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“The world is entering a terrifying, awesome and important hour. The prophetic Scrolls have forewarned and predicted many events that have come to pass in our time! – Also scores of Bible prophecies have taken place too!” – “Except for the final outpouring, harvest message and translation, most Bible prophecies left concern and are to take place during the Tribulation period! – It just shows you how close the return of Jesus is!” – “It definitely seems the stage is being set for the rise of the charismatic leader, the Great Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon! – Also let’s not forget the soon rising of the spell binding false prophet!” (Rev. 13:11 -15) – “Time will bring forth incredible and a bewitching era! – The magic leader of false signs will eventually appear, talking to Israel with great plans and covenant!”

“In a moment I will tell of a vision concerning the Lord’s rod and the four elements, but first let us review some commonplace signs that are often overlooked, but are of great prophetic significance!” – Religious signs: “A warning of deceivers and deception. (II Tim. 3:13) – Another sign is, the apostasy falling away! (II Thess. 2:3) – The sign of the scoffers of the Second Coming that will not endure sound doctrine! (II Peter 3:3) – They have a form of godliness, but they are Laodicean but will be spued out!” (Rev. 3:14-19) – “By prophecy these churches will combine into a huge super world church, looking for a strong man. … They will get their answer in the coming of the anti-Christ who at first is of lamb-like qualities, but who later speaks as a dragon of master deception!” (Rev. chap. 13 – II Thess. 2:4)

International Signs:  “We are seeing war preparation and rumors of war!” (Joel 3:9-10) – “The nations in distress and

perplexity! (Luke 21:25) – Recessions, depressions and prophecy of prosperity and final depressions!” (Rev. 6: 5-8) “The

Bible gives signs of science and invention at the end time: Dan. 12:4, increased knowledge and travel. Thousands of years in advance: the radio sign. Eccl. 10:20 – Job 38: 34-35 – T.V. satellite sign, Rev. 11:9. – The automobile sign, Nah. 2:3 -4 … seems like torches run like lightning’s!” – “This was to be a sign just before the Lord appears! – The final cars will be in an egg-like or tear drop form! – Many will have see-through tops, finally guided by computer radar on controlled highway systems!”

The aircraft sign: (Isa. 31:5 – Isa. 60:8 – Nah. 2:9) speaks of modern dams, canals and swinging bridges! – vs. 9 gives us a sign of the end in hoarding of gold in underground vaults by the nations! New York, Rome, Switzerland and the Mid-East! (Dan. 11:38-39, 43) – We know in Nah. chap. 2 that it speaks of the past, but it also projects the future. … vs. 6 says, the palace shall be dissolved, this is by beam ray energy weapons or atomic! – Notice vs. 8 & 9, none shall look back – (radiation) and empty and desolate; compare with Rev. 18: 8-10 – Luke 17: 29-31.” – “Nah. 3: 2-3 reveals jumping chariots (modern tanks), bright sword and glittering spear, slaying multitudes is laser and energy missile weapons! … Notice, one horseman, it says, produced all of these corpses! It is modern warfare! – Also vs. 4 reveals the well favored harlot, the same as Rev. 17:5 … and vs. 16 matches Nah. 3:15, her being devoured by fire!”

“In these prophetic ‘signs of invention’ we will bring out some interesting points. Amos 9: 2 -3, it speaks, though they dig deep in the ground to escape atomic war, he will bring them up!” – Micah 7: 16-17, “gives the most detailed vision of this … Their hand shall be on their mouth from what they see, an awesome fiery brightness; the explosion causes them to be deaf! – They shall crawl on the ground like serpents, terrified! – The heat shall move them out of the holes (bomb shelters) like worms of the earth!

– In China it is said that they have been preparing underground shelters for years in their larger cities for a great cataclysmic war (Armageddon)!” – Amos 9:2, “he says he will bring them down from their platforms of heaven (space shelters)!” – “Nest among the stars” as described in Obad. 1:4, is orbital platforms!” … Amos 9:3 continues, “Though they hide from sight in the bottom of the sea, they cannot escape the Lord! – He will send the serpents to bite them, modern missiles to search out submarines, depth charges, etc.” – “Being as the anti-Christ is still alive towards the ending of Armageddon (Rev. 19: 19-21) he had to be protected and shielded from radiation by ‘some new invention’ or he was hidden in one of three manners which we described until he came out in this battle of the Lord! (1) underground. (2) in outer space or (3) in an ultra modern nuclear submarine in the bottom of the Mediterranean or some sea – with atomic missiles that he could fire upon all nations at any time and yet be hidden! – But great earthquakes from Jesus could cause him to rise!”… Job 41, “reveals to us a great nuclear super submarine!” – Job 41:1, “speaks of Leviathan, symbolic word for Satan and the anti-Christ!” – vs. 4, “speaks of a covenant!” – vs. 14, “reveals the entrance doors!” – vs. 15, “reveals he is sealed so that no water can enter!” (Read verses 16-17) – vs. 18, “reveals modern lights!” – vs. 19-21, “speak of atomic missiles being fired!” – vs. 23, “speaks of new material or iron joined together!” – vs. 24, “his heart ‘as stone’ would be uranium, plutonium – nuclear powered!” – “When he rises up out of the sea it cleanses the ship!” (vs. 25) – vs. 31, “when he rises or submerges be boils the sea like a pot! He maketh the sea like a pot of ointment, meaning fuel or waste comes off of the ship! – He leaves a path as he goes … foam across the waters!” – vs. 34, “by radar and periscope he beholdeth all high things in the air!” … And the last part of the vs. says, “he is king (anti-Christ) over all children of pride!” – In Isa. 27:1, “reveals the Lord will destroy Leviathan and the dragon in the sea!” – Rev. 13: 1-5, “speaks of him coming up out of the sea and the dragon!” … “Of course this would be a secondary fulfillment of this Scripture, beast, sea, etc. – because the first fulfillment is uniting of nations! Also he may have a sub that will release a flying craft that he may try to escape in! – But the Lord will catch him!” (Isa. 66: 15-16) – “We know Job described a sub, but whether it takes place in the sea

or in the heavens he shall not escape!”                                                                                                        (More Later in Part 2 from Scroll #107)

In God’s abundant love and blessings,

Neal Frisby