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“Before we start our main subject the Lord reveals He will give His elect comfort during the coming crises and perilous times! And here are the Scriptures that will definitely serve to help you!” St. John 14:1 “Jesus admonishes us, Let not your heart be troubled. Reject satan’s pressure!” – Isa. 28:10-12, “This is the hour that God will give His elect rest and the refreshing. St. John 14:27, Behold my peace I give unto you. Thou shall be in perfect peace.” (Isa. 26:3) – Ps. 55:22, “I will take thy burden from off of you!” – Ps. 34:4, “Yea I have delivered thee from all thy fears!” – “Behold I have not given thee the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (II Tim. 1:7) – “I will guide thee with my counsel. (Ps. 73:24) – I am thy refuge and strength, I am present and help in trouble.” (Ps. 46:1) – “Behold saith the Lord I am for you, who can be against you?” (Rom. 8:31) – “As you wait upon me your strength is renewed, you will mount up with power, you will literally run and no remember weariness!” (Isa. 40:31) – “I will now even renew within you the proper and right spirit! The Lord will give you friends, health, happiness and success! I will make you like eagles in the air to observe these words, so that they may comfort you upon My return and translation of those I love. Remember ye the Lord’s words!”

“The Old Testament reveals and types the future of the world church and false system, let the knowledge of the spirit show us! Remember Israel was not supposed to mix with the world and other groups! Num’s 23:9 and was to dwell alone with God! Israel was the Pentecostals of her day!” – “They had the smitten rock, the pillar of fire and cloud, signs and wonders and a great prophet! But what did they do? They joined with the organized worldly Moabites and committed sexual crimes and sin by listening to Balaam and Balak (idolatry). God absolutely confirms this in Rev. 2:14. And the Laodicean Protestants of the last day will do the same things (Rev. 3:14 -17) join Babylon!” “Money and pleasure were involved with the Balaam proposition to Israel!” “Also the Moabites they were joined to were of the children of Lot and came from the incestuous acts Lot had with his two daughters!” (Gen. 19:34-37) – “And the Lord pronounced judgment upon those who joined!” (Num. 25:2 -4,9) – “All of this was for our admonition today and to teach Israel on her way out and would help her later, but she would not listen! And when Israel came out once before, she joined right back into the mixed multitude of the treasury calf of idolatry, and united in unbelievable orgies!” Read Ex. 32:2-6. Also the pleasures, orgies and idols of Solomon got him in deep trouble with the Lord in a time of plenty!” (I Kings 11:4-9) “His treasury was associated with the number 666 as a type (I Kings 10:14). “Another type was Nebuchadnezzar’s treasury image!” (Dan. 3:1-2) “Also at the end the false protestant churches will unite with the world Babylon system going into orgies and pleasures of sin. (Rev. 17:4 -5) “And the 10 Kings Rev. 17:12 with the ‘little horn’ will form ‘another treasure’ like what we spoke of and issue the mark of the beast on the earth!” – “Satan always in the past misused gold and always used it to unify his false kingdom!” Dan. 11:38-

  • “confirms it!” – In Rev. 17:4 “we see the woman of idolatry holding the world treasury cup of sin controlling the world system on the beast!” – Also Jeroboam used it to try and control the people in idolatry!” (I Kings 12:28)

“The number, the mark and the Beast name will soon appear! It will be called the mark of peace, but will actually be the mark of violence! Cain wore the mark of rebellion and violence!” (Gen. 4:15) “Let us take into consideration some vital and interesting facts. Satan’s intentions, number and mark were hidden among the different alphabets from the beginning! In the English it is 600-060-006 and the Roman it is DC-LX-VI (666) – “In the Greek alphabet the letter S is used for the number 6, and the S is derived from stigma, which means mark or brand burnt upon slaves or devotees! This letter and number were also connected with the ancient Egyptian mysteries! The three letters SSS in Greek were the symbol of ISIS, which is thus connected with 666! The Greek letters for these six’s look like XES and the Greek writing for the E looks like the symbol of a serpent! between the XES!” – “These numbers above and letters are possibly only satan’s foundation prefix and all other numbers would have to join into this foundation prefix, and this way it would deceive the people! Like, for example, if you phone out to another state you must have the prefix number associated to the number you are calling! “Also it is remarkable the Romans did not use all the letters of their alphabet as did the Hebrews and Greeks! They used only 6 letters D,C,L,X,V and I. And it is still perhaps more significant that the sum of these amounts to 666!” (The Roman M appears to merely have been two D’s) leaving just 6 letters, and it will be joined to apostasy! All of this gives us a view of his number, mark and name of the people from whence he will come! – “Prophecy reveals under the anti-christ there will be one world church, Babylon – Rev. 17

all false religions including Catholics who have not received salvation and false apostate Protestants. There will be one world bank and monetary system, all governments, all military forces will be under his command, all munitions and war weapons (atomic) will be personally in his hand! Who is able to make war with him? (Rev. 13:4 – Dan. 11:38) – “The reconstructed Roman Empire (Babylon) will control all false religions, commerce and industry, Rev. chaps. 17 and 18 are definite on this!” “This one world church system will control the mining of all rare metals and jewels; it will take great vaults to contain their accumulation of this!” (Nahum 2:9 – Dan. 11:38-39) – “The wealth of the world will be in her hands and his control – Rev. 17:4-5!”

God Love and Bless You,

Neal Frisby