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“In this special writing we will take into consideration major events and important symbols given in the Bible! – Let’s start where it all began!” Gen. 2:10-14, “The river that went out of Eden parted into four heads! From here we see where all nations sprang forth, representing world powers among the people, of which four powers dominate the world at this time! And these four powers will join into one head again!” (Verse 10) One wealth head, it mentions gold! – Also man will again partake of the wrong tree, the beast and his image! (Verse 9) Gen. 3:1-4 – “The book of Revelation administers symbolic language to foretell future events which are to occur as the age ends! It reveals the rise of the beast power and by the authority of Satan, shall exercise diabolic power over the earth. The first symbol we see is the dragon, Rev. 12:7 – second the eagle, Rev. 12:14 – third the bear, Rev. 13:2 – fourth the lion, Rev. 13:2. – In the amazing description we see the four powers that are dominant in the world today!”

– “The dragon is the symbol of China, but in another particular case it also represents Satan!” – Rev. 12:9, “the great dragon, the Devil.” – “The eagle is identified with the United States of America (lamb) which later apostatizes with the dragon (Rev. 13:11-16). The bear, symbol of Russia. – The lion, the symbol of Great Britain! – We see that all these symbols have once been used by ancient kingdoms too! Nevertheless all of these will unite back together under Babylon and the renewed Empire!” (Dan. 2:40) – Rev. 13:1-2 reveals the complete picture with the dragon (Satan) in command of the dominant world powers!

“Should Russia and China have any disagreements they will only unite back together again at the end of the age in preparation for Armageddon against the Western nations.” (Ezek. chap 38) “As the age closes the Scriptures unveil the strengthening of the kings of the East!” (Rev. 16:12)

“The Bible gives another sign to watch for as the age ends, and that is pestilence!” (St. Matt. 24:7) – “The spread of various poisons will increase across the earth along with new plagues and diseases! Finally it will culminate in judgment!” (Rev. 16:3-11) “Another sign in the near future to watch for is the struggle between the rich man (industries and labor, also banks and the stockmarket.) Watch for some major upheavals concerning this, the disaster will be on an enormous scale. Reckoning of the rich tyrants is not so far off. (James 5:1-4) – “In the future watch for crime and chaos in our streets, catastrophic conditions prevail.” –

“Another sign that has occurred daily around us is seen in Luke 21:26, men’s hearts failing in fear because of the apprehension of what is to occur soon! It is a known fact that some exercise and an abundance of fruits and vegetables in the diet will relieve tension and in many cases prevent heart attacks. Heavier foods generally bear pressure on the heart in helping to digest, so eat proper and enjoy health, miracles and blessings of God!” – “Another prediction that the Bible gives is the rise and fall of false cults! (I Tim. 4:1-3) Paul emphasizes in the latter times that people will depart from the faith into delusions! The Roman church was the first great departure from the faith in earlier times!” – “In the modern religions and the new cults idols and pleasure orgies will be prevalent in the coming beast system!”

Dan. 12:4, “reveals a prediction which is occurring in conjunction with the return of Christ! Many would be in a hurry to get here and there (jet and automotive age)!” – “Knowledge shall be increased! The prophetic significance, the angel foretold the great increase in human knowledge! The invention of the atomic power! There has been a tremendous expansion in human knowledge! We could discuss hundreds of things, but let us take the prediction of the computer! Computers are becoming nearly human-like! Possibly upon entering the Great Tribulation strange demon spirits may enter them and talk to man giving him information that he has never heard before!” – “As it is, some computers can perform a million calculations a second! As the age ends the computer information will fall in the hands of a dictator! The potential danger of the computer and its misuse exceeds our ability to imagine!” No wonder in Ezek. 28:3, “reveals the false king as wiser than Daniel! He evidently had an electronic computer at his disposal with all secret information in it!” In Rev. 13:13-17, “we see the possibility of this strange machine again in association with a speaking image! – The fire mentioned takes in electricity, plus atomic fire, along with various other wonders!” Verse 16 “reveals they are able to regiment the whole earth with this electronic invention!” Many have heard of George Orwell. He wrote a book in which he said the world would advance into a police state, whose citizens could not make a move without all being revealed! The writing seemed science fiction at the time. But suddenly the computer has come into view and we are already seeing some of this happening! And evidently will increase a hundredfold. “We see the Electronic Horseman will ride.” Rev. 6:8 “Death!”

“All the signs indicate that the world is preparing for a super dictator of master deception. He will be a world emperor and should begin to arrive on the scene. Evidently during those times predicted we are to watch for economic chaos, various droughts, quakes, famines, floods and food shortages!” – “There is coming a catastrophic showdown, the holocaust is practically beyond mortal conception to realize!” – “The crises coming will be of such major intensity that dictatorship will be the only kind of government possible!” – “Changes are ahead! We see many countries now dealing in gold! They are preparing for Commercial Babylon – Rev. 18:12, and religious Babylon, Rev. 17:4!” – “Finally the currencies on earth as we’ve known them will become worthless! Only anti-Christ money leading into a mark will be allowed!” – “This strange dictator evidently will rise through super inflation and coming depression giving him absolute control! We are ushering towards the Great Tribulation!” All prophetic signs indicate that this time of chaos and trouble will occur in the not too distant future. “So we see things will intensify and the most important events of all time will converge and take place!”

Jesus love and bless you real good,

Neal Frisby