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“Let us review what prophecy and the Scriptures foretell of the coming new society. The population may as well get ready, for vast changes will occur in the world economy. – Eventually, in what seems to be accurate evidence, there may well be a golden head system like Daniel foretold in Dan. Chapter 2. We also see the golden cup in Rev. 17:4-5 controlling the nations in agreement with the underworld of sinister spirits! The nations are definitely headed for a global economy. There will be a cen-tral point that will network to all nations!”

“In this letter let us not assume or add any opinion, but go directly to the prophetic Scriptures for the answers!” – Isaiah Chap. 2 opens up with an incredible vision concerning our time, in fact in our generation! – Verses 7-8 – proceeds to see the land full of gold and silver, idols and chariots to no end! – Verse 9, said, “Forgive them not.” (This must have been during the mark of the beast.) – Verses 10-11 and the rest of the chapter shows it is definitely at the very end of the age and the great day of the Lord, for they hid themselves in the holes and rocks from His majesty and glory! – “So we see somewhere near the end, gold and silver has another tremendous influence on mankind! The woman in Rev. 17 seems to control the world by her golden cup! According to the news, Western Europe (Revived Roman Empire) has hoarded up more gold than anyone else on the earth, and couple this with the Vatican; not even the United States has that much of a supply! … Some day the known currencies we have will vanish! In Solomon’s day the number 666 was associated to the gold, and only one other place this number is used in the Scriptures and it is associated with the mark!” (Rev. 13:16 -18) – “Daniel said this religious leader will have power over all the treasures of gold and silver!” (Dan. 11:43) Vs. 36-38 shows an insane madness took place concerning his vast supply! … Nah. 2:9 reveals the hoarding of gold in underground vaults by the nations! We have this in Fort Knox and New York, plus the Vatican, Mid-East and Western Europe! – Like Isaiah, Nahum mentioned the fiery chariots in the land. (Verses 3-4)

“For awhile they may use credit cards and currency, but according to the Scriptures it seems to suddenly change into who has the most (solid) backing to use in World Trade as they all hoard together! – This seems what one-day may very well be behind the mark that is given!” In Isa. 14, the prophet, while speaking of the past, looked far ahead in the future and saw the King of Babylon and proclaimed, “How hath the oppressor ceased! The golden city ceased!” (Verse 4) – And Verse 9 speaks of it as occurring in our day! – Rev. 18:8-10 reveals the last golden city ceases! – Verses 16- 17 shows that it was wiped out in one hour! (Space atomic) – Verses 12-13 reveal a glamorous, magnetic world trade market! – It even bought the souls of men and women to do whatsoever that they wanted to do with them. The crimes, lust and debauchery committed then are unspeakable to write! (Rev. 18:2) – “All of this will be coupled with images and idols to a world dictator who at first uses the woman to seduce the nations!” (Rev. 17:2)

“We know in the coming global economy, vast changes and sudden alterations will take place catching the world off guard. Jesus said, as a snare shall it come on all of them that dwell upon the face of the whole earth! – Evil and sinister men have been planning underneath for quite awhile to guide the real substance of finance into their hands, and then to control energy and food! Then they know the world must bow to whatever government they set up, and at its head will be the religious anti-Christ!”

In James Chapter 5 it definitely unveils what we have just been talking about. It said they would “heap treasure” together for the last days! (Verse 3) Then all would be under control of a central dictatorship! – In Rev. 6:5-6 we see the economic wizard was asking for metal (probably anti-Christ image on it!) In John’s day it was one-eighth of silver, a whole day’s wage!

At the end of the age there will be a famine for food, a scarce commodity. Also at that time there will be a famine for the word of God! (Amos 8:11) – This is not written for everyone to run out and hoard up gold and etc. for at some given point, nothing will work without the mark anyway! – The best is to trust in the Lord as always, and He will guide! – But what we have done is show what the Scriptures reveal in the latter times! – “Here is what Jesus said for His elect to do (Rev. 3:18) and you will surely not fail, and will be in the will and character of God!” – This is the time for the real people of God to join in the harvest work to do all they can and as swiftly as possible while they still have some value left in their finances, because such horrible conditions are coming; a shortage of resources with violent weather patterns, tidal waves (great tsunami’s), tectonic plates moving and volcanic activity. All of this will cause sudden and incredible changes among the nations. – “So let us all prepare, watch and pray, for in an hour ye think not, the Son of man cometh!” (Matt. 24:44)

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby