihilation! (Let me state that the elect is taken out years before this last occurrence!)” – “Except Jesus intervenes at that time, there would be no flesh saved!” (Matt. 24:22)

“Some who watch and chart the course of international power politics including the arms race, actually believe that there will be an Armageddon unless, they say, a super human messiah rises to prevent it; and one will rise, but he will only stall through a false peace plan and intoxicate men with a materialistic future! . . . But Armageddon will take place just the same (Rev. 19: 19-21) and end by divine intervention!”

“Man’s inventions are now bringing progress and vast changes! The invention of the super conductor will also step up momentum and new progress concerning a wide range of uses!” . . . Also men claim they are working on bringing god-like computers! In fact through the coming new inventions men will be assuming god-like powers! . . . And one magazine made a statement like this: ‘Man will change times and laws that will result in worldwide catastrophe and will finally upset the balance of nature in this solar system!’ . . . And He is releasing a chaotic future for this planet! Man is entering the space windows of time, and from above is charting his desolation below! . . . Also new technologies are destined to bring fantastic changes.” – “Through these new inventions the world is being prepared for a new social order! What we see concerning man and nature, etc. will be greatly intensified!” – “Jesus is coming very soon!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby