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My letter of encouragement this time concerns the will of God in one’s life! Yes, the Lord knows you even more personally than you know yourself! In His infinite love and wisdom He has a plan for you and every person born in this world! It is a definite plan; and He is nudging you into your place! He foresees all who are to be born; He sees the coming of each one!

For example He gave the name to King Cyrus 200 years in advance! (Isa. 44:28) – “He gave the name of another king long before his appearance! (I Kings 13:2) And His work was fulfilled to the letter. (II Kings 23:16) God knew all about Jeremiah before his birth and his future work. (Jer. 1:5) the Bible also spoke about the coming of Emmanuel (Jesus) way ahead of time!” (Isa. 9:6) “Before one starts in the will of God he must first have the foundation of Salvation coupled with seeking more of His Holy Spirit! The true will of God is not your own will, but to do the will of His Word!” (St. John 7:16-17) “And lean not unto your own understanding but what the Word says and you will begin in His will!” – Matt. 7:21, gives wisdom wherein it says, not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of God!” Verse 25 says, “the wise man will be founded upon the rock!” – “Sometimes there is a waiting for the perfect will of God, His timing is infallible!” (Eccl. 3:1-2, 11-14) “The Lord knew all about your coming to be in the last day work. Don’t let satan misguide you from what you know in your heart is working for you! Jesus has a path and pattern laid out! A path is provided for the stars in the Solar system and He has provided a path for His children also! This is revealed symbolically in Rev. 12:1,5! – “Many of those called to help me will fit into this pattern that Paul gives speaking of the different glories, comparing celestial and terrestrial! He used the sun and the moon and the stars to compare different positions in glories. Read it, I Cor. 15:40-42! – “The Lord knew Solomon beforehand and prepared him to build a Temple and created him solely to do this! God had also preordained me to build this Temple with the Headstone ministry! He has also preordained a people to fit into the plans involved in helping! It is a most rewarding, a very important will! Providence plays an absolute role in working for the high prize! (Phil. 3:13-14, Rom. 8:19, 27-29) Individually and as a whole the most perfect will is to be joined to the Headship ministry! (Eph. 1:4 – Eph. 2:20-22) The very Chief Corner stone!” “Behold this is the manifold wisdom of God (Mark 12:10) Remember the wise was joined to the Rock, the high prize of His calling! Jesus the Great Rock!”

“God will guide you in His preordained plans! Sometimes for some people the will of God is large things or small things, but if you accept it whether it is either way He will make you happy with it!” “The Lord has shown me many times people are in His perfect will and because of anxiety and impatience they jump right out of His will because they suddenly think they should do this or that or because they think the pastures are greener in something else! Some get the idea that they are called to foreign lands or that people will listen to them better in another place, etc. This may be true for a few, but not for all, and often times the Lord has to burn them a little bit as it were, and nudge them back into His will or they get out of it!” – “Some people get out of the will of God because severe trials and tests come, but often times when you are in the very will of God is when it seems to be the hardest for awhile. So regardless of circumstances one must hold to faith and the Word of God and the clouds will clear and the sun will shine! Don’t forget you will have your cloudy days and your sunny days! Faith, patience and time will work for you proving you are in His will!”

“Some people are looking for more greatness in their lives to do major things, when in fact the greatness of His spirit is all around them and they fail to see it! To be associated in this last work is no greater calling according to the eternal calling which He purposed! Christ Jesus our Lord as head of it! The choice of His will for your life will last into eternity! Listen to what the spirit saith unto His people the church elect!” (Rev. 3:22) – “Here are some ways that God can and does talk to His people. Through visions, revelation dreams, God’s Word through a major prophet even as like in Old Testament times. Also in the Old Testament the Urim Thummim method was used for guidance. (Ex. 28:30) – Nums. 27:21) But other gifts superceded this method in time!” – “In His will and for best guidance is actually the Word of God itself. His will is revealed!” “Those of the real faith, the pillar of fire and the cloud (Holy Spirit wisdom) will guide as the path of righteousness leads them into a solid position!” “And the powers in heavenly places might be known in the elect in the manifold works of God!” – “The Lord Jesus will always have a message to lead His people in truth and reality! The pillar of fire will be ever present giving forth utterance of divine leadership to those who are called according to His purpose! Many of you are in His will or coming in to His perfect will, so don’t worry or fret, just praise the Lord! He is sure of your final position! Thank Him for His foreknowledge, His hand is with you, He knew you before you came!” (Eph. 1:4-5 – Isa. 46:10).

In His immeasurable love and blessings,

Neal Frisby