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“We spoke about the anti-Christ being protected by some type of new energy shield in a super submarine, or in other ways, in outer space or some type of shelter until his battle with the Lord!” (Rev. 19:19-21) – Job 41:18-21 “speaks of a very destructive weapon that resides in the sea; it has lights, it sends forth sparks of fire (atomic missiles)!” Verse 21 “seems to reveal a fiery energy beam of some sort!” – Verse 1 “speaks of Leviathan, symbolic for satan, dragon or piercing serpent!” – Isa. 27:1 “the ‘marginal rendering’ goes so far as to call it a stiff crossing bar (metal, etc.)!” – “Leviathan also means any huge object in the sea of its sort!” – Job 41:34 “reveals an evil king is involved in it!” “We spoke about man’s inventions as prophetic signs. But no matter what he invents he cannot outdo or escape the Lord Jesus!” – “The Lord will come with fire and chariots like a whirlwind!” (Isa. 66:15) – “The Lord’s chariots are 20,000!” (Ps. 68:17) – Ezek. chap 1, “saw whirling wheels of the Lord run like a flash of lightning. Elijah was lifted away in some type of celestial carrier; going up in a spinning-like motion!” (II Kings 2:11) – “David saw an aerial wonder that shot forth lightning to scatter his enemies in answer to prayer!” (II Sam. 22:10-15)

THE FOUR ELEMENTS “Years ago here I revealed in a message (a vision) – (#1) wherein the water was stirred by a rod. And since then we have seen some of the worst floods and sea destruction in centuries!” … And then (#2) “the air was disturbed. And we have never seen so many storms (snow), tornadoes, wind destruction! Even the wind currents changed bringing forth catastrophe in every direction, etc.!” (#3) “The fire was kindled greatly and since then severe famine has begun to set in, in many parts of the world! … This will finally lead to a world food shortage!” (Rev. 6:5-8) – “From the air you could see bodies on the ground where they had crawled out of cities. This was during the Great Tribulation! This could have been coupled with or caused by radiation too! But ‘before this’ (Tribulation), I saw a great wave of water representing a great salvation, healing revival. A mighty gathering … (elect) … and then an enormous roll of glory through the heavens representing or preparing for translation!” – “Mighty things are near, uniting time!” – (#4) “The earth moved greatly. And in this prophetic sign we have seen some of the most severe earthquakes ever, all over the earth. And this will increase until the earth axis changes again in the world’s greatest quake!” (Rev. 16:18-20)

GOD HAS ALWAYS REVEALED THE FUTURE – (Gen. 18:17, 19) – “Wherein he did not hide from Abraham the coming destruction. And the saints of God will not be left in ignorance either! While we will not know the day or hour of His Second Coming, we will know the time and the season (I Thess. 5:4) through a prophet!” (Amos 3:7-8) – “In important things God Himself is a date setter. Let us let the Scriptures prove this!” – “He set a date for Israel to come out of Egypt. He set a date for the destruction of Sodom. (Gen. 19:13) – He set a date for the birth of Jesus (see below)! – He set a date for the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem to take place during a 40-year period following the prophecy!”

  • “He forecast 120 years in advance of the flood! (Gen. 6:3) – The Egyptian judgment forecast 400 years ahead! (Gen.

15:13-14) – The entrance into Canaan 40 years in advance! (Num. 14:33-34) – The breaking up of Ephraim forecast 65 years! (Isa. 7:8) – Return from Babylon foreknown 70 years before! (Dan. 9:2) – The death of the Messiah 483 years in advance! (Dan. 9:25-26) – Resurrection of Jesus 3 days ahead! (Matt. 12:40) – The end of the Millennium given 1,000 years ahead!” (Rev. 20:7) – “Let us consider this, not only did the Old Testament reveal the fact of the coming Messiah, it actually told the date of the event!” (Dan. 9:25-26) – “The prophecy declared that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem until the ‘Messiah be cut off’ was to be a total of 69 weeks of years or 483 years later! – Right on target He came! 4 B.C. and died 30 A.D. and was resurrected into Eternity! – The above is significant, and it takes into consideration that God will reveal to His people the times and season of His coming, but not the exact day or hour! – The most important crisis of all, the ending of the age, will be shown to them!”

In God’s abundant love and blessings,

Neal Frisby