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“We are nearing the time when abrupt changes will be beginning to take place upon the earth. World events are paving the way for the man of sin to appear then to be revealed casting his shadow of evil in God’s Temple as the false messiah! Let us follow the Scriptural design and pattern to prove this!”

Rev. 11:2, “reveals the measuring of the Temple of God and reveals the anti-Christ people will tread under foot God’s Word and laws 42 months! Verse 6 reveals the beast spirit, which enters the false christ! Paul’s sharp spiritual eye caught this sinister figure of master deception sitting in the very Temple built for God, usurping deity!” (II Thess. 2:4) “Paul warned several things would occur before this happened. First there would be a great rebellion and a falling away from God! We see it occurring even now! The Scriptures explain it this way.” “A rebellious man will come, the very son of hell, he will defy every god that there is and tear down every other object of adoration and worship! He will enter in and sit as god in the Temple of God claiming that he himself is god!” Rev. 13:5-6 reveals, “his loud boasting vile mouth against God and His children!” II Thess. 2:6-8 reveals, “the first part of his appearance is hidden, then in the middle of his 7-year period it reveals the Holy Spirit is taken out of the way and the elect children translated, then this wicked one reveals his beast form! Then at this time his character changes and the satanic spirit from the pit enters him (Rev. 17:11), and he rages in his madness as Satan’s tool full of satanic power – with strange demonstration! And will completely deceive all of those who disregarded the truth!” – Ezek. 28:2-6 reveals, “his wealth and how he obtained more of it! This is a compound prophecy for that day, but it reaches into another dimension and scope of our day! It mentions there is no secret hidden from him! It reveals with wisdom wiser than Daniel that he amassed tons of treasures.” “Verses 4-5 revealed how he increased his wealth!”

We will take this from the original Hebrew translations, which gives us a good insight. And it reads, “You have made your self powerful by your sciences and your knowledge and enriched yourself in treasures of gold and silver. You have traded with your many sciences and your heart has risen with your power!” “This reveals the computers and electronic devices which are used in his massive world trade! He operated right out of his sanctuaries (verse 18)!” – “The following verses reveal Satan which was in him, the fallen covering cherub, verse 14. It reveals he walked in the midst of God’s bright stones (flashing jewels!) – Verse 16 reveals he was a real demonic trader!” Verse 18-19 reveals “his utter downfall into ashes!” Zech. 5:7-11 reveals, “this man of sin will evidently also move a large operation of wealth to the land of Shinar which is old Babylon as one of his great centers of trade; this is near Eden where Satan began and started idol worshipping!” Dan. 11:45 reveals the last view of this false god anti-Christ where he is operating near Jerusalem in his palace, “yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him!” “He will definitely be a religious figure when he appears soon!” Verses 38-43, “confirming his vaults were literally running over with treasures of the earth!”


“But also before the above occurs God will have a Gentile Temple full of His power and the super manifestations of Jesus which will overshadow anything seen before as the sons of the living God take their position with Him and He will place stones of fire around them preparing for translation! The Temple that Ezekiel saw is a type of how God will work with us at the end! (Ezek. 10: 3 -4, 18-19) His sanctuary will be full of glorious manifestations and power!” “Also just before the Lord shakes all nations He reveals another type of what is to come! (Hag. 2:6 -9) And says, the glory of this latter house shall be great! This is a dual prophecy for then and completes in our day!” Zech. 4:9 is also a dual prophecy, one for the past and for our day! Notice verse 7 reveals the bringing forth of the “Headstone” which could only occur in our very day! The original Hebrew translation literally says, He shall bring forth the “Capstone.”

The Headstone is always associated to the bride because the Hebrews rejected it at Christ’s first coming!” Zech. 3:9 reveals “the stone with 7 eyes which is like the 7 lamps of fire! (Rev. 4:5)” – “Also behind the Temple mountain we see God’s head and mouth which will literally fit this Scripture to the messenger of the last Church Age, Rev. 3:16 where it says, He will spue them out of His mouth! Only the Elect will be called into the Headstone ministry of the living God! The 7 Thunders will prove and bring all things that God has promised!” Hab. 2:20, “But the Lord is in His Holy Temple: let all the earth keep silence before Him!” – “David in Ps. 61:2-4 saw a beautiful vision of the end time Temple!”

“And now finishing in Mal. 3:1-3, reveals the first coming of Christ as the messenger, but it also reveals the He will come in a messenger again at the end!” Here is a good translation taken from the Greek, “And then the one you are looking for shall come suddenly to His Temple – the Messenger of God’s promises, to bring you great joy! Yes, he is surely coming,” says the Lord of Hosts. “But who can live when he appears? Who can endure his coming? For he is like a blazing fire refining precious metal and he can bleach (purge) the dirtiest garments! Like a refiner of silver he will sit and closely watch as the dross is burned away! He will purify the Levites, the ministers of God, refining them like gold or silver, so that they will do their work for God with pure hearts!” – “Amen! The Lord Jesus will purge His elect in living fire of the Holy Spirit! Mighty and marvelous things are just ahead for His children!”

Sincerely your prayer partner,

Neal Frisby