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“Sometimes while writing concerning subjects we do not have space to reveal all, so in this special writing we will review various events!” – “By looking into some remarkable events of the past, in many cases we can see exactly how the future will turn out in our age! For instance, by checking Gen. chap. 6, we can see the foreshadows of things to come. Jesus even referred to Noah’s time and to Lot’s!” (Luke 17:26-28) – Gen. 6:1 “First sign was a vast population increase. In the last hundred years we have had a mass population increase over the world!” – “And it says daughters were born unto them, revealing the vast amount of women upon the earth! Also women reaching their peaks in looks. (vs. 2) – They rose to prominence like in similarity of today! – According to ancient artifacts they wore very little or no clothing and in many cases their bodies were painted as a covering! – Also men and women worshipped idols and gods in those days!” (Josh. 24:14)

“We see all of these signs around us every day in our cities as reported in the news! – The Babylon religion of our day is made up of images and idols!” – Gen. 6:4, “reveals they had famous men of their day . . . science, art and etc. – vs. 5, reveals that man had no thought at all towards God, but were continually negative with satanic influences! – This is increasing in our day!” – vs. 11, “Reveals the great corruption! It is said the earth was filled with violence! The word filled means violence and crime was everywhere! We can expect an even greater increase in our future of the same things . . . finally accepting a dictator rule! – Evidently they could go no farther in immorality. And we see this as the same picture today, and worsening!” – Gen. 7:1, “Just before the flood he gathered his own children unto himself and then judgment fell! – So He will unite us together with Him at the end of the age, and then judgment will fall!”

“Also during that time the preaching of Noah and Enoch were rejected by the masses. And as we can see only a few listened to the real true preaching at that time. There was a rapid progress in mechanical arts, inventions and science! This took away some of the hardships and gave them more idle time for pleasure. Besides ancient artifacts found, God in His Word gives us clues about that age. For one thing most scientists today believe the Great Pyramid was built before the flood by the sons of Seth during the Enoch era and beyond! – Of course the world copied all of this progress in many of the things they did! – And with a world catastrophe approaching, God commanded Noah to build a great Ark! – To build a ship of this tremendous dimension shows an incredible increase of knowledge!

– This type of science and engineering genius was copied by the antediluvians! – So by Jesus’ reference we also see “The Ark” as a symbol of our huge towering cities, the great structures of buildings, ships and aircraft in our day!”

“Also during the days of Lot in Sodom there was a great buying and building boom on! Commercial activity was everywhere. And as in Noah’s day, the cares of life completely blinded them from the approaching judgment! – Like in Sodom, Jesus said in our day, the end of the age would be by fire and brimstone! (Luke 17:29 -30) – In other words, the horrors of atomic fire over the cities! – One other thing that hastened the judgment during Noah’s time was an alliance between the nominal false church and the world . . . this being similar to Rev. 17! – In other words, the Seth line merged into the false religion!” – “Rev. chap. 18 and James chap. 5 reveals also the vast building and commercialism of our day!”

“Now we notice in many of the Scriptures associated to this outpouring will be a big building boom as we have seen, with yet more to come! – And as James 5:1-3 reveals, rich men would heap treasures together for the last days! – We also know that New York will be a great part of Commercial Babylon in the world” (Rev. 18) – “It is likely that this asteroid revealed in Rev. 8:8-9 will later effect this seaboard city!”

“And then too, right after the flood another sign was given, revealing man would come together and exalt himself in the heavens!” (Gen. chap. 11) – “And also today man has exalted himself in the heavens like the Eagle (space craft) and is building his nest among the stars (space platforms)!” – Obad. 1:4. “The difference between the days of Noah and Lot’s time is that mankind will have even a greater increase of knowledge and science will reach a greater peak than ever before! . . . A totally modern civilization leaving Christ on the outside! – Becoming so smart that they actually blinded themselves and had no need of the Lord Jesus! – And finally the evil spirit of the anti-Christ blew their heads and thinking clear out of order as he exalted himself above any and every god!” (Dan. 11:37) – This same spirit gets among the people as the age climaxes! This world leader is alive now and will be revealed when God allows it! Here is some further information . . . (Read next paragraph!)

The Prophetic Picture – “There is an element of mystery about him and his race. And because of Dan. 11:35-37, it says he disregards the God of his fathers. By revelation it would lead us to believe that he is partly Jew! Evidently the hidden factor is that he is a mixture!” – Dan. 9:26-27 says, “he will be a Roman Prince, he will revive the Greek Roman Empire. People often have thought he could be a Pope! As some see, this would be a perfect seat for it! But, also remember that he will sit in the Jewish Temple.” Here is a reprint from my past letter . . . “THE ANTI-CHRIST WILL USURP the position of the Pope controlling all Babylon religions! – Rev. chap. 17.”

– “He will usurp the position of Christ and be the ‘false messiah’ to the Jews and a super prince to the Moslems!” – Also Daniel gave many signs in Babylon concerning our era! The handwriting is on the wall again! “The world’s days are numbered, the people are weighed in the balances of God, the handwriting is on the revelation wall! The sinners and lukewarm understand it not, but the people that know their God will understand and do great exploits in the name of the Eternal One, the Lord Jesus!” – “We are actually living in the last prophecies and visions of the Bible and what God has given through the prophetic gifts! The nations soon are going through a cycle of change again, bringing it right to the door of global take-over! – And just before this we can expect a wonderful outpouring from the Lord! – He will give the elect the manifold wisdom of God – such revelation and power never having been seen before in our age!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby