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“In this writing let us consider the prophetic parable of the wise and foolish virgins – Matt. 25:1- 10. – Today many of God’s people have gone to sleep spiritually; are not awake and are ignorant to signs of the times around them of the coming of the Lor d!”

  • “Just before Jesus was to come, there was a tarrying time, a waiting! As a result, all of the virgins slumbered and slept, but the ones with the oil and the Word heard the cry of the bride elect to the wise attendants filled with oil!” 25:6 – “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him!” As we see from the parable, there is a lamp trimming time! – A short period of revival that will culminate in the coming of the Bridegroom for the bride! – “Those who believe and hear this message will go in with Him to the wedding: then the door will be shut!” (Verse 10)

Remember Jesus has put a powerful anointing oil on this message to the people on my list! Take advantage of it and shout t he victory! – He is coming soon! – “We must prepare for this mighty ‘lamp trimming revival’ by obeying His word, heeding His warnings, seeking and praising Him! And He will hear us from heaven, and suddenly out of the tarrying will come the midnight cry of thunder; and a deluge of former and latter rain will restore the elected Church!” – “It will be a glorious church of power and faith! – United in one body of divine love and Jesus will be the head of this, His predestined people, foreknown before the foundation of the world!”

“The Church now is in kind of a lull or tarrying time! – And with the world headed for crisis and chaos we are now on the eve of a great spiritual awakening that has never been seen before! – Jesus will restore the things that have been lost in power and in gifts!” –The prophet Joel foretells of a most tremendous age-ending revival! – “We are now in the very days of the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecies; an outpouring of God’s spirit. God’s true children can begin to hear the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees! (II Sam. 5:24) … “We can see a ‘little cloud’ out of the sea like a man’s hand (the hand of God) and we know, just as Elijah knew, that there shall be a great rain (revival)!” (I Kings 18:42-45) “It is the hour that He shall make His laymen and ministers a flame of fire! Heb. 1:7 – His people become one in spirit and in one accord! Once again there shall be unity in His body! – Watch for it; for it is coming!”

“Jesus told me my scrolls and letters are to alert and anoint His chosen people for a great outpouring in signs, wonder s and miracles! – This new coming visitation of the spirit of Jesus will produce a ministry different from anything that we have had i n the last generation! – It also will produce those who will speak by direct inspiration and it will give the world a witness of the soon coming of Jesus and the sweet power of the Holy Spirit!” – “Behold the former things are passed away, and behold new things are beginning!” – “He will restore the prophetic vision of Joel Chapters 1 and 2, and pour out His spirit upon all flesh ‘who are awake’ and believe!” … This restoration is imminent. – The prophecies of God command us to wait and to watch for it, and to receive it with action and faith! – “Jesus says, hold fast until I come. And He forewarns, take heed lest that day come upon you unawares!” (Luke 21:34)

“Now during the tarrying time spoken about in Matt 25:5-6, and just at the time of outpouring, the tares ‘false religions’ (Matt. 13:30) will join together to work with government and to control the world! – The apostate Protestant systems will join back into the Roman Babylon religion as well as all other false religions including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.” – What will bring all of this about? – My opinion is, the threat of nuclear war, a world food crisis and an international financial crisis that will produce a great ‘peacemaker’ who will appear seemingly to have the answer to man’s problems. – A false guiding star! … “With a super religious personality who will perform lying miracles!” Rev. 13: 12- 14 – “This lamb -like peacemaker will later speak like a dragon declaring himself to be a god! – A deceiver, dictator in the worst form!” – Most false religions are definitely looking for some type of Messiah to come (including the Jews) to save them out of all their problems! – And this man appears just at the right time! … Seemingly convincing them with lying signs and they will worship him as god! – This is exactly what the Bible says will occur! (Dan. 9:27 – Rev. Chap. 13) – “These prophecies are closer to being fulfilled than most realize!”

“The prophetic letters and Scripts reveal to us that we are headed for earthquakes, wars, famines, pestilence, revolutions and worldwide distress … increase in knowledge and inventions. It also says, there will be scoffers concerning the coming of Jesus. (II Peter 3:3) – But Jesus is coming for His elect anyway! (I Thess. 4:16-17) – “So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors!” Matt. 24:33 – “And be patient, establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh!” (James 5:8)

Notice the urgency of the Scriptures taken at random, wherein they say, “The Lord is at hand. – The end of all things is at hand!” – “At any time … Nearer than when we believed! … Yet a little while … And He that shall come, will come and will not tarry!” (Heb. 10:37) – “The judge standeth before the door! … And it is near, even at the doors. … And behold I come quickly!” (Rev. 22:12) – All these Scriptures reveal that He could come at any time! – “And even though we think that we may have more time to work, we should still, in our hearts, expect Him at any moment! … As we continue in the harvest!” – “Trust that you enjoy this letter. Remember what it’s saying and the Holy Spirit will prosper and bless you as you trust in the Lord Jesus! ”

Jesus love and bless you,

Neal Frisby