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“This is a personal letter and only to those who have written me and have the scrolls and books. We have seen mighty things!” – “And my partners shall feel the Lord’s hand in a more content and stronger way and your own experience shall take hold like wings and carry you high in the revelations and wisdom of the Lord of Host!” For the lofty one, our King Jesus has plans for His chosen ones that are helping this ministry! “Behold saith the Lord, as David has written in the Psalms, he said wait patiently upon the Lord I say, wait patiently upon Him!” – “Yea the Lord will be thy shield and thy great sun that shineth upon thee in great power and I will hear from heaven and answer thee! I will supply thy needs and show unto thee things to come and thou shalt see and partake of beautiful things of the living God! Behold I createth the lightning and the voice in the thunder, I maketh the wind to sound and the sea to roar, I causeth the heavenly lights to move, and the people to stand still! I rebuketh the devourer and sendeth the light and precious things to My saints, for the Lord standeth up from His place and is swift in His acts and He hath appointed the time! Behold the eyes of the Lord are around thee and is as close as thine own skin and shall reward those that diligently seek Him. I am closer than thine own breath! Praise ye the Lord all ye people!” (The rest of that paragraph was prophecy from the Lord unto us.)

There seems to be international calamity and awesome displays of judgment all over the earth! Disaster, turmoil and catastrophic delusion seem to be running in every direction! Men are confused and will grasp at anything that seems to lift them out of their troubles. All nations now are slowly working towards one world currency, and world trade is coming into the evil scope of wicked Babylon and her merchants, so that they may heap high her earthly treasures and persecute the Godly upon the earth! – “The vile anti-Christ is soon to rise and cast his evil net among the nations drawing them toward utter ruin and destruction! The diabolical three frogs of Revelation are ready to deceive the nations upon the earth leading them to the bloodshed of Armageddon! And they shall go down into the pit in a violent upheaval because of the inventions of smoke and fire! But before this, God has plans for us, He is going to cause the blossoming of the Bride tree “and His creation of light will cover it!” We have had the former rain, which means “teacher rain”, and it was to restore to us the doctrines which were hidden in the Bible and to restore the gifts of healing and spiritual baptism again! “And now He is giving us the “latter rain” which will produce the real living witness! And manifest the glory of God on a scale unknown in modern times! The spirit of prophecy will make known to us the things which are to come! There will be such an intense power until there will really be no excuse for anyone to deny it except those who want to continue in the pleasures of the world! But His chosen will be drawn to it like a magnet and the spiritual seed of God and those who are preordained are coming together by His hand! We will become a new creation in the spirit!” The Lord Jesus will bring His people into the center of His will from this day forward! “Behold saith the Lord did not I write in Job 29:23, And they waited for me as for the rain; and they opened their mouth wide as for the “latter rain!” And more so saith the Lord, and thy weeping shall be turned into joy even as one waiteth for a new garment! And thou shall sing as the cherubim and the seraphim, holy, holy, holy is the Lord our God!”

“The anointing and spirit is becoming so strong here in this Capstone message that you can feel it at intervals like waves of wind when in prayer! The Lord Jesus has given us a wonderful rain of deliverance. And the living wheels of the Lord can run as fast as lightning and have hovered near because the King has bowed the heavens and came down! He is personally pouring out an unusual array of wonders and signs! His face has delighted us. The brightness of heaven has overcome us. Praise ye the Lord! The 7 Thunders is when the church enters into a deeper dimension and is surrounded in heavenly things that can often be seen! And celestial messengers come very close to us as the Bride is being led to the courts of heaven!”

(There is really a tremendous amount of prophecy taking place. There are some astounding and startling things ahead. In the past we have only had sprays off of God’s anointing, but now it will come in waves like the sea bringing a strong wind of deliverance with it!)

In Christ Love,

Neal Frisby