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I am excited over so many important things that I must tell you, and I have not space for all of it. This is the hour that Jesus is going to speak to your heart in a special way! Read this letter closely and you will receive a blessing.

NOW here is the most important thing that God has spoken for me to do since writing the scripts. We are entering a new epic and new era in the Lord’s anointing! Suddenly I was astonished and felt faint when I was shown a whirlwind of fire that settled in a large “BLESSING BARREL.” I have never seen anything quite like it! I was told to get a wooden barrel, it is God’s monument of blessing and contact for His Elect, and the heat of the Holy Spirit (fire) will settle over the magnetic revelation barrel filled with the whirlwind of power! As the final saga of the end begins God will pour out a blessing on all those who believe in His simple ways. This is “THUS SAITH THE LORD, MY BLESSING SHALL FALL AS THE DEW ON THE

GROUND TO THOSE THAT LOVE ME! LOOK NOT IN KINGS PALACES FOR MY GREATEST WORK, but watch ye for I will come in a way that will utterly dumbfound the wise but My Elect will feel it and know it! Yea saith the Lord if you will serve Me I will send Mine Angel before you. I will bless your bread and water, I will take sickness from your midst!” This is the hour that Joel spoke of when I said I will restore! YEA REMEMBER ELIJAH AND THE WOMAN, WHICH WAS A TYPE OF MY ELECT AND THE BARREL SHE HAD WHICH WAS A TYPE OF MY BLESSING (I Kings 17:14). BEHOLD OUT OF ALL ISRAEL I SENT MY PROPHET TO HER ONLY AT THAT APPOINTED TIME! (Luke 4:26) So I do the same today and if thou shall diligently harken ye shall be likened unto the woman of that day! And all who have faith and come in contact with this shall not be the same, for in this manner I am visiting My people again! Behold if ye shall say a man hast spoken this then ye have been deceived by thine own heart, for it is “I” the Lord who doeth comfort thee and I will protect thee! Yea I will call a fire down on thine enemies at Armageddon the way Elijah my servant did to the false prophets in his day. “And the spirit and the Bride say come let him that readeth come, and he which testifieth of these things say surely I come quickly!”

(Oh Praise the Lord, what a wonderful revolutionary work and faith is coming to His people. A protective blessing of health and healing covenant for His partners.) Why is the Lord doing this for His people? Because I believe, that we have stayed true to His Word! I don’t know how you will feel about this, but I know it is just as sacred and important as the pages of the old Testament when Elijah worked a miracle for the woman (I Kings 17:10 -14). Be sure to read (Scripture above.) I have put my family’s name in the BLESSING BARREL. All those who have been helping me and who write me I am going to put your name in this covenant barrel made for His people, which will rest at the very threshold of His glory. He will visit it like a dynamic “spinning wheel of fire” answering your request in a whirlwind of power! Surely this is going to ignite some excitement among us all. “Behold man has not ordered this work, but He who liveth forever and eternity hath unfolded it!” (Indeed I remember Jesus of Nazareth when His hands were connected to wood as a carpenter and I believe when my hands touched the wood barrel that God moved in many mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!) I feel the ones who have part in this will definitely be among the mighty Elect group when Christ returns. When you write let us place your name in this LIFE BLESSING BARREL.

Many events have been fulfilling but I was led not to write much here concerning events because the Lord wanted me to write a warm letter to my special helpers. Ever since I first started writing this to you I have felt a type of roaring all through my body just like I was standing over a rumbling volcano! – PERSONAL – In my entire ministry I have never used or been accused of using a gimmick but I saw and definitely was commanded to do this and it will

work. Also it is 100% Scriptural – and an anointing flame of rapturing faith will result because of this obedience! The Bride is now going to receive this translative faith! (I feel the ones who believe this are the ones who are really saved and predestined to know this by a special act of God.) Amen! I feel this is going to be one of the happiest events of my life and great joy for you also! This experience has been no less than incredible and reaches the realms of the celestial even staggering events of the Immortal God in my own life!

In Jesus Abundant Love and Blessings,

Neal Frisby