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In this special writing we have a very important subject! . . . “The nearness and conditions surrounding the coming of Christ! This should be the song in every heart of the believer, the Lord Jesus cometh soon!”

“The state of the world at this time is fear, unrest, perplexity; the Lord said it would be a time such as this!” – That’s why in James 5:7-8, “He gives a special patience to His elect! – It is a vital need because He mentions it twice, just at His coming! – It reads especially true in the period of the latter rain! – He was right at the door!” (Verse 9) – Rev. 3:10, “those who kept the patience of His Word were kept and translated!”

Matt.25:14, “reveals to us the kingdom of heaven and His coming back again is as a man traveling to a far country!” Verse 13, “reveals we are to watch, because we do not know the exact day nor hour of His return!” – “But a combination of other Scriptures and by the prophetic signs around us we would know almost the time of His coming! – Evidently we will know within weeks or months of His return, but not the ‘exact day’ or ‘hour’! – In other words, we would know the season!” (Read Matt.24:32-35)

“The ones who keep His Words of patience will not go to sleep! Multitudes of Christians are spiritually asleep! – In the parable Matt.25:1-10, ‘the foolish and the wise were both asleep. But the bride who is part of the wise company was not asleep! – They gave the ‘midnight cry’! (Verses 5 -6) – And the wise had enough of the anointed Word that produced the oil of the Holy Spirit in their vessels!” – “Why did they go to sleep? – Verse 5 reveals there was a delay, a transition period; and we are in that time now prophetically speaking! – Generally when people stop activity they fall asleep! – In other words they were not excited about the coming of ‘the Lord’ anymore! – They had even stopped talking about His nearness! – In other words the Church had grown quiet on this matter, and had quit talking and had gone to sleep! . . . But the Bride elect was awake, because they were continually talking about His ‘soon return’ and pointing out all the signs that proved it! – They had no time to spiritually sleep because they were bringing in the harvest! – For His ‘true people’ are the ones who made the cry, go ye out to meet Him!” – “During the delay the others got bored and spiritually went to sleep! – But the elect who were part of the wise also, was full of excitement and joy because they knew the Bridegroom was near upon them!” – “The

Bride (midnight cry) is a special group within the circle of the wise believers! – They have strong faith in His soon appearance! . . . And may all my partners say ‘Christ cometh, go ye out to meet Him’!” – Verse 6, “now the cry was made at midnight, but a little time elapsed because of preparation of the wise!” (Verses 7-8)

“Notice from the parable that there is to be a lamp trimming time, a short powerful revival that takes place during the midnight cry, and go ye out to meet Him! – This short message will culminate into the coming of Jesus! – And they who are ready will go in with Him!” (Verse 10) – “The foolish had no anointing, no oil, and time ran out on them before they could get a full supply!”

“Many of my partners notice a real strong anointing in my recorded sermons and writings! – It is the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit to His people, and He will bless those who read and listen, and who stay full of His power and have strong faith in His Word!”

“In ancient reckoning the night was divided up into 4 watches. 6 P.M. through 6 A.M. – The parable definitely brings out midnight! – But it was a little after the cry was made, the next watch is 3 A.M. through 6 A.M. – His coming was sometime after the midnight watch! – But also in some parts of the world it will be day and in other parts it will be night during the time of His coming!” (Luke 17:33-36) – “So prophetically the parable means that it was in the darkest and latest hour of history! – It can be said, it was in the twilight of the age! – So also to us with His true message His return may be between midnight and twilight! – And Jesus definitely mentions these four watches of the night!” – “Watch lest the Master come at evening, midnight, cock crowing, or morning!” (Mark 13:35-37) – “Lest coming suddenly I find you sleeping! – The key word is to be alert in the Scriptures and know the signs of His coming!”

“Now we have been in a transition period since Israel went home (1946-48). And according to all the Biblical cycles we are now entering the time that they are beginning to transpire in the coming dates ahead of us!” – “I do not have space to explain all of these prophetic cycles, but they reveal the return of Jesus is very soon! – And even the very latest of cycles that probably has to do with the Tribulation and Armageddon are upon us. – So the end of all things is at hand! – As the Scriptures say, at any time! . . . So likewise when ye shall see all of these things (prophetic signs) know that it is near, even at the doors!” (Matt. 24:33)

“We know just before Jesus’ return we are told there will be wars, famine, pestilence, earthquakes, revolution! . . . International crises and worldwide distress and etc. – And we see the fulfillment of this more and more each day! – And according to the Scripts it is in the scope of things to come!” – This is a good thing to remember, the Scriptures say, “take heed that the cares of life cause that day to come unawares! – For it will surely catch many off guard! – So let us watch and pray, and stay excited about His soon return! – As the Book of Revelation says: ‘Behold, I come quickly, surely I come quickly’!” – Amen.

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby