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“In this special writing we bring out some important subjects. People have often written me and ask will the United States suffer an atomic desolation? Early in my ministry the Lord revealed to me that it would, but let us prove it by the Scriptures. Evidently it occurs after the Translation and at the end of the Great Tribulation!” – “The abomination of desolation brought in by the beast causes judgment upon the earth! The beast system will evidently control atomic and laser weapons!” (Rev. 13:13 -14) – “Idolatry and image worship is what brings on the holocaust!” (Verse 15) “A-bom-a -nation” in the eyes of God! – “Later in his reign the anti-Christ kingdom (iron and clay) split! (Dan. 2:41-43) And the King of the north (Ezek. 38:1-9). In verse 22 we see the awful cataclysmic overthrow of modern atomic weapons! The Russian armies and the eastern kings are literally blasted from the earth nearly!” – Zech. 14:12 “there is no mistake about it, the evidence of a catastrophic weapon completely consumes them as people stand upon their feet! Probably the ultimate in atomic invention is used! Extreme radiation is evident!” (Verse 12)

“Here are some prophetic Scriptures revealing atomic warfare! (Rev. 17:16 – Rev. 18:8) Nothing short of atomic weapons could do such destruction in one day or in one hour as verse 10 says!” – “Such a magnitude was unbelievable until the invention of hydrogen bombs, and the coming of electrical and laser weapons, and other weapons yet to be revealed to the public.” – In Ps. 91:1, “David the prophet saw an awful vision of destruction! Verse 3, he called it a noisome pestilence, which is an explosion of poison (radiation). – Verses 6 and 7 describe the terrible destruction of the weapon! It left such an impression on him that he knew the only protection against it was under the wings of the Almighty!” – “The bride will have been translated, but David knew the 144,000 Israelites would be sealed for protection under those wings of God in the time of Jacob’s trouble!” (Dan. 12:1) – “Some foolish virgins will be protected too because of God’s mercy! In Rev. chap. 7 the first part reveals the Hebrews that go through the Tribulation and the second part reveals the Gentile part.” – “We are speaking of man’s destruction which is even small in comparison to God’s overthrow in the mighty plagues (Rev. 16) which occur at the end of Armageddon!”

“The reason this is being written is that men are trying to lull people to sleep saying that all is well and we will have peace and so forth! Yes, off and on men will have peace, but at the end of it, the Bible says destruction will come upon them suddenly!” – “But the Lord’s children should have no fear at all, but should rejoice that the Lord has revealed it to them, for He will make a way of escape for His own!” (Luke 21:26,35,36) “When a person has the time he should read each of these Scriptures then when he is asked a question, he can give the individual an answer that will help them escape through the blood of the Lord Jesus! Tell them the judgment of the Lord cannot be hidden, but it is openly revealed through all these Scriptures to warn the sinners. And we are commanded to witness and to warn!”

“Let’s quote some more interesting Scriptures. In James 5:3 it says that the radiation on their silver and gold shall eat their flesh as if it were fire! It reveals the great anti-Christ system had heaped treasures together for the last days. And evidently the Communist and eastern nations (Orientals) rebel against the economic system of the anti-Christ finally, and zeroed in on wherever they had it stockpiled. So they probably couldn’t use it because of the radiation on it; it eats their flesh, that’s what radiation does! But the Lord cleanses it, for Israel comes back into wealth during the Millennium! (Zech 14:14, read it, plus verses 12, 15-21 – Isa. 60:5-18)

– “Continuing concerning the wealth we see there is no end to the storage concerning the beast system! (Nah. 2:9-10) The gold cup of wealth is seen in the hand of an idolatry system. (Rev. 17:4) – Concerning Rev. 18:8-10, evidently an atomic fire bomb of some sort is dropped by a space platform or a satellite during that time!” (Verse 19) – Dan. 11:38-39, “reveals a type of storage place for his wealth! Verses 40-44 reveal the breaking up of his kingdom and his utter desolation! And none shall help him!” (Verse 45) – “According to other Scriptures his end is too horrible to contemplate!” – In II Peter 3:10, “Peter warns that the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with a fervent heat! And verse 12 says the heavens will be literally on fire! So we see God actually plagues the abominable systems which were against Him and His true people!”

“Let’s briefly take in some more major events which are right around the corner ready to appear! As we can see in one way gold is prophetic in that it is revealing our present economic system is about to crack apart. It has been reported in the news that the price of it has skyrocketed in the last few years! Many experts see this as a definite warning there is trouble ahead for the currencies! Although various other things show us this, the above is revealing it too!” – “This nation could be in the throes of an economic overthrow heading into a depression with the currency almost worthless! The reason I say it this way, is that I don’t know the exact timing, but it may be very close, possibly sooner than any expect! But when it does occur the anti-Christ restores a new system that leads again to prosperity with a new way to do business!” (Rev. 13:16-17 – Dan. 8:24-25) – “So let us give and do all we can while there is still some value left in our system of economics!”

“Let us close with soon coming events! – Israel wants peace so that they can finish building their Temple, as we hear they are working towards this building! Paul mentions this in II Thess. 2:4. And Rev. 11:1-2 definitely predicts the Jewish Temple!” “There is no place to elaborate and explain this and Commercial and Religious Babylon here. But in future letters and possibly scrolls we will write concerning these new developments of the events above plus other major occurrences! Let’s close by saying the Lord will plead with all flesh by sword and fire at the end!”

In Jesus divine love and guidance,

Neal Frisby