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“Prophetic events are taking place so rapidly, some can hardly keep up with what’s transpiring. The events are all significant concerning the end of the age! For a while not even the news commentators could keep pace with all of the important events occurring! – For one to see the News was like reading the Bible and the prophecies on the Scripts!” – “These are vital and are to reveal to us Jesus is coming in our generation and very soon! – But now what about the Church of the Lord Jesus? What hour are we living in concerning God’s visitation to it?”

“Let us touch on the outpourings of the past, present and the future. Dan. 12:4 revealed men would run to and fro, and that super knowledge would be increased! . . . As we can see this concerning the age of inventions and science in the latter times!” (our day) – “But the knowledge also means God’s people will receive the understanding of future events and revelation of the Scriptures!”

First outpouring – a small beginning of the former rain. Started around 1903-05, Pentecostal rain fell! (Acts 2:1-4) – Right along with this the chariot car was invented; and knowledge increased in inventions!” – “And again the real former rain came in 1946-47. And the gifts, power (restoration) and the deeper teaching of the Word began!” – “And just before this, the new invention of the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan!” – In Joel 2:30, “the Lord was evidently speaking of this sign when He said there would be signs in the heavens of blood, fire and pillars of smoke! . . . vs. 28 shows the outpouring. vs. 23 reveals the former and the latter rain would come down together in our generation!”

At first we had a trinkling of the latter rain. But now have a real outpouring! And it is involved in the inventions of the space weapons, lasers, proton beams, new energy weapons! Plus the Atomic Neutron Bomb, which leaves the buildings standing, but like a poison wipes out all flesh within its path! A deadly pestilent spreads forth from it! Now along with this latter day outpouring will come translative faith and the return of the Lord Jesus!

“But also remember along with these visitations of the Lord, the false church system began to rise in a great way finally controlling many facets of government and society! And this subtle power will soon become so overwhelming that it will control the political and economic systems of the earth, plus it will dictate to all religions as one system before it is destroyed!” (Rev.17:16)

NOTE: “When talking about the early 1900’s outpouring and the invention of the car with it, we must remember that when Elijah received the ‘sound of the abundance of rain’ – he was involved with a chariot also! (It was Ahab’s chariot.) – And the distance he ran was about 20 miles to the gates of Jezreel (I Kings 18:41-46). Not too long after this, he was transported away in a chariot!” (II Kings 2:11) – “So it is also in this inventive age we are living in that we will also be carried away to be with Jesus! – One more thing, we are entering a new atmosphere, the conditions are getting just right for one world leader and a global system connected actually to the network of hell! Now below we have some other type conditions taking place! – We are entering a magnetic wave of God’s power. Golden raindrops, a fiery treasure taking us into a new realm! – The situation has to be just right, timed in providence!” – Spiritually speaking, what time are we in concerning the Church of the living God, the Almighty to the elect? – By the signs around us we know it is harvest time, and the latter part of the rain shall increase soon!” – In the natural according to scientists, we know that the conditions in the heavens must be just right in order for the rain to fall. If not you have desert regions, droughts, famine and dry areas! – But if it rains, all life and vegetation spring forth! So we see in the spiritual when the conditions are just right, the rest of the latter rain will sweep across our souls!

They were just right in 1903-05 (Pentecostal outpouring) – And again in 1946-47 (gifts and power added to revival) – Now we should expect an outpouring of the miraculous and the receiving of great light to produce translative faith!” – “We can hear the thunder roll; revelative and spiritual rain is coming! (I Kings 18:41,45) – O the bright clouds. (Zech. 10:1) The former and the latter rain together! (Joel 2:23) – What a harvest; we can visualize the rainbow finishing it up!” (Ezek. 1:28) – “The Lord shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers to water the earth!” (Ps. 72:6) Yes, Jesus is sending the waters of salvation, healing and power to comfort His people! What a precious hour we are living in!” James Chapter 5, “tells of our day. In fact, we are living in that very hour. The harvest fruit is ripening!”

The atmosphere is getting just right for total restoration! You have thunder, then rain!” (Rev. 10) – “God will give us deep channels of power and light, creative miracles working into a new creative body of light and multi -dimension! And so shall we see it!” – Isa. 48:6, “Thou hast heard, see all this; and will not ye declare it? I have shewed thee new things from this time, even hidden things, and thou didst not know them. (Read verse 7)

This unusual type prophecy was given several years ago, and has proven very correct and timely, and even more so. This is a re-print from one of our Scrolls. – THE PROPHETIC CLOCK IS TICKING – “This generation is climaxing! – The nations are at the crossroads!

– The hour of decision is slipping away! – The moon in symbolism is at eclipse! – The last picture of the sun is going down. And in the not too distant future the sinister shadows of the beast power will darken and spread across the earth!” – “God’s great wings of compassion and healing are spread out! – He beckons with His Word and Spirit for His children to hurry and abide under the protection of the Almighty!” – For soon the religious leaders will be dumbfounded; the politicians will be in confusion; the populous will be perplexed! Society as a whole will be in disarray! – The weather in nature will be out of control, the earth will shake with divine displeasure! – The sea will be out of its bounds!” – “Terror will reign in the cities . . . no safety! – Perilous times in the streets! – Law enforcements cannot cope with the murders, rapes, robberies, gangs and rebellious youth!” – “Lights appearing in the heavens forecasting earth change! – Ominous feeling that Christ is being rejected by the masses! – During this time the sun will be heating up, its sun spots at maximum!” – “Nearing an era of terror, soon this planet will disclose the figure of hell, the son of Perdition! – New weapons forming, science reaching a zenith! – The shadowy angel of pestilence and destruction will soon appear; Abaddon will cast his woe! – Death will ride the apocalyptic horse! – The flame of hell follows close behind!” – “As I sat down, this prophecy just poured out! At some point it will come to its final conclusion!” – “It will not be too long from now, because at the beginning it said . . . our generation is climaxing . . . it is nearing its peak concerning time allotted!” – “Praise Him – be ye also ready!”

In His abundant love,

Neal Frisby